First EVER Disney Cruise VLOG! Day 1 – Embarkation, Animator’s Palate & More!

hey everyone Dave here Kay, Dave Kay here with Mike and we’re going on a cruise we are on our way to the Disney Fantasy be find us my car you feel for it so
excited I love cruising and now we’ve to do it just driving there feels amazing
what are you looking forward to early on in our adventure on the first day here
what you’re looking forward to the first day the food before to that the show’s
seeing our new from and of course those of ocean view jacuzzis I want to track
prioritize that today this is our first day hopefully we can cross your fingers
definitely yes and you know I’m thinking we’re gonna hit lunch first guys so
we’ll have to see if we go to cabanas or if we can make that sit-down restaurant
but I’m sure either way it will be a delicious let’s do it
cruise day one aren’t you ready for our latest and greatest cruise adventure on
the fantasy I’m so ready does it feel real you not quite no actually not at
all yeah now that I think about it section does not feel real yeah at all
just driving around on a Saturday gonna be good but this this is it’s gonna get
really real really fun yeah I feel like honestly to me it feels less real now
than it did like last night last night I was like all right last night sleep
before we’re going anticipation this morning’s just felt kind of normal but
it’s gonna feel super real in a minute I feel like once we see the ship once you
like part a parking parking ever that’s like when the bleeps hate you would to
be yeah and stepping on a huge one sitting out for that first
meal oh yes so except for even checking it yeah checking intubation lanyards
lanyards a silver eye last time say do you get a gold one this – actually next
time good next time okay okay sounds good looking forward to it all super
excited for another cruise adventure for me it’s been a year and a half our last
cruise was March 2018 mic on I wonder wonder yes that was a nice one though
double yeah oh yeah yes and Mike’s last one was this March yes yes that was the
Marvel oh yes I was a I see me so are you excited for your next group I am
special theming – Halloween on the high seas oh yes let’s do that prudence and
we can see the ships from here really super excited for it not sure if you can
see it from here we are getting that first view mics are feeling that much
more really yes really that’s the ship we’re about to get on and spend an
entire week on you can see the aqueduct right there that’s applied that goes all
the way around yeah oh my gosh sores look forward to it’s exciting oh my gosh
can’t believe it it’s been it feels like it’s been a really long time for me it
has it has been too long for you it definitely brings out the sunscreen in
your eyes it does I got sunscreen in there I tell you it’s so much sunscreen
I don’t watch out for serious oh there it is so ready so ready you can see it
in the background as Mike is making the turn yes woo beautiful love it let’s do
it let’s do this alright and the Disney Fantasy is right there behind us
Wow I think you can probably see it yeah just barely between that backseat with
Dumbo on the back I’ve never been on this one it’s the newest ship right it
is the the most recent one yes most recent one as of the time of filming and
the cruiser and cruising yes yeah you know the wish is coming right coming
right around the corner for sure I’m so so excited fist yes it feels that much
more real it does yeah now it was a little challenging
to try to find driving where you were gonna go it was like asking us which you
know which terminals we were on so make sure you’re watching those signs and
then we went in the direction of eight and ten right and then we only saw down
that row that was eight not ten but we were able to make that turn just make
sure you’re really watching those signs you’re going traffic can be stopped and
go so just again make sure you’re keeping all that in mind but really
really excited for this one gonna board here we’re gonna take a look
at the menu maybe see what our options are for lunch is it going to be the sit
down or will we go to cabana save ourselves some time maybe more hot tub
time either way it’s gonna be an amazing adventure I’m so excited
let’s do it and we have parked for our adventures so exciting it was a little
bit complicated with some of the transportation logistics there were a
lot of different cast members or team members or just people who work here
asking us and where we’re going like I’m saying and helping us navigate around we
almost thought we went the wrong way to drop off instead of parking but it
seemed to all be the same general directions and now we are about to go
through security go up to check-in and we will be off are you ready for it I’m
so let’s do yeah let’s do it I’m super excited this is this is the
