hey guys I just reached Fez Morocco this
is the Medina we’re gonna go in it’s a labyrinth 80,000 people live in there
there’s over 9000 streets it’s really easy to get lost but we have a guide and
it’s also a Medina that has the strongest Spanish influence not Berber
Spanish so you’ll see it in the architecture let’s go. This is a Muslim
cemetery in Fes. Muslims when the want to bury they got
to bury the right side so that to have the face to the direction of Mecca both
of the tunes the head and the face to direction of you know makeup which is
gonna ask a blessing for the body. The dead body. Eighty thousand people’s mark of more than
two-thirds are skillful you know artisans specialize in different you
know different specialties we’re talking about the carpenters for the woodwork
talking about the blacksmith’s, talking about the grass sleep we’re
talking about weavers so all the different arts are inside the medina of Fes. There are 220 mosques We are talking about the doors of Fes made from cedar from Lebanon. now time to go in the medina of fez there’s no lights in here. Go on a diet before you
come to Morocco. In the medina. This isn’t cake, it’s
cheese. there are no prices on anything so it’s
all bargaining. this is camel meat he’s preparing olives. Soft almost like
a silk but we use it for all the embroideries of our djellabas and
kaftans. A djellaba with a pointed hood Kaftan – no hood.
Women with more embroideries, made from the agave thread.
This right here is the river and the medina on the outside the silver silver and gold. This right here’s the
king – they don’t have a queen they just a king and princess. These are wedding chairs tradition
brought over to Morocco from the Jews so much going on over here and they
memorize the Quran so they can say it without reading the word is cedarwood Gate 1 has taken over yeah Going inside one of the houses. Built from end of the 14th century it
has been restored and repaired many times the families in Fes give more importance
to the interior of their homes than to the exterior.That’s why the
outside never reals what is on the inside. Every house in Fes has 5 essential elements marble on the floor, mosaic on the wall, a fountain for drinking water plaster and cedarwood. All the houses in the medina of Fes are open to the sky That is the only window to the outside. Traditional buildings no windows to the streets. This is to give a type of privacy to the family. And when the rain falls, it goes into the courtyard made with a slope. All the carpets are handmade by by women in Morocco. Only women that made carpets, no men, just women. Because they have the patience. This is what they make, this is the most simple one. Modern Berber capet Designs like this represent the tattoos that you find on the Berber women’s faces. These are the symbols of the tribes. So these are the symbols of this size. The tradition of the house is to invite everybody for a cup of mint tea. [Music] so crowded and loud outside so we didn’t
fight a relic they’re recording us like a thousand dollars I thought they meant
local currency which is the Durham just still too much but I decided to just
walk away with some photos Fes! Morocco! Look at this cedar, all hand carved! Mike what is that noise call to prayer is 12 o’clock noon got a
pretty five times a day there’s no need for a drone when you got
rooftops check out this view this is the medina
in Fez fresh air baby missing artwork don’t get lost gang’s all here it’s a soul foam party anybody else get lamb we’re going to the
tannery now and they gave us mint because of the smell but everything is
organic all the dyes bringing the butter inside
and dying smells like pigeons because they use the
pigeon droppings in the process we’re out I see the light walking to Fez check
out this archway behind me it’s cool there’s a mosque right there we’ve seen
it here all these kids we hope that you enjoyed this tour of
Fez if you liked it hit the thumbs up button and subscribe because coming up
next Marrakech


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