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Welcome everyone to Feng Shui and
Prosper. My name is Safrina Kadri, I’m the founder and principal consultant as
well as teacher, trainer of all things Feng Shui and today we are doing another
Tuesday livestream and I don’t have any specific content ready for you guys. What
is going to be covered today is up to you so today is Q&A day if you haven’t
sent me any questions, general questions regarding Feng Shui, feel free to just
comment under the video and we can cover that. Erlinda asked some of my salt cures
seem to have stopped working, I made new ones and put next to the old should I
remove the old or keep them both? It’s really up to you but it’s the onus
is now on the new one to do the work for you so if the old one is not working
then you might as well just chuck it right? Maybe it was moved, maybe it wasn’t
there wasn’t enough you know salt or whatever it is so once you put in the
new one maybe you could just say you get rid of the old one. It’s not a problem.
Pamela is asking what to do if your bed is facing the Grand Duke northwest or is
this okay? Now having been a Feng Shui consultant
for so long I know bed positioning is very tricky especially if you don’t have
a huge space right and structurally there’s really only one wall that you
can put your put your bed against. Now obviously if you can sit or sleep
without facing north west and what I mean by so you’re sleeping on the bed
and you wake up and you have the compass in your hand you get up from your bed
you’re still kind of your legs still on the bed okay, you’re still on the bed you
get up and you have if you have a compass on your hand and you’re
looking north west it’s preferable that you don’t do that okay?
However those of you who follow me for any of
time you know that I say if you’ve got bad feng shui
then you overcompensate with something else okay? If you cannot fix a punch
right you compensate it with something else so it doesn’t affect you as much. So
what do I mean by this so if you have to sit or sleep facing Grand Duke which is
northwest 3 this year, then you do inner feng shui, you do your
meditation. You do your energy healing, you make sure
that whatever decisions that you make that year you do you know you do your
homework so that you’re not um you know you don’t get the short end of the stick
so to speak right. And I’ll tell you guys one thing uh was it last
I forgot what year it was. We were sleeping my husband and I. we were
sleeping actually facing the Grand Duke and I couldn’t as much as now my husband
is less skeptical, there are still certain things that he will not go for
one of them being – excuse me – one of them being moving the bed so I kept the bed
that way, I kept the permanent salt cure beside the bed oh that’s one
thing you can do a permanent salt cures on both sides of the bed however on
his behalf I did ritual like candle rituals, some of
you heard me talk about candle rituals before that’s something that you can do
for someone else right because if I asked my husband to meditate or
visualize or whatever he will but it’s not going to be a big priority for him
and in terms of inner function work in terms of the spiritual tools you need to
do it consistently to get the results so I knew with us facing Grand Duke and the
fact that he’s not going to consistently be meditating or doing visualizations or
doing any other spiritual tools, I have to do it on
has behalf right so I did the candle rituals I did whatever visualizations
that I could that I can do or I can be me as the spouse. And guess what? That
year he had a great year. Actually not even that it was uh oh it was just last
year but what was I thinking was the year in the dog, you’re the dog so not
only were we facing Grand Duke but he was hit with Grand Duke okay so it
wasn’t great. It wasn’t a great positioning Feng Shui wise but we well
mostly me I compensate it with the other stuff
okay? And those of you guys who in Manifesting Code, remember bad Feng Shui
is just one third of it right there’s the other two thirds that you can do. Okay Anna is asking could you please
explain it bathrooms next to the front door of the house is good or bad feng
shui not in front of the front door bar on the right or left as soon as you
enter the house? Absolutely no issue, structurally no issue okay? However if
your money corner just happens to be in the bathroom beside the front door then
it’s not something that you can activate but structurally as long as you open the
door and you don’t see into the bathroom especially you don’t see into the
bathroom and you can see the toilet bowl everything else is fine. How do you
determine main door when house has front door and garage door. If front door is
rarely used is it still to be considered main door if you have a choice should
you use the door with the best spacing? Okay there’s actually two questions here
okay so the main door of the house is still considered aesthetically okay
visually is still considered the main door of the house however let’s say if
your main door does not have auspicious energy but your garage does then use the
garage door the garage won’t be considered the main door aesthetically
but it is considered the or usage wise okay so in terms of the
compass reading I still wouldn’t do the compass reading at a garage, I’d still do
it at the front door because well I’ll do both most of the time, they’re facing
the same way anyway but between the two if they’re giving two different compass
readings I would take the one from the front door and do my calculations based
on that one. And from there you will get the energies or both the front
door and the energies for the garage entrance into the house and you can
determine at that point which is the better entrance for the family to use
okay yeah so in terms of yes so that’s the second question if you have a choice
should you use the door with the best facing number – yes, absolutely.