moment this is the moment moment before we’re actually that you can feel it I
can feel it I feel so good yep next stop is check-in let’s do it
one last look before we step in there be a doof me crew who’s a banner logo here
right before we step in a security unreal feeling so so excited to be back
it’s been a long time and we made it to the line for check you as appealing like
amazing more and more real every moment we are still waiting to check in it
might be a little while because we are in the silver
it’s 1109 right super boring well silver-gold are the same when you get
platinum it’s a different boarding right I got it’s because we checked in and I
checked this in like a twelve something oh it was a check-in thing I should have
checked in earlier with my fault that’s okay oh good looking forward to it oh
yeah first check-in is at 11:30 so about 20 minutes from now
perfect okay how’s it going we’re here yes okay so excited for glad to be back
yeah red white and blue now we’re doing Thanks all right yes first pick with
Mickey really gotta love it now this is the way to fully embrace right it’s not
another wave helps you sort of ease into that next wing yes I’m cruising oh my
gosh so excited for it I thought I didn’t the way to experience what do you
think Mike I’m so excited I’m looking at the ship
first time we’ve never stepped foot inside this ship before so this to me is
unbelievably exciting a completion of the Grand Slam Wow yeah so so excited
for this one the newest again the newest and that’s
pretty exciting for me because again I like those hot tubs on the ends oh yeah
I like the census foie and yeah I’m really actually I think that might be
the rainforest room right up there hey Liv I’m see up there maybe a curve right
there I think that’s the rainforest it feels so much so much more real this is
definitely the way to start the feeling yeah okay we’re going on this yes you
know you’re right here stand out here for a while look at it before you walk
on just really embrace that feeling it’s amazing amazing love it Wow you know
Mike you were saying that you could see the rainforest from here yeah but what
I’m seeing is what looks like the little porch thing for cabanas yes food that’s
that okay I’m just thinking about the food oh the food the food option I’m
talking about oh yeah like looking at the it’s one of those probably Mike’s
probably rice really that one that one but it looks like poop I can’t learn oh
yeah ice cream ice cream a middle area there yeah one of the most delicious
options out there Disney Cruise Line food we are out here again enjoying some of
the last fresh air that we are not embracing on the ship the last fresh air
off the ship then we’ll get some great fresh air on the ship but it’s just
enjoying the views here seeing that Norwegian behind us
yep and our ship right here of the Disney pants is so beautiful really
looking forward to it so much to experience you know so much to see and
do yes really really excited for this one yeah I’m good fancy it’s basically
I’m like so so ready for it yeah let’s do it
and as we’re here relaxing it was a little bit toasty outside so we brought
it inside another six boarding groups to go we are just waiting here inside you
can see the Mickey ears right there that will have taken the boy from you know
Mike and I just relaxing back here we can see the numbers there’s a view back
there so we’ve got a nice view here and just kind of reflecting on those Mickey
ears that we’re going to walk through that really sort of celebrates the
entrance to that I am so so excited for it super excited attention just building
after watching that I’m just watching the boarding group thing being like okay
14 what I got who’s next right exactly oh so exciting here
go time what do you wanna do first Paulo reservations and lunch I’m hungry
you I could definitely eat that it’s a good place to be you know walking into a
little bit hungry they gonna have food ready for oh so we gonna get some of
that food yeah one of my all-time favorite things and we are hitting in
are you excited by more than you can imagine
I cannot believe we’re so close it’s so exciting
yes right there oh my gosh feeling the energy right here aircon ready to go
there we go thank you and we’re yes officially on lobby bore
yes made it also we have the full know package we heard that some of the
characters and the screws for some of the most amazing yes the costumes so
we’re looking forward to checking that out we’re gonna get pictures here right
ahead looking forward to it you know some classic shots in front of the V
ship and then we’re gonna get all kinds of great stuff inside let’s do it
steps from being on board the ship here we have made it mike has touched on the
ship hull and we are officially on the Disney fancy we are here in the lobby it’s absolutely
