Faux Wood Beams | The Look of Natural Wood for Less!
Faux Wood Beams | The Look of Natural Wood for Less!

>>Narrator: Welcome to FauxWoodBeams.com!>>Steve and Ruth: So most people don’t even
know what a faux beam is. It’s 100% indistinguishable from a real wood beam. We make molds from
real wood beams so what you get is an exact replica that captures all the nooks and crannies,
all the knots, all the checking, even wormholes. We faux finish it by hand so you see shades
of color that a real wood beam would have.>>Narrator: Faux wood beams eliminate the
worry of rotting, splitting, warping and fading, without sacrificing the look of real wood.>>Steve and Ruth: They can change the look
of your entire house.>>Homeowner: I actually have people ask me
if they were original with the home. I end up letting them in on the fact that they’re
fake and they can’t believe it. They look that real.>>Narrator: Faux wood beams are made from
a high-density polyurethane>>Steve and Ruth: What’s great about polyurethane
is that it’s high-density, impact proof. As you can see, they’re really durable. You can
jump up and down on this thing – it’s not gonna crack.>>Homeowner: I’m not worried about it damaging
my home or sagging the ceilings in my rooms that I install it on.>>Steve and Ruth: If you were to go out and
get a real wood timber – our beams are a fraction of that cost.>>Narrator: Real wood beams can cost thousands
of dollars, and equally as much for transport and installation.>>Steve and Ruth: One or two people can do
the installation. You don’t have to come in with a forklift. We’re a green company. We’re
not wrecking the environment or taking down rain forests. We have over 20 wood grains
to choose from. You’re gonna get the look you desire from real timbers with our faux
wood beams.>>Liz: We have so much offer, but that’s
why we have such a great team that will help guide you to find the perfect product for
your projects.>>Steve and Ruth: Just pick a style, pick
a size, and it comes right to your door.>>Narrator: FauxWoodBeams.com offers samples
that are fully rebateable towards your order. If you’re a builder, architect or professional
remodeler, our team is ready, willing and able to work with you.>>Homeowner: Maintenance-wise? I didn’t even
know there was maintenance – I don’t take care of it. It just stays on my ceiling and
I forget about it.>>Steve and Ruth: These are so easy to take
care of that once it’s up, it’s up. You never have to worry about it again. We’ve done all
the work for you. We found a beam with this unbelievable aged character and we took a
mold out of it and made this!>>George: It’s an extremely good product.>>Steve and Ruth: This is what we pride ourselves
on.>>George: If you use a real beam, after a
couple of years that beautiful coffered ceiling or that truss, you start to see gapping spaces
– it doesn’t look like it did when you first put it up. With our products, that’s not going
to happen. Nothing’s going to move, nothing’s going to check, and ten years from now you’re
going to have exactly what you put up originally.>>Homeowner: It’s a great alternative to
installing the real thing.

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