Feira da Ladra em Lisboa! 🛍 Flea Market in Lisbon, Portugal!
Feira da Ladra em Lisboa! 🛍 Flea Market in Lisbon, Portugal!

Hi! I’m Luli Monteleone and I’m going to take you for a walk at a Lisbon’s Flea Market: Feira da Ladra! This flea market is the most traditional fair in Lisbon, happens since the 13th century, has been in various parts of the city but it’s been a while since it’s been here in the Santa Clara camp. Every Tuesday and every Saturday from sunrise to the end of the day, You find a lot of stalls here with all the trinkets! You can find second-hand clothes, new clothes, decoration, tile, jewelry, vinyl … you can also to order a specific vinyl if you want … It has everything, but the origin is somewhat dubious! The name “feira da ladra” is precisely because they think they sell stolen goods here, since “ladra” means “thief”! To this day we never know where exactly these things come from … Then you buy, but without asking the source! There is one thing I advise you not to buy here: Portuguese tiles! Many times these tiles have been removed from old places without authorization! So they are destroying heritage to sell things and that is not cool! If you want to buy Portuguese tiles, look for certified places. Here it is cool to buy second hand clothes … I already made some very good finds here: I bought a skirt for 1 € and every time I wear this skirt I get compliments! Sometimes can make good finds! Let’s see if I find anything today! It is also cool here to mine several
vintage silver jewelry … Some are not vintage, you have to look well before buying … The price varies a lot and It’s important to always bargin, it’s part of the game! There are several stalls that sell Indian, Peruvian clothes … These are not second-hand, they are new! Here I am always in doubt if the pieces are second hand or if they are new … I have to confess that the skirt I love, which cost 1 €, it was here, in this pile of clothes! That’s it, you have to search really hard to find something!! Sometimes I can find something interesting, today I’m not very lucky … Nothing that interests me today! The Santa Clara camp is right next to the National Pantheon, this monument back here and getting here is a little tricky in terms of public transport. The only transport going through here is the 28 tram which is always packed with tourists! I think the best thing is to come to Lisbon Castle up there, and came down here by foot. Enjoy visiting the Castle on a Tuesday or a Saturday! Or come by taxi / uber! Since the climb up here is not easy, after all, Lisbon is the city of 7 hills! I find it important to say that here in terms of clothes, bags and shoes you’ll not find anything from big brands, it’s all second-hand! You can also find some local designers, very interesting, but then the pieces are expensive! The second hand pieces are like this: you have to search a lot and get lucky! I arrived on the underside of the fair, the most common is to arrive by this street, where it has this arch, which leads to go straight to the field of Santa clara. The tram 28 passes there at the front and if you come from the castle it is also down that street that you will go down. Today I was not lucky, I did not find anything interesting to buy But flea markets is just like this: sometimes we are lucky, others you’re not … Either way it’s interesting, you can combine with going to the castle or when you are here in the historic center of Lisbon. Here we are in Alfama, worth stopping by and see if you can find something interesting to buy! As I said before, I’m going to put the purchases I’ve made here in the Flea Market at my blog Then go there to check all the information and photos of what I already bought it here. And do not forget to sign up here on my channel and follow me on Instagram: @LuliMonteleone!

12 thoughts on “Feira da Ladra em Lisboa! 🛍 Flea Market in Lisbon, Portugal!”

  1. John Galt says:

    Wow! They seem to have everything!

  2. John Galt says:

    Also- a beautiful city there! I wish the US had more of the 'market atmosphere' like you do there! A nice day too!. Thank you for sharing this!
    Why the heck is no one commenting? Just shy I guess!

  3. Vanspilla says:

    Muito interessante essa feira! Galera se junta pra vender as coisas que nao precisam mas pode servir pra alguém!.

  4. Manas no Mapa says:

    Ja tava doida pra conhecer Lisboa, mas agora que sei dessa feira quero mais ainda. Sou doida por essas coisas. Alias, AMEI seu óculos

  5. Viaje Sem Limites says:

    Realmente da pra encontrar várias coisas legais nessas feirinha Luli, ela é bem grande né? Estilo aqueles Garage Sale mas com uma galerona rsrs Adoreiii seu look e o óculos 😘😘

  6. adalmau sousa says:

    Achei interessante colocarem o nome da feira de ladra ai vende mesmo variedades de coisas e de tudo um pouco amei conhecer ainda não tinha conhecido amei o video

  7. Cintya Valentim says:

    Amei seus óculos 😍
    Nossa eu gostei tanto dessa feirinha, adoro feiras de artesanato 😍
    Passada com essa coisa de talvez serem objetos roubados e mais ainda os azulejos 😅
    Mas tem uma variedade incrível 😍

  8. Ana Titara says:

    Essa feira e linda, arrasou com seu óculos… Eu ia mim acabar nessa feira adoro

  9. Limonada femme says:

    Olá Luli, que feira legal eu adoro estas barraquinhas de roupas Indianas. Amei seus óculos maravilhoso.

  10. Carol M.D.S says:

    Já tinha ouvido falar dessa feira, mas bem esquisito a gente comprar coisas sem saber a origem.
    Minha mãe adora uma antiguidade, mas te confesso que não sou muito chegada não. Fico meio desconfiada de levar pra casa coisas com "energias alheias".
    Mas quando viajamos em família ela sempre faz a festa nessas feirinhas.

  11. Leticia Miranda says:

    na verdade essa não é a origem do nome da feira, o mais provavel é q ela se chame assim por causa das feiras francesas q chamavam 'Saint-Ladre' antigamente.
    até pq ela era um mercado antigamente, e não um local pra vender objetos roubados. é um mercado de rua como outros de qualquer lugar do mundo, pessoas vendendo objetos q n querem mais, só isso

  12. Outro Norte Travel Blog says:

    Quanta informação! Seu canal é D+, Luli! Parabéns!!!

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