EP 8 Building My Dream Home – Reclaimed Wood Ceilings, Custom Drywall, Closets, Timber Truss
EP 8 Building My Dream Home – Reclaimed Wood Ceilings, Custom Drywall, Closets, Timber Truss

Narrator: With the exterior of the home nearly
complete, the focus now turns to the interior. Zach is building a custom timber home. And he was able to choose the look he wanted
for both the exterior and interior finishes. On the interior, he will have drywall with
an Old-World stucco texture. To balance out all of the drywall, the home
will feature wooden timber frame accents as well as wood floors and ceilings. The work inside is underway as the subcontractors
are roughing in the HVAC and plumbing. Next, they begin hanging drywall. Zach: There’s been a lot of progress out
at the house. We have insulation in all the ceilings and
the walls. And as you can see, the drywall is all up. The ceiling is insulated to an R-62, there’s
an R-19 batt in there, and then below that is an R-38 batt. Now, what you currently don’t see is there
will be a half inch foil faced foam board that goes on the top of that and that will
all be taped off. Narrator: Golden Eagle offers both structural
insulated panels known as SIP panels or a super insulated parallel chord truss roof
system. Zach chose the super insulated system with
an R-62 insulation factor. Zach: We’re almost done with all the insulation
in the ceiling here. What you see up here is actually a two by
six spread out, that’s what will attach the trusses to. So, we’ve actually got a four by four block
in between the engineered roof trusses. So really all we have left to do is just finish
off that foil face down there. And then add the ceiling finishes and the
timber trusses, we’ll have a complete ceiling before you know it. Narrator: Behind the dry wall, they seal every
nook and cranny with 1” closed cell foam with an R value of seven. This keeps the wind and bugs out. In addition, blown in fiberglass with R-23
is added. Zach: I really like the way these timber rafters
look on the ceiling up here. It has really come together even better than
I ever imagined. And it looks really good with all the natural
light flowing from the wall here. When I think of a comfortable home, I often
think of a quiet home. So, if someone is getting ready in the morning,
they’re taking a shower and listening to music, I want to be prepared for that. That’s why we have actually noise barrier
insulation in all the bathroom walls, as well as all the bedroom walls. Think it will help create a more comfortable,
quieter home. If you remember during the design process,
I had imagined up this whole kid’s loft area. It’s really cool to see it come together. There’ll be a railing going this whole way
[00:03:00] so that’ll protect anyone from falling down. And then there’ll be an access ladder for
someone to get up that way. I think one of the most fun parts is the door
that connects the two loft from one side to the other. Narrator: The master bedroom also features
a loft with a rafter style ceiling. Zach: Something I consider when designing
this home is I want to efficiently use all the square footage that I can. Now, I don’t need a walk-in closet with 20
ft. ceilings. So, I decided to do is I capped off that walk
in closet down there and now we have a reading loft up here. I think it’s really great. I have now doubled the practicality of that
square footage. Narrator: The next day the crew begins installing
the fireplace. Zach: A key element to any home like this
is having a wood burning fireplace. So, what we’re working on today is installing
this 45” wood burning unit. It gets up to 95,000 BTUs. That is great for a big area like this. We have a large open concept with the kitchen,
the dining room, as well as [00:04:00] the great room here. So, this will certainly heat that whole area. It’ll look really great. We’re going to have also a face plate over
the top of this. And then the rest the hearth will be finished
off with cultured stone. Narrator: After the dry wall has been taped,
mudded and sanded, the custom drywall finishing begins. Zach: Curtis is putting on a heavy skip trowel
right now. This is a look that I always wanted when it
came to the drywall. I think it pairs really well with the timbers. I like the Old World style of it. So each wall is unique. We’re not just spray in the side. I think that that customization is really
going to shine through what the home is finished. So I think we’re off to a really good start. Today we’re installing all the ceiling finish. This is a one by eight, it is rustic. And what makes it so rustic is the random
nail marks in here, as well as you can see where it was hit by the planar. And then just take a look at this knot structure,
very unique. You’ll be seeing this on all the ceiling finishes. I think that’ll balance well with all the
drywall that goes throughout the home. Narrator: Golden Eagle offers unlimited choices
for the ceiling finish including popular options like shiplap, circle sawn, reclaimed and barnwood. Zach chose carved, nickel spaced one by eight. With the ceiling complete, the masons install
a scratch coat on the fireplace chase. Next, they individually apply each stone. Meanwhile the crew is about to install the
first of three hand- hewn timber trusses. Golden Eagle offers both structural and nonstructural
timber frame homes. Zach chose nonstructural with timber frame
components, as it would look the same and save money. With this option, Zach has the flexibility
to add timber frame components like trusses wherever he chooses. Zach: There’s definitely a wow factor when
you walk in. That truss looks absolutely incredible. The stone on that chase over there, really
catches your attention. I think it ties everything together, those
are larger stone and when you’ve got bigger beams like this, I think if it all really
fits together very well. So first impression, it’s even better than
I ever could have imagined. One of the decisions was to choose between
a real stone or a veneer stone. And what I ultimately decided to do was to
save myself some money, probably around twenty grand and go with the veneer product. This is cast from real stone and it’s only
a quarter of the weight. That probably saves me around twenty grand
on the whole project. And considering that it looks like the real
thing, I think it was a really good decision. Narrator: Zach chose to install a perimeter
of heavy timber accents used along the ceiling and doors. Next, they install 8’ tall interior doors. The doors are trimmed in with matching hand-hewn
timber. Zach: The reading loft in the master bedroom
is really coming together. The rafters look awesome, tying into this
ridge beam up here. The one thing that is left is an industrial
looking railing that’s going to go along this loft edge. That will be the same railing that we’ll
have the other two bedrooms. Narrator: With the house nearing completion,
join us on the next episode as the crew adds finishing details to the kitchen, bathrooms,
floors and more.

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