beautiful for the Alvin advising is easy that’s Alicia’s although family love
just stepped on born here among amazing tree decorations can’t believe it really
is really looking forward to all that there is on the first let’s check it out
love the decorations so far decorations you can’t lose and check out this is
mini now a mouse heading for the restaurant let’s
check out our reservation see if we can get some lunch
maybe Paulo if we can get on the books we’ll see what we got
so we were just looking into reservations for brunch here sadly
nothing available but they will call us if something comes up so nice to know
there’s sort of that a cup wine we will be able to sort of keep our ears open
and some awesome artwork too while we’re down here love some of these pieces so
my priorities will be doing this for sure sounds good another detail I’m
noticing here is look at the pumpkin faces on each and every window for the
Halloween at the high seas theming beautiful beautiful theming right there
walking down this is a similar feel similar sort of hallway from the other
ships but yes yeah Mike observe little bit narrower if you look the ground I
like the tiles – I’m not sure tiles were quite like this or if they’re even worse
house than the other show maybe it was carpet the other ship I’m not sure but I
like it so glad to be back it’s an amazing feeling it is it’s so
good we’ll see we’ll see if there’s food available down here or if not we’ll head
on upstairs but there will be food let’s see some food while Mike is checking for
availability looking at the menu here it does look promising you know you got
empanadas here and then some entrees that look really good sandwich sirloin
I’m interested it’s open let’s let’s take a look check out this dining hall
the answer was yes by the way it was indeed a yes
so animators count for lunch love this spot grant you here three times on our
trip plus today really excited for that we are here at animators pellet you saw
that menu it looks really really good I’ve got the beef empanadas penne pasta
in the Cheesecake where Mike has the empanadas the sirloin and Akira cake so
we’ve got a couple of waiter recommendations here really looking
forward to giving it a shot and you know I’m already excited for that food it
smells so good you got some bread here to get us
started so it’s gonna all be delicious empanadas here nice meat flavor right
there in the middle to get some great salt our canned veggies in there with it
you’ve got to have it with the chimichurri which adds exponentially
fantastic great way to get a started off first appetizer for lunch I’m glad we
came down here so far and Mike found this cheesy bread for appetizer cheesy
bread so so good too so got a strong cheesy flavor to it give that one a shot
Mike had noticed that there was no formal rooibos tea here on this trip so
we did both go for the black front breeze that’s the one I like quite a bit
originally discovered that one at Cape May another one I like a lot if you’re
looking for the he’ll caffeine this sort of settling teeth is the lemon ginger
teeth they had here so make sure you keep your eye open for the lemon ginger
tea if you’re looking for something a little bit more mild no caffeine has
sort of settling as well I’ve got the pasta here tomato sauce pasta with some
goat cheese some other kind of cheeses on there one of our waiters recommended
that and the other waiter recommended Michaels steak over there looks really
really good you know it’s a good size there looks like it’s cooked beautifully
and that potato is very beautifully sort of shaped so definitely a lot to look
forward to here really looking forward to giving it a shot let’s see how it
goes trying the lunch here
good the middle flavor is nice I’m not blown away by it but it looks pretty
tasty I think we’re gonna be far more blown away by dinner I tried a bit of
Mike’s steak as well and again it’s good but it’s not the most flavorful
delicious steak we’ve had so again I’m still very hopeful that dinner will be
what blows us away those empanadas for me I would get those again this I’d
probably try something new for dessert we have the cookies and cream cheese
cake for me right here looks really good and Mike has the carrot cake over there
both of which looks fantastic really really nicely done that carrot cake
looks so delicious they both look really really good so looking forward to giving
them both a shot let’s see how they taste
desserts the cookies and cream cheese cake was oh it was good
I would not get it again I would try something new Michaels carrot cake that
one on the other hand I could see myself getting again so if you’re split between
those two get the carrot cake you can always get both on the cruise
but you could get the carrot cake that’s what I would do
it was fantastic very very good stuff overall a great time here