When I design homes for my clients. I try to put a side door or even a back door
if there are auspicious energies there so that let’s say for a specific month
or specific year if the front door is afflicted then they can use the side
door or they can use the back door if it if it’s possible right. Some of my
clients are actually open to using the back doors – bless their heart. So and
you know so that’s just a peek into how feng shui design happens okay
best direction for swimming pool and I see Oh Yuki replying to that. Thanks so
Yuki so swimming pool it depends on a few things okay look at your permanent
energy and for those of you who have been following feng shui and prosper, I do
not put a swimming pool in the southeast to be honest with you I do not like
swimming pools. Swimming pools make life very hard for a feng shui consultant and
it like it makes life very hard for a lot of my clients especially if a
swimming pool is put in a really bad spot. In the past you know decade that
I’ve been doing this there’s been quite a few times that I’ve asked my clients
to like just stop using the swimming pool because wrong placement can trigger
bad health, bad relationship, bad finances like just all-around no bueno so what really determines the permanent um the placement of the
swimming pool is to look at the permanent energy and there is a not form
I guess it’s a formula called the direct and indirect spirits saying that in
certain periods in every period from preview period one to period nine there
are directions. Where you cannot see water so in those directions and we go
over this in the certification course because I’m not going to just go through
it here because there are pre formula information that you need so it’s not
going to be a class here but for period at eight for instance there are
four directions that you can see water in four directions that you can’t see
water but that’s just the first layer the second layer you have to look at the
permanent energy of the home and only if it ticks both layers only then you can
put a swiming pool there so I know it’s not the question that you answer that
you were hoping for but that’s the thing about classical
feng shui right it is powerful but it is isn’t as simple as one two three really
there’s there’s quite a few other calculations that need to be taken into
consideration before you even decide on what to put. George is
asking most homes in Northern California especially around where I live the
kitchen is in the heart of the house, my brother’s home in my house what can you
do to remediate if you don’t have money for remodel? Tons of inner feng shui and
I’m not joking tons and tons of inner feng shui.
What I take the Manifesting Code guys through is doing visualization you know
to protect your home to protect the center of the house asking for doing
angelic rituals, asking for angelic guidance, doing candle rituals doing
clearing rituals doing whatever rituals that
you are open to doing I would do that because if you don’t remodel the
kitchen in the center sure you can put salt cures but the salt cure in the
center of the home especially for most people the kitchen is high usage highly
highly used. So you know the salt cure even if you put two or three it can only
take away so much it won’t take it take care of it a
hundred percent and I’ve seen so many clients actually it’s not so big of a
thing here in Toronto so sorry for North California but here in Toronto I have
seen a few and my clients who are not open to renovating and they only put the
salt cure, I can tell you that the results are still not good because that
is such a big structural issue it’s a huge structural issue and I mentioned
this before here in downtown Toronto, there’s like a multi-million dollar
condo and I’ve looked at the layouts just out of curiosity and then a lot of
them actually have that kitchen in the center and I’m like mm-hmm can’t pay me
enough money to live in a house with a central kitchen so there’s no little
remedy even a salt cure cannot fix a big structural issue like that and it is a
big structural issue okay sorry George. So permanent salt cure and then lots of
inner feng shui, lots of spiritual tools to help you remedy that as much as possible
Tracy’s asking if a building has four entrances and all are being used which
entrance shall I considered to calculate when I best face when at work?
