Fashion Technology at Honolulu Community College
Fashion Technology at Honolulu Community College

Hi, my name is Ryan Ota, I’m a graduate of Mililani High
School, I’m 25 years old, and I’m
attending the Fashion Technology
program at HCC. The reason why I started the
Fashion Technology progran at Honolulu Community College
are because the facilities are great, the teachers are great, and also some of the graduates
who have come to the perogram in the
past have shown that this is a really
great program and you can make something out
of it when you’re done. Things I like most about my
program of study are first and formost, teachers, because they’re always able and
willing to help you, and give you that creative
criticism you need to finish a
project, and also because the students
you work with are also great helpers in becoming a
well-rounded designer. My advice for prospective
students coming into Honolulu
Community College would be to approach it with an
open mind and be ready to study hard and
work hard. Honolulu Community College is a
great way to pursue your dreams.

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