FIND ME A LUXURY HOME | Orange County Coastal Homes | Episode
FIND ME A LUXURY HOME | Orange County Coastal Homes | Episode

(upbeat music) – Hi Toni!
– Hi! – [Kelly] Today, we meet
luxury home buyer Toni. – Since I am from a small
town in southern Missouri, I do like peace and quiet. – [Kelly] She’s about to
trade in her Midwest lifestyle for more of a coastal vibe. – Oh wow. – She’s about to see three
amazing coastal properties in sunny Orange County, California. Hard decision, right? – Harder than I thought it would be. – [Kelly] Which of these
three OC luxury homes will seal the deal? – I’m thinking– – [Kelly] Stay tuned. (upbeat music) (doorbell rings) (funky music) – Hi everybody, I’m Kelly Edwards. Today, we are showing our home buyer Toni three amazing houses in Orange County. – I have been living the past few years in southern Missouri, so
I’ve just decided that maybe I wanna buy a home out here. I’m feeling lucky today, I think today’s gonna be the day that
I’m gonna find the one. – Let’s see which one she chooses. (upbeat percussive music) – One Ford Road was
built about 20 years ago. It is the neighborhood to
live in in Newport Beach. Guard gated, swimming pools,
it’s like Disneyland in here. The landscaping is impeccable,
we’ve got putting greens, basketball court, gym,
swimming pools, croquet. You name it, we’ve got it here. It’s incredible place to live. So in this home, we have four
bedrooms, four bathrooms, just under 3,800 square feet. The street is lined with coral trees. The backyard is perfect. It’s all very private, you
don’t have any homes behind you. It’s modern, it’s bright, it’s beautiful. (upbeat music) – Hi Toni!
– Hi! – I’m Kelly. – Nice to meet you, Kelly. – Another person that’s
escaping the winters. – Yes, I’m from southern Missouri. It’s really the summers
that have driven me out here more than the winters. Kinda brutal. – And southern California
is absolutely beautiful. – It’s kind of a perfect day. – Oh my gosh, it’s always a perfect day here.
– I know, that’s what I hear. – I’ve been married for almost 15 years. My husband is back in Missouri. He still works there, and for now, we’re sort of going back and forth. So he’s there taking
care of the dogs and cats and watching the property
there, and he trusts my judgment so he’s letting me do the
house search out here. It’s really important
for me to be in an area that’s not overly congested
and doesn’t feel like a huge city with lots of noise, and coming from a small
town in southern Missouri, I’m used to peace and quiet. Coming from Missouri, I am having a little bit of sticker shock. The real estate here is
a little more expensive. But we’re working with a
budget of about 3.2 million. – This house behind us
is absolutely gorgeous. Basically just a minute’s
drive from the beach. Well, you have everything
that you can think of here. Security and privacy is at it’s utmost here in this community. There are pools here, there are
putt-putt golf courses here. You can ride a golf cart around the neighborhood if you chose to. – I hear the golf is pretty good out here. – Do you golf? – Yes, I love to golf. – Okay, well I think we have basically covered all of the bases here. – Oh, let’s go see. – Are you ready to see your first house? – I would love to see it. I can’t wait to see what
we have to look at today. (calm music) – So you walk in, you’ve got this beautiful stairway straight ahead. You’ve got the living
room off to the left. Beautiful two-story coffered ceilings. Right beyond the living room,
you’ve got the dining room, which opens up to the backyard. – Oh wow. – [Kelly] What do you
think of your first house? – Well this is beautiful. I love the open, the high
ceiling, the floors are beautiful. Love this. – So this has actually been renovated, so this is one of the
few more modern houses, obviously, in this neighborhood. As you can see, the white ceilings, coffered, beautiful, high ceilings in this where you have the
skylights right above us. Beautiful sunken living room right here, the formal living area, which
I think is absolutely gorgeous with the amazing fireplace,
the great detail, and everything to it, and then of course you have your formal
dining area over there. Now do you cook? – I always say my favorite
thing to make is reservations. – Well then can I show you the kitchen, and show you where you’re gonna
put all your takeout boxes? – Sure.