Oh okay so sorry I was just trying to figure out the question so in terms of
the facing of the building some buildings especially some modern
buildings definitely are very confusing right like a condo building right
there’s four entrances for instance maybe there’s a back,
in front entrance, a side entrance and a docking bay right
something like that. How you determine facing for those of you who followed me
in my annual webinar facing is not only determined by the door. You also
determine facing by the external strong external luxury right. What is the most
yang, what has the biggest traffic what is the brightest what is the loudest
what has you know maybe even a Bright Hall right things like that what is the
Address Street. The address Street for for me is a big determinant still not a
hundred percent but it’s a big determinant to determine out of the
four entrances which is the main one so a facing is not just the facing of the
house or a building is not based on what is not purely based I should say on what
is the door that’s being used the facing is determined and determined by other
factors as well so you look at your building the one that has the four
entrances where is the address Street right and maybe of all the four
entrances maybe one is a little bit bigger maybe has a bigger reception area
unless people go in and out a little bit more right so you look at all the four
entrances and see kind of way all of them compare all of them and see which
one has you know the most yin energy and use that as the calculation for the
permanent energies of the whole of the building okay? Silvina is asking very
nicely which room is best for my daily meditation practice and which direction
is it best to sit for manifesting? Now if you’re doing your meditation and you’re
doing your manifesting practices honestly sitting anywhere
facing anywhere is already great the fact that you’re meditating and doing
manifestation techniques you’re already way ahead of other people if you want to it depends, do you want to
follow a flying star or some of us we follow Qi Men Dun Jia as well so in
this purpose let’s talk about flying star right if you want to follow the
flying star either of your permanent energy your, annual energy or your
monthly energy at the very least do not sit facing the Grand Duke, do not sit
facing the number-5 do not I wouldn’t sit facing number seven either okay so
for instance this year if you want to meditate then the number five is in the
southwest so you’re not going to sit facing the southwest.
The Grand Duke is in northwest 3, you’re not gonna sit meditating facing
northwest 3 okay you can but based on this question I’m giving the answer ah
and then what was it number seven is in the southeast so preferably not to sit
facing southeast as well which room to use again same thing you can base it on
your permanent energy the annual energy or even the monthly energy my clients
who do meditate I look at their permanent energy si okay permanently
these are the best rooms for you to do your meditation but then there’s the
annual energy as well so if let’s say if I say hey client self is your best meditation room, use the south as your meditation room but
next year the the Grand Duke and actually the three killing hits the self
next year so when I do my annual update with my clients or even when I do
manifesting code or when I do the annual webinars I will tell people okay then
preferably not to do your manifesting activities there as well because it’s
going to reduce the efficiency of it right so that’s one way and again for
we’re not talking about permanent energy here but at the very least
Silvina you know the annual energy now right Southwest is in
south place that’s the number five you don’t sit facing there or even sit
okay northwest three has the brand new you don’t sit there you don’t meditate
facing now northwest three southeast has the number seven you don’t sit there you
don’t face north south east okay at the very least you know that. Three killings
in the West you can face three killings you preferably not to sit in
the three killings so there’s a few directions for you to play with and is
asking I’m renting a small apartment in New York and from one of the bedroom we
can see completely the main and only door. Is it bad feng shui if so what
remedy can be done? It’s only it’s not a big issue but it’s only it’s not so
great they it from the main door you look into the bedroom so the door is
open into the bedroom and you can see the bed okay it’s already bad enough
that if you open them if you’re at the if you’re at the bedroom door and the
bed is directly across from it, it’s already an energetic issue it’s double
whammy if the this is the front door this is the bedroom door and then if you
open both doors and you see straight to the bed only then that’s an issue where
I’m concerned anyway. How do you remedy it? Move your bed so that it’s not within
line of sight of both from both doors Sheila is asking my house is facing the
road but the main door opens to the side how can I calculate facing please? You’re
facing um again Sheila, you’re
in manifesting code and you are in fengshui2019 as well if you want to
really make sure you can post that in our private Facebook group but for this
livestream purpose – 80% of the time um the facing, if it’s off to the site then
the facing should be the front of the house if for instance if the street
address is at the front of the house as well right?
That is I would say 80% of the time but Sheila if you want to double-check them
post it in a private Facebook group feel free to use that you’re a member.
