Faux Wood Ceiling Beams on the DIY Network
Faux Wood Ceiling Beams on the DIY Network

When the weekend makeover crew hit the road, we discovered what happens
when classic ceiling beams and polyurethane come together. Wood ceiling beams can add character to any room, but they’re so impractical that most homeowners
don’t even consider them an option. The good news is that by using materials such as polyurethane, companies like FauxWoodBeams.com
have opened up a whole new world to builders and consumers. Polyurethane is extremely lightweight, it’s inexpensive, and it’s also an interior or exterior product. It doesn’t fade, doesn’t split, doesn’t crack, doesn’t warp, it won’t rot, and it’s pretty much pest proof! Termites or birds will not be interested in this product. Once you put this product up,
you’ll never have to worry about it again. And while wood beams require an entire crew to install,
faux wood ceiling beams are a breeze! I usually tell people:
if you can use a screw gun, you can install our faux beams. One of the reasons is its weight. Faux wood beams are light enough that two people can install them! Another reason is its u-shaped design. The first step in installing our faux beams is
you want to mount some blocks of wood on your ceiling, approximately every 3 feet apart. Then you would slide our beam over those blocks of wood, and secure them with screws through the side of our beam. So basically, those screws go through our beam
into the blocks of wood, and that secures them up on your ceiling. to create their product, FauxWoodBeams.com
takes real wood beams and makes molds of them. Then they pour polyurethane into those molds. What you get is an exact replica of the timber beam, including cracks and knots! So we have many different styles to choose from. Anywhere from a very rustic looking beam we offer, which would be possibly hand-hewn or ax-hewn. And we also have more formal looking styles such as our very smooth beam
that has absolutely no wood graining to it at all.

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  1. ultrakool says:

    i put these up myself (with the help of my 16 y/o daughter) two years ago. what does that tell you? so simple. i've had numerous compliments regarding the character and warmth they've added to my rustic "man cave"

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