EU4 Carpet Siege Hotkeys Guide
EU4 Carpet Siege Hotkeys Guide

18 thoughts on “EU4 Carpet Siege Hotkeys Guide”

  1. Teddy Bear says:

    The buddha, the jesus christ, the brahma, the god of EU4 here we see him during his peak action!!

  2. Quavosh Ghh says:

    7 minutes? are you seriouz? it could be one minute video

  3. riven god says:

    Dat into… XD

  4. Blob Dragon says:

    just press "d". 7min u serious?

  5. Fadeways says:

    stop shouting please

  6. ExtraShiny says:

    999 999 999

  7. Santiago B. says:

    Thanks for this. Especially the z and c command to separate cannons

  8. shantejo says:

    to detach 5 artillery you could also press "c" and then 6x "b" (1x "reorganize" and 5x "move 1 unit from left to right" and 1x "c" (closing the reorganize window and select the newly created stack.

  9. Io says:

    Very useful info, thanks for making this!

  10. Charlie Kent says:

    Wow your English has got so much better since I last watched you! :3

  11. N le Grand says:

    When are you going to play Multi ?

  12. Draining says:

    I loved how much effort you putted when you said Z.
    I like you a lot, thanks for these tips and tricks.

  13. *Heroman20200 * says:

    This helped me, thanks

  14. Ali Alahmad says:

    That was helpful ty

  15. John LeRay says:

    Cheers, that was useful

  16. Juan Contreras says:


  17. heinz peztter says:

    Video starts at 2:00

  18. Trome1200 says:

    Why I send the unit to the providence the whole stack goes. How do you get a single unit to go?

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