Fashion and Textile Technology at Buffalo State
Fashion and Textile Technology at Buffalo State

[music] Well one of the things that I really
like about Buffalo State in our Fashion Department is the fact that we’ve been
immersed in technology for over 15 years and we’ve really grown the department
based on the future of the fashion industry and where we can go from here.
The students get to learn hands-on working with special equipment that’s
industry specific you just kind of dive into many different avenues of
fashion from merchandising from designing from CAD illustration from
styling being able to see actual garments and physically handle garments
see how they were made it’s like super satisfying when you create a pattern and
then everything lines up when you sew it I really like seeing how my visions come
to life. Students have the opportunity to be involved in the department from the
time they’re freshman on. We encourage everyone to make garments for our annual
runway fashion show. It’s the culmination of your entire time. It’s a real-world
learning experience. It sets them up for the level of professionalism that we
want to have them leave Buffalo State with. We had a special opportunity last
year where we visited Vietnam. We got to immerse ourselves in the culture , network on a global level, and our students really got a good taste of what it’s
going to be like working for the fashion industry and really making their mark.
You know I feel like when you’re a student you’re not jaded by the world
right your creativity is not is not jaded so what we see is just this
absolute, like you know, awesome creativity and almost like this journey.
We have state of the art labs with state-of-the-art equipment so they’re
prepared when they go out into the industry. They’re all working together
towards this common goal. There’s no limits. I love that part. Having someone be the woman or being the
person that they wish to be just by putting on a simple garment. It’s pretty
rad! [music]

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