animators balance overall cause an animators palette it
was it was good I’m ready to be blown away by dinner it’s ready to be really
blown away by dinner but it was good had a good time best part for me was those
beef empanadas me too I like that yummy salmon yep okay and second best would be
Mike’s dessert yeah so those are those are our top recommendations here both
our entrees if you would like that sort of thing if you really want that go for
it otherwise I would try something else
next time we’ll try something now off for more sweeping adventures
let’s see what’s next on the list and we have found our staterooms so excited to
be here on deck to midship we found out there were certain elevators in the aft
area that we couldn’t take down to our floor so it seems like you can’t get
down to deck two in the aft part of the ship so something to keep in mind on the
newer ships on the older ships you still can we actually stayed there on an older
ship so maybe they’ve changed that on the newer ships you’ll see we’ve got
closets right here on our right we’ve got the two bathroom type things behind
us a little bit of shower room right here as you can see you know looks looks
similar to the the last one we saw but you gotta always appreciate that color
and they do have those bottles for for hand soap and conditioner or shampoo
that kind of thing the bottles that you know sit in the shower you can just kind
of pump from they also have looks like sea salt a lotion here a little lotion
right here by the door so that’s pretty cool too and you’ll see that we’re
enjoying some fantastic views over here right by the other side we’ve got our
bed couch and there it’s Mike right there enjoying that fantastic view how’s
it look out there Mike so so awesome so glad to be back it’s nice in here nice
and cozy we should be able to fit too no problem bro looking forward to the whole
adventure yes now we’re gonna change and get ready for the next part of our
adventure which is maybe some hot tub time oh yes we are unpacking for our
cruise adventure here Mike recommend it unpacking that I could see the appeal as
it makes you really comfortable you know it doesn’t make you
feel like a trip or an adventures ending so it’s nice to try that we’ll see what
I think of it you know taking out some shirts here I’ve got all kinds of good
stuff some sunscreen all sorts of good stuff some shorts so we will see how the
unpacking experience adds to our adventure a couple of hats here for me
to possibly utilize on my adventure you know I’m not much of a hat wearer but I
wanted to have them in the event that I needed them now I also have travel
bathroom stuff so you know I was mentioning how you should don’t forget
your toothbrush or your to paste that sort of thing your dental floss I have a
different set so I like to pack this set early enough on so I don’t forget it’s
actually it’s quite likely that I forget stuff like that so something to keep in
mind you may want to pack a secondary set or an extra set just in case I’ve
got a couple more shirts here for mattress you know we got some matching
tank tops that white cast away key one I don’t think we’ve ever worn it so I’m
really excited for that one a couple of awesome shirts in here as well gonna put
that in my shirt drawer maybe I’ll get a whole different section
of the shirt drawer set up for the matching shirts and we’ve got a couple
more pants in here and I’m just about done unpacking I think I’m pretty much
there put my adult off to the side and hang a couple of these things up in the
closet but it is it’s a nice feeling even to unpack you know you’re like okay
yes we’re getting this adventure started you know although it does take time it’s
got a good feeling to it for sure and we have transformed into swim trunks for
our swimming adventure looking forward to checking out that hot tub let’s see
how it goes and we are off mic leading the dance party boogie here hop on the
way to check out the rest of the chip you know we’re gonna do the hot tubs as
well but I think we’re on hold on hot tubs until things are done
emergency Frette precinct yes so we’re gonna do that and then we’ll check out
how to taking a look off the deck of the ship for the first time here absolutely
amazing views you’ll see another ship out there carnival ship over there all
kinds of good stuff you can see lots of cruisers ready to go again maybe on the
ground or on that other ship and here on our ship you know we like to first
improve it first-ever adventure on the Fantasy is so exciting so much to see so
much to do again never been on this ship before neither of us have been on this
ship before so really looking forward to it
and the other side of the deck here just looking out at all of the sights on our
cruise ship what an amazing view of Port Canaveral oh my gosh so excited for this
