Find Your Interior Design Style | Home Decor
Find Your Interior Design Style | Home Decor

Hi guys, I was working today and I was thinking
about all of you and I’m really curious about one thing: Do you know which
interior design style defines you? In this video, I want to share with you some
of the most relevant design styles. This way you can discover which one defines
your personality and taste so, stay with me! Welcome back to my channel. I’m Zahira Cury, Architect and Interior Designer founder of D.Signers. If you love design, remember to Subscribe
and turn on the notifications bell to enjoy the latest in Interior design tips and home ideas. If you have any questions
after watching this video don’t forget to ask me in the comment section! I really enjoy interacting with you and getting
to know you guys. Defining your style is very important when
it’s time to design any space because it serves as a guide at the time of selecting
colors the type of furniture and other details. It’s also great for inspiration on how to
achieve a cohesive home. please, don’t forget to share with me which
style defines your personality! Stay till the end because I will reveal my
favorite one! So let’s get started. Mid Century Modern: The mid-century modern style is defined by simple forms, organic influences, high functionality,
minimal ornamentation and playfulness. Mid Century Modern is characterized by the
open space-concept environmental integration, simplicity, functionality, geometry and nature. Color palettes in this style is natural and
warm. Other colors that are usually used are olive
green, mustard, orange, yellow, or even pink, The color palette here is huge, ranging from
natural, dim tones to bold and vibrant hues. Furniture is often characterized by their
practical designs and beautiful craftsmanship. Look for furniture in shades of dark and natural
timber finishes like walnut, usually with rounded shapes. The timber credenza, rounded dining chairs
and the Eames lounger chair are icons of this time. So if you are elegant, and you love warm spaces
and you appreciate high quality and innovative furniture this style is for you! Scandinavian:
Scandinavian design is clean with simple lines, minimalism, and functional without sacrificing
beauty. This style was born in the Nordic countries
and because the winters are so long and dark, Scandinavian interiors are typically painted
white to help keep spaces bright. The Scandinavian furniture style is characterized
by the seasons in the north This results in the need to create warmth and comfort pieces so light wooden pieces without unnecessary details are a must have. Fabrics often have fur optics, cotton or linen. and, of course, to help brighten up spaces
and to bring in some life plants are found in plenty of Scandinavian homes. Some famous design pieces
are essentials to get the look such as the famous plastic chair by Eames, the diamond chair by Harry Bertoia,
the tulip table and chair and other famous furniture of the early 20th century. So if you like unique and stylish pieces clean and bright, this style
can match perfectly with you. Industrial: Industrial style is a design of bringing back
the period that focused more on manufacturing, mechanical creativity and appreciating raw
and unfinished interiors. This style is all about proudly displaying
the building materials which we usually try to conceal. The favorite textures are exposed bricks,
exposed concrete, steel beams or columns, stainless steel and unfinished wood work. The color palette here are neutrals like gray,
black, and pure white because they are perfect for contrasting with the raw materials. The furniture is very comfortable, in leather
or in a pop of color. Usually the spaces are dramatic with very
interesting lighting fixtures. The Industrial style is perfect for the people
who appreciates how stuff works, repurposing the old to create something new. So If you like that and you love warm spaces
and raw materials this style is perfect for you. Glam Style: If you’re a fan of pretty, fancy, and just generally extravagant things, glam style may
be perfect for you. Glam color palettes are neutral with white, cream, grey, black,
gold, silver and often jewel tones. Glitz have a place of honor in the finishing
touches. Brilliant metallics, crystal chandelier, fancy
fabrics as velvet and sheepskin are crucial to get the look. Furniture with sculptural lines with metal
and rich details are a must have. Nothing embodies the essence of glam style
quite like the mirrored coffee table, console or accessories. Contemporary style:
In home decoration, if you like trends and you like to keep up with the styles of the
moment, you are a follower of the contemporary style. Contemporary style of decorating is defined
by simplicity, sophistication, textures, and clean lines. Neutrals, black, and white are the main colors
