Emerald Carpet Manzanita – California Native Garden – Ep.18
Emerald Carpet Manzanita – California Native Garden – Ep.18

This is Manzanita Emerald Carpet. It’s
one of the ground cover types of manzanita. It gets about one to two feet
high and three to five feet wide. It’s a dry shade plant. It’s an excellent plant
for low water use in shady areas. The manzanitas all make clusters of small
white flowers, and in those flowers live little tiny insects that the hummingbird
parents feed to their young. The manzanitas, because they
co-evolved with hummingbirds, bloom at exactly the time the hummingbirds nest.
So once again, it’s a wonderful example of the plant animal relationships that
happen due to coevolution. So you get the wildlife uses, and then this beautiful
landscape use of a neat evergreen plant that just looks spectacular year-round,
and is very adaptable. This Emerald Carpet gets nine months of shade, full
shade, during the year, and then about two and a half to three months of sun at the
most intense part of the day and it still does fine. It’s a champion plant
for looking neat and lustrous green year-round. For dry shade and low water

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