FALL WHOLE HOUSE Clean With Me *Extreme Cleaning Motivation *Sprint Cleaning *List Clean
FALL WHOLE HOUSE Clean With Me *Extreme Cleaning Motivation *Sprint Cleaning *List Clean

Hi Erica hi Andrea you want to play
today um yeah sure but why are you all naked oh you know I live in a house full
of toddlers so all the boys in here and naked oh yeah that makes sense
oh no I hear something good-evening hear something I hear momma Jean coming she’s
gonna be one of those cleaning frenzy and where she starts throwing stuff away
all the toys you know no one is safe around here Wow
you live in crazy town yeah I kind of do let’s get out of here hey and welcome
back where we sprint clean with Andrea Jean and yes those Barbies were right
when I do get my cleaning frenzies I tend to throw stuff away so you better
watch out today we are gonna be doing some list cleaning you may be asking
yourself and Regina what if the list cleaning it’s exactly what it sounds
like we got a list going here and we’re gonna try to get as many things crossed
off this list as we possibly can I don’t know about you but I love me a good list
it is so gratifying to be able to just cross it right off there now I don’t do
any sort of digital list I know those are very popular like I like the old
fashioned pen and paper cross that baby off so let’s get Oh can I forgot to
mention make sure you grab yourself some coffee yes just wait no bus kicks in if you’re new here consider hitting that
subscribe button give this video a thumbs up because you are definitely
going to enjoy but we make cleaning fun over here so you don’t want to miss any
cleaning and organizing or busy women if you are cleaning right alongside me I
want to know at the end of this video what you were able to get done in just
over 30 minutes and the Sprint clean with me also if you’re not cleaning let
me know what you plan on accomplishing I’ll be friends on Instagram if not we
definitely need to be it’s an origin one we do so much fun stuff over there here
I’m just showing you a sneak peak of a target cleaning supply video that I put
on my Instagram stories I post on Instagram stories every single day it’s
just an awesome way for me to connect with you all and we just laugh it’s just
amazing time over there so when you’re done with this video be sure to head on
over there hit me up and say hey girl get all this laundry for baskets but
here is the silver lining that basket is sorted the yellow one and the white one
is sorted we aren’t going to worry about these other two we’re gonna go ahead and
put the rest of these away yes let’s do it
we need to drink on Zeke coffee it’s almost gone and word and up word my friend it’s that time it’s comment of the day
time this is just something that I do on many of my videos to show appreciation
for all of you that watch and support the Andrea Jean cleaning and organizing
channel and it goes to Shawna arrey Sean and I actually connect almost
on a daily basis I really appreciate her I adore her and I just want to say thank
you Shawna for all your support she also has a youtube channel so I will have
that linked in the description box below as well if you’re new here you may be wondering
what are those two bins in the entry one side is for just random toys that the
kids play with or that do need to go downstairs because the majority of all
their toys are downstairs we have a couple of play rooms down there and then
the other side is for clothes that are too small that I need to organize and
put in their corresponding bins so it just makes it easy so I’m not running up
and down the stairs you
but hello it’s the next day we are gonna try to tackle no we are gonna finish
that list and we may do some bonus things in there as well
I had to reheat my coffee I’m sure many of you ladies can relate that’s how it
goes right having a hot cup of coffee a commodity sometimes yeah we got kids
running around today but you’re gonna get it done let’s get into it that feels good all right couple things
that I want to show you here really quick so especially because this will be
in the bathroom when I’m cleaning and you might be wondering in routine what
is that so I just posted this on my Instagram stories every morning I’m
going to make it part of my habit to write down at least three things that
I’m grateful for yes I think about these things throughout the day but I don’t
actually put it into my routine and for me the two things that make things stick
are routine and making it super convenient so what I’m going to be doing
is having this little pad of paper right here and then my little sharpie right
there and every day I will tear up a new sheet of paper and write down what I’m
grateful for I take about 20 minutes to get ready in the morning that’s
showering everything that I need to do for the day so I figured I could make
two or three minutes just to write down some things that I’m grateful for
especially as I’m building a business a lot of times I’m focused on the things
that still need to happen more of something rather than what is so this is
my way to incorporate that oh and I showed you this plate I got this at
Walmart literally this was under two bucks it is so cute love it and I’m just
trying to use up some of these little lotions here one other thing I want to
show you as well next thing we’re gonna do I know this isn’t on the list but we
need to put this baby stuff away these were some clothes that I had given to my
sister-in-law brand-new but her son never wore them so I think I’m just
gonna put them in our storage closet and then this closet is entirely filled with
baby stuff although this is a mattress for my son’s twin bed and these are some
bedrooms but everything else in here is baby stuff isn’t this crazy
how much the second cute oh my gosh accumulates like it’s all the way back
in there as well that is so gnarly I am NOT ready to get rid of it yet I’m
grateful that we have the storage space to keep it in here otherwise I baby I
may be more inclined but yeah alright let’s keep moving let’s see how we’re doing here okay so
we got the downstairs bath excellent and we are sure having fun only thing left
is the kitchen and then it says a master bedroom so let me show you what I was
hoping for on this one we I’m not sure we’ll see okay see all this decor I need
it hung up but I need my husband’s help because ladies you know precision is not
the name of my game when it comes to hanging stuff so I want that done and
then over here you see all of this decor I’m going to integrate that on the
shelves and we got this picture and oh hey girl and so this is my goal at the
end of this video to have all of this up we will see it’s tricky I’m sure you can
understand when you have small kids right ones watching the kids the other
person is trying to do some sort of housework so this little project here
has been keep getting it has oh my gosh I can’t think it keeps being put off all
right let’s move on to the kitchen I know a lot of you ladies when you
start your cleaning routines you like to start in the kitchen and for me I prefer
to start in a bathroom or master bedroom just because it’s a bit smaller and I
feel like if I can get that job you know accomplished and tackled like I’m ready
to go on to the next thing whereas when I start at the kitchen it just seems so
overwhelming at times because there’s so many things that you can do in the
kitchen however I will say that when your kitchens clean it does feel like
the rest of your house is a bit more put together all right we did it we didn’t get the
floors or anything but that is quite all right
yeah all right so now I need to take my son to the library we’re gonna have a
little fun date together yay it feels awesome to get this list crossed off
we’ll see about this one stay tuned hopefully in the next video
that will be all and done I’ll be so nice also the intro on this video was
inspired by my good friend Erica she-wolf mom I will have everything
lengthen description but she is amazing I love her I appreciate her so Thank You
Erica also let’s keep the fun going in my description box I have some more
motivating cleaning playlists

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