FEBRUARY FAVES & FAILS | Makeup, Skincare, Haircare, Accessories, Home Decor, Snacks, & Coffee
FEBRUARY FAVES & FAILS | Makeup, Skincare, Haircare, Accessories, Home Decor, Snacks, & Coffee

Hey everybody it’s Sara from The Style Blog
and welcome today’s video I’m so excited for I’m doing a February faves and fails video
for you guys so I’m showing you my absolute favorite products from February
and then the absolute worst fails that I’m probably gonna throw in the trash
after I film this video so I’m going over my February favorite products first
and then I’ll go over my fail products I don’t want you to waste your money on
these products so be sure to stay tuned for that and then we’re gonna finish up
with my favorite non beauty products I have some like snacks and fun stuff like
that so let’s just get started with some makeup products I feel like February was the
month of eyes for me I don’t know what it is I just was on an eye kick I guess
ok so let’s start with eye shadow pallets I actually had three that I really
love from this month that I keep using over and over and over again every
morning when I put my makeup on I’m like I can’t decide which one I want to
use because they’re all three so good I’ll just quickly touch on this one first
this Too Faced all-natural nudes born this way eyeshadow palette amazing
nude palette I’ve done two videos on this we’re not really gonna go over this much
but I love it it’s really good secondly I have this going coconuts palette from
colourpop this palette retails for 12 bucks and it is great quality it’s a
great nude palette guys this would be amazing for traveling you just put this
tiny little palette in your makeup travel bag and you’ve got a whole nude
palette you can do sort of smoky eye colors you can do an everyday color you’ve
got the three metallics in the middle this palette is gorgeous and I love it
I’m actually wearing right now really like it ok so I’m not going to go into
a complete total tutorial review of this but I did swatch it on my arm so
you could just see these colors these are so gorgeous they’re great for summer
they’re also great for just a year round neutral palette I’m kind of in love with
this palette it’s so good last eyeshadow palette I have this ace beauty vintage
dawn palette hello very vibrant colors if there’s a new release nude palette
hello Sara’s gonna pick it up no question about it and I tend to not go
for the crazy palettes as much this palette is amazingly pigmented and it’s
been really fun to play with I love making these blue looks there’s a
really beautiful deep green in this that’s gorgeous guys I made a sunset
look using my No Mirror Makeup Challenge and I love making these
yellow-orange-y sort of burgundy sunset looks um this palette is gorgeous so if
you want to try a palette that doesn’t use sort of your everyday nudes this
palette is so pigmented the color payoff is amazing
I’ve been loving it ok again guys I’m not gonna go into a super in-depth
review of this palette but I did want to swatch it on my arm just so you could
see it look at those colors they’re so vibrant and pigmented these metallics
are just like my favorite formula I swiped these once and the payoff is
incredible so this is a super fun palette to play with I really enjoy it
and I hope to buy more from this brand because this palette is such good
quality ok let’s move to eyeliner so I did a whole video on these the flick
sticks they’re these eyeliner stamps if you want my full in-depth review head
to that video so you don’t have to worry about perfectly winging your liner out
you just put the stamp on and then connect it with the other end so nice
ok second eyeliner I bought this NYX epic ink liner instead of this being a
felt pen like the other ones I’ve tried it’s actually a little brush
these are little bristles it helps it go on so smoothly I can draw on a great
winged liner with this no problem and it’s very inexpensive and let me just
swatch this makeup pen for you guys really fast so the next eye product that
I’ve been obsessed with this month is this collagen eye zone mask so I put these
in a Ziplock because they tend to dry out if you just use their little result resealable
zipper these are just little eye masks I’ve been using these pretty much every
single day and it’s really helped with the puffiness and darkness underneath my
eyes especially right after I wake up I’ll leave these on while I you know
brush my teeth get my breakfast ready etc these are amazing they work so well
and the good news is that I bought these on Amazon after a friend recommended
them to me you get two packs of these so you get 60 sheets for less than 5 bucks
I’ve been giving these away to everyone I gave these to my cousin my mom
everyone loves these they’re so good ok last eye product then we have two more
makeup products so this eye product is the lash lift so guys I gave myself an at-home
lash lift lash perm and it was amazing my lashes are still curled from that it
was almost a month ago so I didn’t want to make an appointment and pay to get it
done at the salon I thought I would just do it at home it worked so well it was
pretty easy I have an entire in-depth video on this but I loved this this
month and I’m gonna keep doing it every single month the results were amazing
