ENG/그라데이션콤비-4k 컬러풀하고 화려한 신상 블라인드!! 독창적이고 다채로운 콤비블라인드!!(What is the gradation blind?)
ENG/그라데이션콤비-4k 컬러풀하고 화려한 신상 블라인드!! 독창적이고 다채로운 콤비블라인드!!(What is the gradation blind?)

I don’t like plain blinds. Do you want some unique blinds? For those of you who have that kind of idea, Flamboyant blinds!! Introduce the Gradient Combi Blind!! Hello, I’m Blindmaster Oburi!^^ (with gratitude in mind); The last time I was there, I’ve explained to you the wrinkled combi-blind Combiblinds are existing blinds. Like the most popular blinds. There are so many kinds of fabric! I don’t like one tone of fabric. I like to mix various colors. There are a lot of people who have a lot of personality It’s a great blind for those of you. The color changes from light to dark. Even shades of multi-color!! Flamboyant, unique, individualistic. Let me introduce you to a gradient combiblind! First of all, I’m going to introduce you to a gradient combi. We know that there’s a general planar fabric. It’s a gradation effect! Especially the color, It’s not a color that’s, It’s even more unique with purple. And the second one I showed you in the last video. The frilled fabric, the variation of the 7-line combiblind… It’s a gradient product! (Dimensional fabric to gradation effect!!)) It’s a 7-line structure, and it’s very luxurious. As the material that gave the gradient effect, Even antibacterial!! Advanced Gradient Combiblind! (Excellent flares!! Feel it, right?^^) The last product I’m going to show you is, It’s not a gradient fabric. Put the fabric in two tones in a thin crease. It’s a unique combination blind! So two colors, or three colors, are mixed together. We treat it as a gradient fabric in our industry. Three colors would make you feel a little dizzy. I put two tones in neatly. We got a similar tone. You can see that it looks very nice! (Little crease combi and gradation! Isn’t that cool?^^) How do you like it? Graduation with multiple collars. If the color mix is good, It’s not tacky. It’s quite luxurious, isn’t it?^^ In fact, the gradation fabric that came out a few years ago. There were a lot of rustic colors.;; But these days, consumer tastes are diverse. Because of the much-developed technique of textile employment, This luxurious gradation, Color mix is now available! There’s a variety of products. You know, you’re a little off. Don’t give up just because you have a unique taste. That’s the kind of colour that’s right for you. I’m going to use a gradient blind with a variety of colors. Let’s hope you can decorate your house beautifully! And this video shows you the gradient combiblind. If you think it’s beneficial, Your subscription is good. Please press it! If you would like to leave a question about curtain & blinds in the comments, I’ll make sure to reflect it in the next video production!! Thank you so much for watching. This has been Blindmaster Oburi! Thank you. (with gratitude in mind); (Light Wrinkle, Two-Tone Gradient Combi Blind) (Glass creases, luxury-feeling gradation combi) (Plane fabric, purple color gradient combi.^^) (wide crease, gradation in deep color) (A close shot of an advanced gradation combi blind!!) (Close crease gradation combination close shot!!) (Unusual color to create a unique feel!) (Thank you for watching until the end.^^)

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