“Fabgrab” a 3 in 1 Quilters Board
“Fabgrab” a 3 in 1 Quilters Board

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My name is Laura. Today’s nifty notion is Fabgrab. Fabgrab can be used a couple of different ways. The top is a piece of felt. When you pull that felt back it has a very fine-grain sandpaper on it. We often need to draw on our fabric. If we put the fabric on a cutting board and draw on it, the cutting board is a very smooth surface and the fabric has a tendency to want to move as we’re drawing on it. We have to hold it down so that it stays secure. The fine sandpaper will be that second set of hands. Once you put that fabric down, it stays. So if you’re tracing an appliqué shape, this fabric is not going to move. If you’re signing the label for the back of a quilt, the fabric is not going to move. And drawing those lines from corner to corner means that fabric is not going to move. We’re assured good straight lines. The felt is attached to the board, and felt is a great thing to hold fabric. When I do quilts, I cut all of my pieces first and then I want to stitch them together, but sometimes it’s nice to have a display of what you’re stitching. Having the fabric placement beside you at the machine helps when you’re going to sew all of those together. What it does is remind you what section is going to go where. That felt holds that fabric right on, regardless if you’re doing a whole block or portions of the block. This is all together on this nice smooth piece of acrylic. You can always use this surface for writing on but it does come with an optional easel, and that easel is going to make it easier to sit at the machine. I’m going to put the easel on the back end where the flap is open. That way that flap is going to stay down. If I put it this way, the flap can fall down. The easel is this sturdy cardboard. The first thing is just to snap out the little sections so that it’s loose for you to use. We have adhesive tape. We’re going to peel that off and that will expose that sticky tape. This flat end with the larger wings is going to go right along the bottom of this board. Center the easel to the board and have that back piece match up along that edge. Then just rub that tape down so we have the two pieces of tape here. As with any two-sided tape, it’s really good if you let this sit for about six even up to 12 hours. That gives that tape a chance to dry and stick right on that surface. From there, you’re going to be able to pull up those arms, and then that bottom piece is going to come up into the bottom. So what you’ve created is an easel. It now will sit on a surface. I can now have this sitting beside my sewing machine to see where my placements are going to go. It’s handy just to be able to glance up quickly as you’re sitting at your machine, to make sure those pieces are going together right. When you’re done, that moon piece is going to be able to go down flat and the arms go down. It’s still a flat surface so you can use your sandpaper. Cutting mats are not as strong as this acrylic back. However, the material is a little bit different. It’s not designed to cut on. It’s a strong surface for strength and durability. So regardless if you’re going to use it as an easel so you can see your fabric, or just holding that fabric down for you as you are drawing, it really is a nifty notion. Thank you for joining me today on nifty notions. Feel free to subscribe and, as always, come on back. Let’s see what we’re sewing next time
in the sewing room. Bye for now!

9 thoughts on ““Fabgrab” a 3 in 1 Quilters Board”

  1. Jessica Casler says:

    Love it! I’ve heard great things about this product! Thanks for the informative review – will definitely be purchasing one!

  2. Debby McCauley says:

    Neat product! Can it be purchaed anywhere or is it just available thru your web site here? Thanks

  3. Angela10226 says:

    Made one of these years ago with an old clip board, sandpaper and felt! It was free.

  4. Jennie Lynn Schlageter says:

    Love Nifty Notions!

  5. MICHIGAN GAL 001 says:

    Great idea

  6. MadamSew says:

    Such a fabulous video!

  7. Denise Mcintosh says:

    Thats pretty cool. Hmmm on my to get mom Christmas list. 😆

  8. Joyce Gallo says:

    All your videos are awesome! First used sandpaper for quilting in a hand piecing class made it so easy to trace the templates on to the fabric. Love the Curved Log Cabin in your back ground. Can you tell me where to get the pattern please? Thank you

  9. Sharon C says:

    Great demo. Love the sandpaper usage! Always hated drawing lines because of fabric movement…..thank you for great idea!

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