FALL Hobby Lobby Shop With Me & Haul (2018) Fall Home Decor!

So I’m seeing what the doctor Hey everyone So today I am at Hobby Lobby and I wanted to take you guys Shopping with me while you look at their fall decor and then I’m meeting to get some floral stems and some fabric to make some Fall pillows and do some fall floral decorating and everything, but I do want to go look at all their fall stuff, too Just for fun. So I thought I would take you guys along with me and then depending on how long this video is I might do a haul at the end or I might save up all for another time. Yes I came at the right time because all their floral stems are 50% off and I believe their fabric is on sale, too So this is perfect This is real hard See these are really cool look you don’t never seen anything like this and I also really like these red stems I think these are cool too Daya feels Okay, so I got my florals and my fabric I did not vlog the fabric part because that would have been way too difficult being pregnant trying to vlog and carry the fabric But I got everything I needed and I got some other stuff I didn’t think I was gonna get but they had really keep out work. I’ll show you that later. And now I’m down the regular Fall decor Isles just looking for fun. And I’m not planning on getting of this any of this stuff I still just wanted to look I was safe where I used to be. This is not where we used to be Tell me again what you feel I Can’t believe this is real Hearts can be broken, but this is absurd I’m getting crushed by the weight of you Won’t you feel Hot Absurd Something’s wrong a waiter who’s on my feet. Where are you? Going Yellow in the Sun longing to be seen Come With me hi Oh Just like basket horns would be really cool to put on your table and like fill it with flowers and fillers For a Thanksgiving centerpiece would be so cool These food stars are bright just to hear your All right So I’m now in the car and I figured I would do the haul in here because Ryland Ran into the store and I’m in here doing nothing. So favorite this pika time. So starting with the florals I got All the florals were 50% off. I think I said that when I was in this store, so this one was normally $8.99 Oh, let me get the receipt. So this one right here I don’t even know what this is called, but it’s kind of just like a mixed spray has green and off-white and Has these little kind of like brown pussy-willow type things on it? It’s really pretty and I can use this for more than just fall. I might actually use it right now But I’m probably gonna split this up into a few different little bouquets and this was normally $8.99 and then it was on sale for 449 these stems are something I have been wanting for a while now. I’ve seen them and have had my eye on them They’re called lamb’s ear and they kind of a feel really soft. They’re really cool And they’re just like a light kind of faded green color And again, these don’t just have to be for fall, but I thought they looked really cool with the fall colors So I definitely want to use him for that. I got two of them Here’s a little close-up of what it looks like and they were normally $5.99 each both these together came out to 598. Oh And it’d be like the same price As one of them then I got two of these cotton stems I’m just playing one out because I realized I had all the flowers all nice and put together. So I’ve been wanting to get caught in stems for the longest time and I never have and finally getting some got two I Might even split these up. I’m not sure or am I keep them together? I don’t know cuz they’re really pretty together, but then I could use them for more stuff if I slip so I’m kind of torn on what to do, but these were normally $6.99 each. So, of course I got two for $6.99 Then I got this huge Floral spray and this is definitely going to be split up for a bunch of different bouquets I just loved all the fall colors in here. It definitely has more of that Rustic Orange and even kind of like a burgundy tent with green I just thought this was absolutely beautiful has all different kinds of things on it berries leaves these little Things which I don’t know what they’re called, but they’re really cool game This was expensive. It was normally $12.99 I believe so it came out to 779 I did I normally wouldn’t spend that much on a floral stem but since I’m splitting it up and it was only 779 on sale. I thought that was still a good deal. Now. These little sunflowers were a last-minute buy I found these in the fall sections that I was going down at the end and They’re normally 399 each. So I got 2 for 399. So they really two dollars each. Basically, I Love sunflowers and flowers are one of my favorite flowers. I just thought these would be really cool I can use them for fall but I can also use them next summer because I feel like they’re one of those flowers that kind Of like end of summer and going into fall sort of thing. So but I love some flowers and these ones just look so gorgeous I like how like the leaves are a little bit crinkled and it kind of makes them look more realistic They’re so pretty in these shorter stemmed sunflowers were a lot cheaper than the long-stemmed ones Which you find in the floral section these ones were in the fall section So if you’re wanting that same look, I think they’re like around the same size. It’s just the stems shorter But you don’t want to spend as much money on the other sunflowers. These are the way to go now for fabric I was hoping to find more fabric to make fall pillows But I didn’t really see any of their colors I wanted cuz I was kind of wanting like an orange e or like burning D Color as well But I do not see any fabrics that I like, so I’ll have to wait on that. Maybe Walmart will have something at some point but I did find this blue and kind of cream Gingham Buffalo check print which I thought was absolutely beautiful. I love this so much So I’m gonna try to make two pillows out of this. I just got a yard of it It’s normally $9.99. But the fabric way all the fabric I think was 30% off So for one yard, it came out to $6.99. And while I was looking for the fabric for the throw pillows This has nothing to do with fall but they had it so many cute fabrics for Like kids and babies and stuff and I found these fabrics that are absolutely adorable for our baby that’s coming When you see this video though, he might already be here. I don’t know when I’m posting this, but I’m Like one day away from my due date when I’m filming this and I’ve already made him one small quote But I’ve been wanting to make him a bigger quilt that we could use one is a blanket when he gets a little bit older but for now just kind of like I was a little play mat that we can lay them on and you know have toys and stuff with him on it So this is something that doesn’t need to be done right away But I can work on it slowly over time And since the fabrics were on sale and they have really key fabrics. This one fabric is the one that inspired me Showing you it how cute is that? You guys know we love the forest of woodland theme and this one just has bears on it and little teepees and trees and leaves It’s cute. It was kind of like my inspiration for the other fabric so I did fabrics that kind of matched that I have this blue one with the white arrows and Then we have another kind of similar blue but it has a white tee pees on it And then I got this one which is just like white and gray and it has like a woodgrain on it I thought that was really cool And then I have this one which it kind of looks like little clouds and okay, but not really I don’t know what it is, but I just thought this print was really fun And I also have some black and white gingham that I used to make his crib skirt And I have some extra fabric at home. So I might use some of that in this as well I did not buy a backing for this yet. Because I don’t know what fabric I want to use for the back end I think I want to use a different kind of fabric like maybe something fuzzy or just like really soft So I have to decide on that I figured I would make the front part first and then decide on the backing that I want to buy I forgot to say the price for each of those I got a quarter yard of each of those fabrics and They all were one a dollar twenty two each except for one was a little more expensive It was a tall or 57. So that was so inexpensive to make a quilt I mean I still have to buy the backing but I will get that When it’s on sale and you can easily make a quilt for like under $20, which is really cool So that is everything I got from Hobby Lobby I hope you guys enjoyed this shop with me and hull if you guys did please give it a thumbs up I’m also thinking about doing a shop with me at the Dollar Tree when my dollar tree gets fall stuff It still hasn’t gotten it yet I know a lot of other People have already gotten it but I live on the west coast and we always seem to get it last So we’ll see when that happens, but I definitely plan on doing that because I wanted to do some fall Dollar Tree DIY decor, I usually do that every year So I’m really excited about that. I already have some ideas. So I’m seeing what they’ve got I already have some ideas for what DIYs I want to do So we’ll see if the Dollar Tree has the stuff to be able to do that And then I might do a Kirkland’s a shop with us because Brian loves car clothes, too So maybe we’ll do one together. Let me know if you guys want to see that But I’ll see you guys in our next video You

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