Featured Artist: Ty Morganelli
Featured Artist: Ty Morganelli

So, I actually grew up in Orlando. I left home when I was 18 and moved all over
the country. I came back just a few years ago to look after
my elderly dad. I’ve been making things ever since I can remember. I’ve dabbled in just about every art and craft
that there is, but my true love has always been paint. I refinished my first piece of furniture when
I was 20 years old. and my daughter actually still has that piece of furniture. Because I love to make and reimagine things,
I’m always haunting thrift stores. I was driving up here one day and was gonna go to the
ReStore at the other end of the plaza, and it was a Monday so they were closed. and I looked over and I saw Andee’s Thrift Store,
and I thought that’s a new one, I haven’t been in there. And so I came down here and I looked around
and said, “this is not a thrift store.” But it’s really, really cool. And then I saw the sign that said, “we’re
looking for artists,” so I brought in some of my stuff, and here we are. I like to take vintage furniture and reimagine
it. I would say that my favorite style is kind
of boho. I love bright colors. I’ll see something that I really like, and
I’ll be like, “well, let me try that.” And then if I really like it, I’ll do like a couple
of pieces kinda like that. I get on a roll, then I’ll change my mind
and do something different. I think I painted my first piece of furniture
when my daughter was a baby. It was a bed that I found on the side of the
road, which is very typical of me. And I sponge-painted it, because this was
back in the late 80s. Yeah, sponge-painting. Very frequently, I wake up at 4 o’clock in
the morning. I’ll have a great idea that had to have come
to me in my sleep. I go out sometimes and I’ll work literally
in the dark. Cause something strikes me, and I just have to
do it right then. Yeah, I think genuinely I do dream things
up, literally. I make coffee, play with my cats, and usually
around 6 am when I’ve done my normal house morning stuff, I get out and I get to it. Somedays I work for an hour or two before
I go off and do something else, somedays I get on a roll and work for seven or eight
hours. But I work everyday. I love working on it because I don’t want
to see it go to the landfill. I want it to be stuff that’s going to last,
and that people are going to appreciate for a really, really long time. It’d be really cool if they even passed it
down, and it would be around after me. That’d be great. If I had any words of wisdom for other artists,
or young, aspiring artists, it’s never be afraid to try. That’s the easiest thing to fix–if you fail,
you’ve never tried at anything. Everyone’s failed. Just try. What’s on the horizon for 2019? You know… It could be anything. I’ll surprise you. Paint or stain? Paint. Dogs or cats? Cats. DeNiro or Pacino? Pacino. Lavender or fuchsia? Fuchsia. What’s worse: stripping furniture, or hand-sanding? Stripping. Do you sleep with the fan off, or on? On. TV or Movies? Movies. Netflix or YouTube? Netflix. Cardio or weights? Weights. Vintage or retro? Retro. Love, or money? Love. Would you rather have seven fingers on each
hand, or seven toes on each foot? Seven fingers. Andee’s the man behind the curtain. He’s kinda like the wizard. Nobody gets to see who’s there.

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