Patricia is asking if a house has a very large rockery which is across the whole
of the back of the house. How can you remedy it so the rockery is
an issue if the back of your house has um especially Mountain star number 5 or
Mountain star number 7 because the rockery which has earth element is going
to increase the number of five and the number seven right, how do you remedy
then hopefully between the house and the rockery area I don’t know if there’s
like any space in between then you put you put metal where the number five is
concerned or where the number seven is concerned to remedy that then you put
water, non-moving water. Okay stagnant water Sanjaya is asking
what can you recommend if there is a need to renovate where a negative star
resides then you remedy it. It’s not great uh you can remedy with the
permanent salt care, you can remedy with metal doesn’t even have to be your wind chime, it can be any metal right but with that said I would compensate with
spiritual tools as well right again asking for angelic assistance so that
not too much negative energies is being triggered you know, doing your
visualization on the house date selection is actually really important
that’s one way to do it because you just like how every year there are directions
that you shouldn’t renovate every month and every day there are directions that
you shouldn’t renovate as well so if you have access to a properly trained date
selection practitioner then do that and then you start your renovation on
good day okay. But still do the remedies and do the inner feng shui, I’m not saying
just do the date selection you still want to remedy as best as possible
another one we actually talked about this yesterday can you please clarify
you mentioned that colors are not to be used as Feng shui however in some of the
remedies from 2019 workbook it’s So many of you from the fast-food Feng
Shui school, you have been brainwashed you have been told that because the
South is the direction for fire then you need to paint your South Room red or
yellow or orange or because the north is the direction for water then universally
everyone needs to paint their North room black or blue. Or if or you’ve been
told that the east and the southeast is wood element so universally everyone in
this world needs to paint their East and South East Room wood green color. Pamela
that was what i was trying to tell you that you cannot follow that. You do not
follow it something so simplistic as that feng shui is not universal in terms
of what i was saying just now when when I did the Photoshop but but it was you
know the audio wasn’t great the colors that I suggested in 2019 is based on the
Flying Star and every Flying Star numbers one till number nine has an
element so when I say put red in the south because what is in the south this
year number three. What is the element for number three it is wood. And what
does number three do number three increases conflicts, arguments and in
extreme case cases legal action. So we want to remedy number three
how do you remedy number three is with fire because number three is wood okay
but I’m not basing it on that general universal law that the self is fired
therefore you need to put fire no I’m basing it on the flying star that is
visiting the South this year which is a wood element therefore needs to be
remedied with a fire element okay any book any consultant that uses all these
universal generalized principle that or tells you to put things that are not
specific to your facing not specific to your period you need to walk away
because that’s not the way to do it okay Ana-lucia buying a house in a side of
a cul-de-sac is bad for sure yes and in my experience cul-de-sacs
are just like the kitchen in the center you cannot really remedy a cul-de-sac
and most of the time especially so there’s the street and then there’s the
cul-de-sac, it’s the houses that are in that circular part that gets it the
worse the ones that are still in that like a proper Street those homes are not
affected as much. Okay so it’s really the ones in the circular part so if you’re
still house hunting I would suggest just walk away from the one the how the homes
that are in the circular parts okay so it is bad feng shui. and because it’s
external feature which you cannot change how can you can you to change a
cul-de-sac? Only the city can do that right if it’s an internal structural
issue sure you you can put some money into renovate it but because it’s an
external structural feng shui issue there’s not much you can do.
Amina is saying oops my bedroom in north is north east I got sick and had pain in
February for a month and I changed my bed my pain got better
that’s good nice to hear but I’m still sick and have some
and doctors misdiagnose me already five times. I don’t know what to do
oh I know it’s really frustrating when that happens you changed my bed up you
change your bed but you’re still in the northeast room, the northeast room having
the number two is the illness star this year then the permanent permanent
salt cure by your bed at the very least. And in terms of in terms of mix
misdiagnosing I mean ah you are in manifesting code so there are tons of
tools in there so for instance visualizing right doing your
visualization ordering a candle ritual or a moon ritual asking for the pain to
be taken away or at least be or magnetize a doctor that knows what the
heck is going on with you right? So you do the feng shui bit you put the permanent
salt cure and then go into manifesting code and look for the other tools that
you can do to further complement the work for the office all cure okay
keep us updated on that one in the group I’d like to know. Exactly okay my mouse
is low on battery so I’m going to end this here you guys. Thank you so much
there were amazing questions I think you’re right maybe once in a while I do
have a pretty good topic coming up for the next livestream but the one after
that we could do another Q&A so I might just do it not in tandem but like
what’s the word I’ll alternate that okay? So the ones where the video where the
sound quality was bad I’m gonna try to see if I can find time to reshoot that
because Joyce’s question that was a really good one the one on the Himalayan
lap is a really good one as well so it was unfortunate that the software wasn’t
playing nice mmm but I’ll reshoot that and I’ll post it up on Facebook and
YouTube. Alright everyone have a really amazing day and take care.
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