and my eyes look open and awake all the time now like it makes my mascara curl
last all day long huge fan love these next I have this wander Beauty trip for
two blush and bronzer duo so this is the first time I’ve tried wander beauty
and the formula on these is so velvety and smooth this bronzer is super
buildable works amazing with my skin tone this blush is gorgeous I just love
this palette I’ve been using it for my everyday looks pretty much every day it
just is so smooth and silky I don’t know I’ve been loving it so as you can see
there’s the blush and there’s the bronzer they’re not super dark but
they’re very very blendable and buildable ok and last makeup
product is this Physicians Formula healthy lip in all natural nude guys I
don’t know why I haven’t tried their healthy lip formulas before this
applicator is also amazing can you see how it kind of goes to a point there
it’s very easy just sort of line your lips with this and then fill it in with
the wider part I’m wearing this color now and this formula is so satiny and
silky and smooth it doesn’t dry your lips out it doesn’t feel you know drying
and chunky and it doesn’t peel off like some of the matte lipsticks do the stuff is
awesome I wear it all time let me give you a little swatch of this on my hand
so you can see ok let’s move to my February fails oh and that I’ll mention
my non-beauty favorites at the end so I have six fails guys I hate fails
because I don’t like talking bad about products but I really don’t want you to
waste your money on products that don’t work
first off hair care items this is the Amika supernova moisture and shine cream
so I actually didn’t purposely order this this came in my boxycharm this
month and I couldn’t figure out what it was um my mom even came over and she
putting on our hands and she’s like this lotion is so slimy I was like but it’s
not lotion so I did think this was lotion at first too and then I thought
maybe it’s a facial moisturizer turns out it’s for your hair I had to do a little
googling to figure that out I’ve heard great things about this brand but this
particular shine cream just did nothing for me and guys I put this in my hair
and it just turned it into a crunchy crispy stiff mess it was disgusting then
I washed my hair like normal and it didn’t add any moisture it didn’t take
away any frizz I noticed no difference with this product and it made my hair
feel so disgusting bleh so this is a fail for me ok so next is this Ren
cleanser this is called the perfect canvas clean jelly oil cleanser so
honestly I’m not used to an oil cleanser but I went into this with an open mind
thinking I’m just gonna give this a fair shot whatever I put it on my face
it just feels like I’m rubbing like a coconut oil all over my face it wasn’t
great it didn’t foam up at all this is supposed to turn just like a milk and
sort of foam up take your makeup off it didn’t take my makeup off at all like
maybe 50% of my makeup came off and I kept using it and I kept rubbing and
rubbing and rubbing to where I couldn’t rub any more and I didn’t want to use
any more product my makeup was still fully on my eye makeup and my face
makeup and I rinsed & rinsed & rinsed and could not get these super oily
feeling off my skin like I know what a moisturizing oil is supposed to feel
like and this felt like I just put like olive oil all over my skin I felt like I
needed to scrape it off with my fingernails I didn’t but I felt like I
should I also tried this in the mornings and used just the tiniest amount when I
didn’t even have any makeup on and it still left my face feeling like an oil
slick I hated it and to top it all off after I used this for a few days my skin
started breaking out like crazy like everywhere which doesn’t ever happen to
me this was definitely to blame for that because I haven’t changed anything else
in my skincare routine and for 32 bucks for this thing I just didn’t love it I’m
just gonna stick with my drugstore Cerave that I’ve used for years and
years so next my boxycharm came with this Illuminati makeup sponge
so there’s not a whole lot on this company they have one Instagram
post their website’s a little sketch and supposedly this retails for 21 dollars
on their website come on I am not buying this I actually got so
mad at boxycharm this month for sending me crap that I cancelled my subscription
this sponge is so dense it doesn’t soak up any water it just basically smears the
products all over my face like it doesn’t actually tap them in it’s like
almost hard as a rock it’s not good so anyway I don’t think any of you are
gonna be buying this anyway but I just want to mention that it was awful lastly
I have three colourpop fails I’m just so disappointed I usually love all of their
stuff so first up is this color pop BFF cream gel liner this is basically an eye
liner this is the color call me it’s kind of like a burgundy brown I love the
color I love how smoothly it goes on but the problem is I’ve worn this like five
to eight times I keep wearing it cuz it’s beautiful but I look in the mirror
within two hours of putting it on and there’s nothing left on my lid I tried
it with eye shadow without eye shadow with primer with foundation etc I’ve tried
it every way and it just doesn’t stay on so I’m gonna swatch this for you so you