cruise it’s gonna be absolutely fantastic so much to see so much to do
it’s gonna be amazing just so excited for this one cannot imagine how excited
I am here going all the way around their ship here
if you can see it wind up going all the way around in that dance party ready
so who’s so excited for it it’s just building the energy this is new clothes eat cafe here looks
really good Hawaiian piece of that number one I love that Hawaiian pizza
Casa de la tires all kinds of good stuff sandwich and stuff like that behind us
like hamburgers Jorgy
please favorite of it and that is like we’ve been moving for a little bit
more than that so I’m not sure if it we were just adjusting or I was the
official failing away until you exit a certain distance I’m not sure but now
in the hot tub all right Oh awesome awesome spot what great news
let’s take a look in there see what those views look like Mike how you like
it so far we are sailing away ethos you can see all the newer kids
away from what to stay away at any point throughout your adventure really really
love this one looking for great great days to come here and you
can see our view from the adult-only jacuzzi out onto the port absolutely
fantastic view and beneath us into the ocean that little glass panel there that
shows you again the ocean beneath us there’s sort of the darker part but also
the transparent piece of glass there love being able to see beneath us just
like that standing right there what an awesome perspective what an
awesome view altogether alone favorite spot on we’re getting ready to roll out as we
are rolling out looking forward to all of the magic we’ve I feel it’s tough to get more fish
well you’re right especially that first dinner is gonna be sodium waking up on
the chair oh yeah so much tortoise castaway coos one of my all-time place
although the older ships do have the advantage of proximity between the pool
and hot tub I definitely much prefer the view
at the ocean you might
check out those sites back there love it oh yeah I like in those it’s pretty good
temperature yet for sure I like it okay
sorry okay shit here that add these currents another special for me
misty it was like a and hit the beat with like the real cool
I think swear the action then get into the pool hot tub those are those are my
favorite part so far that fools a great temperature you know not breathing
I’m pretty pleased with the temperature of the floor right now throw it this
it’s nice and toasty outside I almost needed it to cool down so he probably
heated up the pool but does that natural sunlight let’s head back to the pool
Mike was pointing out that me standing on my toes I just barely have my head
out of the water here’s me standing on my feet we already short of the beat like a five
nine be careful I had asked Mike about
feeling the waves I’m just feeling one more being a fool I feel like going to do it
hot out but you got to cool down really get some water that is very hydrating great view here again using that last side of land back there
you know indeed um and another view beneath the
boat Mike had noticed again in that hot tub you got the life boats down there
the ocean kind of where it meets the ship
maybe waves coming off the ship awesome love it another great catch by my clique pilot
boat coming in here is in just barely he’s gently just going on the plane here
I just lost him like I’ve got a hold on I see sued house tour – I never seen
enjoying the sea here by the hot tub
the experience was kicking back I was thinking about this earlier and we
talked about it slogan I feel like you eat a little bit less
healthy on a cruise ship but I feel like again grab that first ice cream
it looks you feel immersed in the experience so you know the deserts and
that’s working on the cruise I think I’m gonna let myself go on notice you know
not eat too much kind of sugar either stuff like to peruse like a cruise of
that message Mike approves that one for sure Mike is
all for me letting go and just eating whatever sugars on the ship I’m not too
worried about it after I get off but to be fully immersed and really enjoy
worry about any of those sorts of things I probably won’t be as much dessert as
like the whole thing but we’ll see you know I’m just going to enjoy it not
worry about it and it’ll be a great time I’m already loving it so far you know
this is probably my favorite but you know just this hot tub you looking back
here was ever way you’re looking it’s always a winner for sure
always a litter no I have to you have the view of any no I
other than both of you about that just open ocean here absolutely love that
view you saw the view beneath us as well
and Mike here relaxing they got a break from the heat
you want to make sure that you’re not getting too much hot tub time if you
feel like a little bit too hot for you make sure you get out and just wish it
