Eye Floaters and Flashes, Animation.
Eye Floaters and Flashes, Animation.

From the patient’s point of view, floaters
are objects that drift around in the field of vision. They may look like blobs, little worms or
cobwebs that move with the eye’s movement. They seem impossible to focus on and are most
visible when looking against a bright plain background such as a blue sky or a blank computer
screen. Floaters are in fact particles suspended inside
the vitreous body – the gel-like structure that fills the space between the lens and
the retina. What we see, however, are not the floaters
themselves, but the shadows they cast on the retina. The closer they are to the retina, the larger
and clearer they appear in the field of vision. Commonly, floaters develop as part of normal
aging. With age, the gel-like vitreous body undergoes
syneresis – a process in which water is separated from solid components, creating
pockets of fluid that are perceived by the patient as blobs or little worms. The major structural protein of the vitreous
– collagen fibrils – become denatured, clump together and can be seen as floating
strings or cobwebs. The fluid pockets may collapse, causing the
vitreous to shrink and pull away from the retina. This pulling exerts mechanical stimulations
on the retina, producing “flashes of light” or photopsias in peripheral vision. Eventually, the vitreous is separated from
the retina. This is known as posterior vitreous detachment
or PVD. PVD is very common but is generally benign
and does not require treatment. The floaters may be a nuisance to vision,
but in most people, the brain will eventually learn to ignore them. Complications may happen, however, in a small
number of cases. As the vitreous detaches, it may pull the
retina with it, resulting in a retinal tear. Fluid from the vitreous may then sip through
the tear and cause the retina to separate from the underlying tissue. This is known as retinal detachment and is
a sight-threatening condition. Worrying signs to watch out for include:
– A sudden increase in number of new floaters, especially tiny ones as these may represent
pigments or blood cells released from the damaged retina or blood vessels. – A shade or curtain of vision – a sign
of loss of vision from the detached part of the retina. People with high degree of myopia are at higher
risks of having PVD. The longer shape of the eyeball in myopia
increases the likelihood of PVD and also the risk of retinal complications. This is because the retina is stretched over
a larger surface and becomes thinner and more vulnerable to tears. Other risk factors for PVD include intraocular
inflammation, trauma, previous eye surgery, diabetes and family history.

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    Most of my floaters are just on my left eye, the other one just has one visible dot that I see everywhere I go and just a little few flashing dots.

  5. NOEL PINEIRO says:

    When I was a child I caught a fleeting glimpse, out of the corner of my eye. I turned to look but it was gone, I can not put my finger on it now. The child is grown , the dream is gone.

  6. Chris Heinrich says:

    I've still to this day got a fly on my windscreen.

  7. Milena says:

    i started getting them a few days ago. I see a dark dot that darts away every time I try to look at it 😖 . I have an appointment next week to get my eyes checked out tho

  8. Eviid says:

    Is it normal to have like one million of them

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    I recently started seeing these lines. I only see one for now but it's so weird as I look at the ceiling it comes and it slowly just goes down and disappears then when I look up it comes again. Or I stare at the ceiling and it just randomly comes and when i try to look at it, it slides to the right or left of my eye 😂 I thought this was a bad and dangerous thing but it's not harmful at all. No need to worry and most definitely don't worry it's not a sign for glasses 😂

  19. Gree Q says:

    Is eye floaters caused by brain tumor?

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  25. Miajan Mia says:

    Thanks for your video.
    I have plenty floating shapes for more than 15 years. For the last five years my eyes cover by blood as a result of soft tissue damage, in early stages the blood lost for one or two days, but recently continued for a week. Could you please advise me what should I do and is there any danger to my eyesight?

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    Let’s also keep in mind, these can also be a sign of what’s called an Aura migraine. You don’t always have pain with this type of migraine. I get the floaters before or during an aura migraine

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    TBI and loss if Vision

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  36. B H says:

    Migraines.. I can't. tolerate Cold at all. When Cold or even light wind Hits my forehead or side Temple I get sever migraines (I think it's spasms or blood not reaching fine veins tips) which last for weeks. I have been where two to three woolen hats for 25 years 24/7 many neurologists have tried everything no help. Can't work lost Business, money, No life at all. My life is ruined completely. Any advice.!!! Please make vedios on that subject.. Thanks a lot and God bless.

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    Yes very well explained ..I have these flotes in both eyes after when my neck was suppressed by me with both of my hands till 30 seconds…due to my anger at any issue..
    Plz refer me any expert ,eye specialist or any other medications about????

  43. Gaylene Morley says:

    Not worth letting them stay you may have retina detachment. I did. Had to have surgery sept 2019 which took floaters away but the oil im my eye is there still some and a katerrack there to now in two weeks for jan 9th 2020 getting rest of oil out of eye then later the other surgery does help but is never the same againbein honest with all

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    I had this since 16.. now i'm 29 and they are still there. The video is right when it says that the brain learn to bypass them. At some point you don't notice them anymore. My doctor (visit when I was 18) said that they are not dangerous but I have to pay attention. I must return if I see flashes or I notice that they are fixed in one spot (not floating). So Don't be anxious. Also I never had to use glasses my vision is near perfect.

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    I've had this all my life. When I look at the clear sky, I see tiny water spots in the blue.

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    I had floaters all my life. At 63 I had them surgically removed . I also had a detached retina. After 3 surgeries all is well . Detachment is fixed, no floaters , all is good……

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    Any treatment???

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    Im 57 yo… I very occasionally have peripheral fast strobing light that blurs my vision in that spot, unusally only lasts for a a few mins. This seems like whats covered in this video, but would appreciate confirmation. I wonder if drinking more water, or maybe some herbals, vitamins would help?

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    My mom once told my dad she could see things like "molecules" floating in the sky…. he told her "you're nuts"…
    I told her I see them too.

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    in 2006 i guess now i am 21
    how time flies😭
    i want to make time machine n go back in time n treat my mistakes
    and hence time is an isllusion even god cant reverse it
    and this for time wasting guyz
    never waste time guyz u never will get it back word
    mark my words do study do imp things in life do good things bcz 1 day world will destroy due to bad people
    do want to destroy this 1000 of years hardwork of humanity
    good luck for BEST life

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  89. Midnightt Wolff says:

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    I see one bright dot on my left eye but when I blinked it disappear, is it photopsia? I have floaters as well.

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    I am having it since yesterday. At first I thought there is something inside my eye, maybe dust or something. After washing my eyes several times the floaters didn't go. Then I realised that there is something wrong happening in my eyes. Then I have visited a doctor and then I got to know that it's fluid detachment happened in my right eye. Now I am not able to concentrate on anything because everytime I see something my focusses goes on the floaters. Oh, God please help me. I am getting anxious and panic attack. Do I need to live with these floaters my entire life or is there any way to remove them?? Please someone help me who have experienced this before.

  96. It's ya boi Aldo says says:

    I see floaters and flashes with small tiny floaters as well then I went to a doctor he gave an eye drop if it's not helping he said to check up again.

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    thank you for the very informative video. i am experiencing floaters and i am a bit wworried. but now i feel relieved and will go see a doctor for more help

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