(both laughing) – The kitchen is right
off the dining room. It’s a beautiful kitchen,
white quartz countertops, upgraded, beautiful tile
back splash, open shelves. And then right next to that,
you’ve got the family room. You’ve got a great place to hang out and relax, watch the game. – Oh man, this is beautiful. – [Kelly] Really, really
gorgeous, isn’t it? – Oh, it’s perfect, it’s just got the space for entertaining. It’s light and bright,
great views out the back of the beautiful backyard, I love it. For people who like to entertain, I think the kitchen is perfect
because it has the big island where you could lay out
hors d’oeuvres and things. I do love to entertain, and I love having a place
to lay all the food out where people can be
snacking as they’re talking. – [Kelly] It’s light, it’s airy. – Well, and it’s a great kitchen for two people to cook together. He can do his thing, I can do mine. He can be cooking on the stove while I’m over chopping vegetables. My husband is a very good
cook, so he would love that, the six-burner stove, that would be great. I really like these lighter
cabinets, that’s very pretty. It has all he could ask for in appliances. Already envision having
friends and family over, and everybody hanging out there. – Now I also heard that you
really want a fantastic master. – Yes. – Alright, well then why
don’t I show you that. – That’s the second place
you spend most of your time. – Exactly, come with me then. – The master suite is incredible. It really spans the
entire back of the house. And then you’ve got
this beautiful bathroom and a closet, like a real closet. We’re talking a serious walk-in closet. – [Kelly] Your master bedroom. – It’s beautiful. It’s just the right size, too. It’s big enough, but not too big. – [Kelly] But you have an
office, over on the side here to the left.
– Oh, wow. – So the greatest part is that your master is actually over here to the right, but it’s across a small hallway. – The bathroom has a little separation so you don’t here the noise
of my husband getting up in the morning before I
do, it wouldn’t wake me up. – It’s a little bit of privacy. It is about 10 steps
away from the bedroom, which I really, really like. – The master suite I
think is pretty ideal. – And this is one of four bedrooms, so if you have guests
coming from the Midwest, they have a place to stay too,
which is really, really nice. But I think I need to show
you the fantastic backyard. – Alright. – Okay, come with me this way. – The master suite is what I envision a California home should look like. (upbeat funky music) This is gorgeous. – [Kelly] This does not
say Missouri, does it? – No, no, not at all. No, it’s, wow, it’s very private. You feel like you’re in
your little oasis, you know. You even have a fire pit. I love that. That would be perfect in
these cool evenings out here. If I were to design a backyard for myself, it would look almost exactly like that. – This is just one house out of three, but how much do you think
that this house is worth? – (sighs) Like I said, I’m
having such sticker shock from Missouri, but I would think 3.1-ish. – [Kelly] This is actually
fraction under 3.2, so you are right on the money. It is within your budget. – Actually right on it. It’s exactly in the
range we’re looking for, so that’s a nice surprise. There’s a lot to like
here, that’s for sure. – Do you wanna see house number two? – I would love to. – Alright. – We’re off to a great
start, I can tell you that. It’s hard to imagine that a house could be much better than this one, but we’ll see. (funky music) (doorbell rings) – [Kelly] Welcome back. We’ve seen all three luxury
homes today in Orange County. – So after seeing all three houses, didn’t think this decision
would be as hard as it is. I usually am pretty decisive
and I know what I want. The first house, there was
so much to like about it, especially the backyard. I love the backyard, and
I love the kitchen area. Second house, I love the floor plan, I love the fact that
it’s all on one level, it’s very open and the view is amazing, you can see for so far. The third one though, my gosh, it just kind of has
everything you could want as far as square footage and
a bedroom on the first floor, and this beautiful indoor/outdoor space. – It’s time for Toni to
make the big decision. (upbeat music) Okay, hard decision, right? – This really is, harder
that I thought it would be. – Because I truly do feel like all three of these houses
are absolutely beautiful. – They are, there’s something
to like about all of them. Really loved the first one,
especially the backyard. It just felt perfect. – [Kelly] Beautiful community,
beautiful neighborhood. – The second one then,
I like the floor plan, I like the one level living. – [Kelly] Fantastic views, 900
square feet of a back patio, which is absolutely fantastic.
– Love that patio. – And then we got to this
one, and I drove up thinking, ah, probably gonna go with the fist one. And then I walked in and went, oh my God. And then I heard the
price, and I’m like, what! Wow, it feels a lot like the
first house I ever bought. The nice woodwork and the
traditional architecture, but yet you still have the coastal feel. So I’m really leaning
toward this one, I think. – This house? – This house. – [Kelly] This is your house! – [Toni] I think so. As much as I like the
first one, I feel like, and this is so much better
value it seems like. My husband wouldn’t be very
happy, so this would work. – This is you, this is you. I love this house. Let me tell you the
bang for your buck here. Five bedrooms, 5 1/2
bath, 4,500 square feet, and really it’s about
$700,000 under your budget. – And I can think of plenty
of ways to spend that. – Okay, as you should. – You know, it never
hurts to go under budget, and have a little more money to put into our nest egg
and save for the future. – So what do you say we call
the realtor and make an offer? – I think we should hurry,
because I don’t think this is gonna be on the market very long. The third house makes the most sense, and I absolutely love it. I think you found the perfect house. – Thank you so much for watching. I’m Kelly Edwards, and we
hope Toni and her husband enjoy their new Orange County resort. We’ll see you next time. (upbeat music) (doorbell rings)

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