Fil coupe fabric with Arahne textile design software

Fil Coupe design with ArahWeave Open ArahWeave Select Jacquard Conversion
(Weave>Jacquard conversion) Load the image by using
the Load recent menu Change the Jacquard conversion mode from
“Normal” to “Fil coupe” Set the weave System to 3:
1 ground weft + 2 extra “fil coupe” wefts Load weaves for the ground weft into first row
(one weave for each color in the image) For faster operation, copy the weaves
with right mouse button Load the border weave, which protects weft threads in a design area
from being torn out by shearing machine, in the gray color Set the coupe length: what is the float
length, which we are able to cut off? Weft threads between motifs, which are shorter than
Coupe length, will be attached to the ground fabric Click OK to apply the conversion Click the “Remove extra wefts” icon to
get rid of wefts, which are not necessary Check the fabric Reverse the fabric, to see if everything is
correct with floats of fil coupe weft You can even enable the Fil coupe simulation,
to see the fabric with threads sheared off Switch to simulation view and open
the Simulation dialog (Fabric>Simulation) Switch on the Fil coupe option You can modify the Cutoff parameter, which controls the hairiness of the
tip of fil coupe yarn, where thread disintegrates. Reverse the fabric to the face side again
(you can use keyboard accelerator “r”) Now we want to make ground fabric more interesting
by splitting the weft among three different colors Open the Thread pattern editor Open Pattern generator
(Tools>Pattern Generator) In the Yarn field, enter weft yarns for
the new ground weft pattern We have entered yarns a, d, e, and d again,
so the color order will be a, d, e, d, a, d … Mark the Follow yarn sequence button
(otherwise the color yarn order would be random) Mark the Stretch pattern button Set the Randomize parameter, which controls a random
shading transition between the two color segments Set the Maximum length to 1, which means that in the shading
transition one yarn will followed by yarn of another color Protect weft b and c by double clicking,
so they will not be modified Click OK to generate new weft pattern The weft pattern became very complex… The floats of fil coupe wefts are on the back,
you have to reverse it before saving it for production Open Save cards for production dialog
(Weave>Save cards for production) Before saving the cards,
check the card preview Choose the Jacquard format,
and save the file to desktop.

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