Familjen lagar mat VLOGG
Familjen lagar mat VLOGG

Hey, hey! We’re going to cook! Yes, we are. It’s a weeknight and the family’s making dinner together. This is a collaboration with… Oh no, fail! … Linas Matkasse! And it’s not just any food bag. Do you know which one? -No?
-The vegetarian one. -Sweet potatoes!
-Did you recognize that? Harry, do you want to tell us what happened to you today? I hurt myself. What happened? I got a band aid. And we’ve got another one who’s hurt. Yes, we do – Hussein! Hussein! Come here! -He can barely walk, Alma.
-He can come and show his face? I feel bad for him. “Come here”… Like he’s a dog, poor thing. I got injured at football practice. I twisted my right knee and ended up in hospital. I waited all night for a doctor and it was tough. I was in terrible pain… Hussein, please go and rest. You can eat dinner with us later. Time to cook! What’s the first thing you do when you’re going to cook? You wash your hands. Harry! What’s the first thing you do when you’re going to cook? -Don’t know.
-Yes, you do. -Wash your hands.
-Yes, good job! Come and cook with us. -Only if I can finish firing this gun.
-Okay. We’re going to make cinnamon roasted sweet potato salad with avocado and coriander dressing. I’m great with cinnamon. We’ll let you do that, then. But how about? Peeling potatoes! -Can you do that?
-Yes. Let’s move you a bit. This food bag is lacto-ovo vegetarian. Do you know what that means, Alma? No? It means that it contains milk and egg. What? They’re alive! What does the yellow lemon taste like? It taste yucky. It taste like baby at the top. What does the avocado taste like? -It tastes like licorice.
-Licorice? You can mix it with your hands. Sorry, right in the middle of your rinsing…
Smell this. Uh! Coriander. I love it! Come here, Harry! You can help me with this. Yes! Oops! It jumped out of the socket… Everything’s happening at once. You need more water, Alma. Put it down here. No… It’s a good thing we don’t work at a restaurant. It sure is. The chef would yell at us. We promised our followers a while back… The sound of these chairs! It’s awful. Let’s try again. We promised our followers a while back to only collaborate with products and brands that we would normally use. We think today’s cooking with Lina’s is extra fun because we’ve used this lacto-ovo vegetarian food bag on and off for several years. Look how many recipes we have in here. We started subscribing to this because we saw a discount offer on Facebook. And we have an offer for you today: If you want to try Linas Matkasse at half price, and get a free cutting board, follow the link in the description box. And use the code: THESWEDISHFAMILY Dinner is ready! I think it’s safe to say that we’re not great at cooking in front of the camera. It was pretty chaotic. So hard getting it all together. We need a new kitchen. Yes, I think so too. With a kitchen island. What do you mean, a “kitchen island”?
Like living on an island shaped like a kitchen? -Why not?
-That’d be cool. Our viewers might wonder why we eat vegetarian food? We eat it because it’s nicer to the animals… Right? -And nicer to nature.
-Yes. -And to the climate.
-And to our bodies. -There are many good reasons.
-There sure are. Do you like it Hussein? The halloumi is great, and the sweet potatoes. Is that the cheese? Mm. -Do you like it?
-Mm. This is great, summer food. -Are you satisfied?
-Yes! -Are you full?
-Yes! -Did it taste good?
-Yes! We have a question of the day. Adam Sparrfeldt writes: Can you describe the family in three words, please? -Yes.
-Describe the family… -Smart!
-Smart? -I’d say that too.
-Okay… -Happy.
-Chaos-like. -Nutty.
-Messy! -Funny.
-It’s Difficult… It’s really difficult. Why don’t our viewers describe what we’re like using three words? That’s a great idea. You can describe us with three words in the comment section. Let’s end this video now, and don’t forget the offer: If you want to try Linas Matkasse at half price, follow the link in the description box. Type on the computer. Blip, blop, blip, blop. Give this video a thumbs up or down. Comment, post questions. And if you like what we do, please subscribe. Take care until next time. See you. Bye bye!

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