in contemporary style interiors. Furniture pieces should make a bold statement but, at the same time, they should be simple without decoration. Sofas, chairs, and ottomans
often have exposed legs this style is for people that don’t like to use ruffles, excessive details or
floral and colorful prints. In contemporary rooms, plants and flowers
should be large and dramatic in simple containers. Large blooms with interesting leaves and dramatic
shapes work better than small arrangements. If you’re elegant, vanguardist and sophisticated
maybe the contemporary style is for you. Rustic: one of the defining characteristics
of a rustic home home is the use of natural materials. That means lots of wood and stone in furniture,
on ceilings and walls. This style uses rustic and organic elements
and accessories in their most natural state. It’s simple, natural and has an earthy feel The furniture is soft leather with simple lines, handmade fabrics with rich and natural
texture. hand-made creations of furniture items and
decorative elements are crucial to get the look The color scheme of this style is inspired
from Mother Nature’s neutral palette with a mix of soft gray, brown, beige, tan, and
black. It usually incorporates dusty earth tones
and greens, brick red and adobe orange. The Rustic design Is warm & inviting So, if you love to have a close connection
with nature, this style is perfect for you. Minimalist: Minimalist style is defined by the famous concept: “less is more” Minimalism in design is to strip everything down to its essential quality and achieve
simplicity. The basic geometric forms elements without
decoration, simple materials, clean lines, uncluttered, monochromatic, natural light
and order are all essentials in a minimalist space. All of the furniture has a purpose and function. Pieces are reduced but they still stand out,
which means that each furniture is a piece of pure art. The color palette here is very serene, practical
and super, super basic: the neutral colors like white, gray and black are the only favorites. textures like natural concrete and wood are
essentials in this style and natural plants as well. If you’re a super practical person, you
see beauty in the simplicity and you love living in a practical way, this style absolutely
defines you. I’m not a minimalist but I will confess
that their philosophy is one of my favorites, maybe you might think this style is boring
or too simple but when you’re able to see beauty in the simple things, you definitely
live better. Traditional: Traditional decoration is calm, orderly, and predictable. It’s comforting and classic. There is nothing wild or chaotic in a traditional
room. Furnishings are classic, Nothing is a surprise. Pieces match and are consistent. Traditional style sticks to the basics. Wood furniture will usually have a mix of
straight and curved lines. Fabrics in a traditional room are generally
neither too shiny nor too textured. Florals, plain colors, stripes, geometrics,
and small all-over patterns are common. Soft, neutral colors go with the traditional
style color scheme. Japandi: My favorite right now! Japandi is the fusion between Japanese and
Scandinavian style. It’s a hybrid style where two completely different styles act together
to create a beautiful space I want to talk about this
particular style because I love it and it’s so trendy right now and also I want to show you
that interior design doesn’t have to be rigid you can mix and match your favorite
styles to create and customize one for your personality and taste. so let’s see how these two styles mix together. This hybrid style combines the Scandinavian
minimalism with the Wabi Sabi Japanese style that finds perfection in imperfection which means finding beauty in craftsmanship raw materials and simple and natural elements. A warm and neutral colour palette is the background
of every japandi style interior. Unlike the Scandi style that works completely
in white. Furniture pieces are statement pieces and
bold accessories by themselves. They have clean and minimalistic lines. Match furniture with natural and textured
fabrics, without decoration and patterns. Because of the strong Zen influences
in this trend the pieces are about quality, not quantity. This means not a lot of greens here, just
a few plants. maybe just one to decorate with a bold simplicity. So if you like Scandinavian but you feel
that you need a warmer ambience this hybrid style is for you. Other design styles exist, but these are the
most popular right now. So guys, which one is your design style? tell me in a comment below Remember that If you have any questions let me know in the comment section also if you
enjoyed this video please click like and don’t forget to
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to get in touch! Have a beautiful week,
see you next time!

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