can see it guys I don’t want to spend all this time on my makeup in the morning and
then have it just come off ok next up from colourpop I’ve heard so many
amazing things about this product I was like for sure it’s gonna work oh it was
awful come on so I have this colourpop no filter concealer this is in shade
light 16 I actually love the shade I love the coverage it just creases like
crazy seriously I put it on and within 15 minutes I have creases underneath my
eyes on my forehead it’s just it just doesn’t work with my skin at all I do
have pretty oily skin but I don’t really think that’s the culprit I don’t know
maybe if you had no wrinkles ever and you never move your face this might be
perfect for you it just didn’t stay in place at all comes this nice little tube
with a nice little wand I don’t know I’m gonna swatch it for you so you can see the
coverage it goes on smoothly it feels nice on your skin it just doesn’t
stay put lastly from colourpop is this colourpop
no filter stix foundation I can’t get this open there we go this is in shade
light 40 again I’m really impressed with their
color range in their shades I can always find a shade that fits my skin I feel
like this formula was just awful as well so this formula was worse than the
concealer formula if you could imagine that I love the coverage I love the
color I feel like it has a great consistency great color payoff great
blendability etc so I’ve worn this again probably five to eight times with
and without the concealer with powder without powder with a primer with
different primers etc I feel like I’ve tried this every way and I can’t get it to
stay put on my skin honestly if I put it on and then I smile I’ll have creases
here I don’t normally have wrinkles there it’s just because I smiled I feel like
it just sits on my skin and then shifts around all day I’m gonna swatch this for
you so you can see how it goes on so anyway I’m not trying to make this work
anymore I’ve tried too many times it’s over for me I’m breaking up with it now
okay enough of the negatives I hate talking negatively it just like drains the
energy out of me so let’s finish up on a positive
note let’s go over some of my favorite non beauty products for the month I have
a couple food items a decor item a hair item so excited ok guys first
off I’ve been loving scrunchies so much I especially love these ones with
little ties on the end I actually just wore this one in my film remodel video
a couple weeks ago so check that out they’re just so fun and cute and like a
great way to elevate your look without even trying or make you look more fun
and more festive I don’t know I’m just I’m loving scrunchies lately ok guys
next up I’ve been loving greenery I haven’t decorated with florals or
greenery before because I feel like I don’t want to add a color to my space
when actually this isn’t really a color it just kind of gives life to your space I
have put these all downstairs I’ve obviously decorated my entire film room
with these I have a nice little succulent here I have plants over here I just have been loving
this I’m basically putting these fake plants all over my house it just makes
it feel so much more homey and airy I don’t know I’ve been loving this stuff
basically I’ve bought all these from Target because they have such cute ones
and lastly let’s end with a couple food and drink items I used to do this way
back in the day and I’ve missed it so I’ve been obsessed with these Wheat
Thins just like the original Wheat Thins I eat them every single day they’re so
good they’re like the perfect amount of sweet and salty and crunchy they’re so
so good I’m just obsessed with them right now ok and lastly I haven’t
always been a coffee drinker but since I had my daughter like it’s necessary I
get no sleep so I’ve really been loving this stok coffee we just buy it from
Walmart with our Walmart pickup every week ok my Walmart pickup could be a
favorite too I don’t have to go into Walmart and go
down every aisle looking for stuff I just order online
pull up in my designated timeslot and they load it in my car like life-changing
amazing how did we ever live without grocery pickup I don’t know so I’m not
like a hardcore coffee drinker yet maybe I will be some day
I’ve been drinking this with pea milk so my brother-in-law recommended pea milk to us
and if you’ve never had it it’s kind of just like a thicker sort of milk it
almost reminds me of like an eggnog consistency but it doesn’t taste
anything like eggnog just like a nice clean milk flavor and you can get it
sweetened or unsweetened and then I top it off with a splash of this Starbucks
caramel syrup and I have myself a nice good tasting Starbucks drink at home for
not a lot of money ok so let me know if any of you even tried pea milk before
it’s pretty good I mean I was surprised I didn’t taste anything like I thought
it was going to but it’s actually good all right guys I think we’ve gone through
everything that I wanted to go through all of my faves and fails thanks for
sticking with me through this if you enjoyed this video make sure you hit
that subscribe button everything will be linked below as
always and I can’t wait to see you guys next time

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