up try to pool go back before I did like that today so that’s just an idea for
you make sure you’re not getting too much heat I feel
right now maybe I’ll get out of there you’re pretty good right now and we’ve
got our pseudo infinity effect here where it kind of meets the water of the
hot tub meets that glass which then meets the ocean in a sense kind of a
pseudo you know infinity pool but love the view this birds out there flying in
see some birds I saw a little white spot come up in there maybe that’s a whale I
think I saw like my way all the way back there a couple white caps yeah something
like that just kind of suitable size to the music is your dolphin flies without it
sticking back feel relaxed interest enjoying the views and Mike and I both
noticed but not only about Nantucket but also on the ground they have will both
glass windows that you can sort of look out into the ocean I really like that
view really ads so maybe we’ll go over there
and then and take a look in there kind of kicking back and we’ve got ourselves
a quick snack here some fries we’ve got some wraps little wraps to drive to
another chicken and the Greek I believe we’ve also got a couple celery sticks
and carrot sticks all kinds of sauces some ranch
some Mayo some ketchup some barbecue Mike are you ready for these snacks I
think will be the perfect amount of overall
might I definitely wouldn’t get them again I
try something else you know if you want something healthier
Legris crap you don’t have some veggies in it but none of them would I get again
or go out of my way for by any means next time I want to try that spicy
chicken sandwich for sure that one looks good I want to try that hamburgers as
well there’s all kinds of stuff the carrots I found were very chronic
dry not love the carrots the celery stick
was quite good so I guess just depends on the day with those vegetables so if
you’re looking for some vegetables healthy stuff
sorry sticks are great help something have the ranch as well and looking
forward to all the delicious stuff that come tonight
oh yes last piece to touch on is these fries there they’re only okay as well
they’re they’re not freshest you know they’re okay not super flavorful or
Sophie or potato to eat so not bad but I don’t
gofer too many these items again next time and after it the fastest shower and
change ever huh we are running off to catch our show which starts in one
minute and hopefully it’ll all be good and we saw the fantasy show Mike what do
you think I liked it I like to you know is good introductory show it’s kind of
you to introduce yourself to the fantasy things to do things to see and great to
see making in the game yeah definitely great soon characters it’s it’s not it’s
not my number one of all the shows like but it was nice to be able to see an
experience that show and and yeah if you’re new to cruising it’s a great way
to learn more about what’s going on and and all things that are available to you
and there were certain things on the fantasy I wasn’t aware of right the
other Club for adults oh he asked me to so many things we have to see for the
first time for sure boys and girls of every age would you
like to see something strange mum wake up thank you
this tree lighting in a lobby hugger say like a lobby tree line Hillary Hobby
Lobby Lauren are really like a lobby tree like hit lobby on all foods tree lighting everyone to
the pumpkin light this is free money this is pillaging
realizing pretty lucky I so Halloween pack Oh parents of the pumpkin trees it’s time
for Halloween and innocent eyes you are all here for
fun and surprise for that is what is needed to summon if your mat feet what do you think Mike they’re really
good I like that not too much but but so you know it’s
such a small space awesome awesome shots here great
pictures over there with a whole bunch of different backgrounds having maybe
we’re doing some of the stairs right now that we’re doing stairs stairwell definitely a different vibe here an
animators palette at night it’s a it’s nice lighting I like the lighting and we
are situated here on animators Talent looking forward to dinner so mike is
telling me that I should not only get the black truffle pasta I should get two
orders of the black truffle pasta it’s that good
so I’m gonna do it I’m gonna I’m gonna go with that you know trusting trusting
my judgment here but I’m excited to see how good that one is here trying the
bread at animators palette first of all love animators palette why we’re getting
this one three times you like the bread the olive oil mix
there is good his best in moderation so I feel like it’s you know you start to
feel it after a while almost feels heavy so you wanna make sure you don’t take
too much of that olive oil mixture it is delicious stuff double-deck scratch from the turtle bowl
totally came together that’s cool hey cha cha ki aw come on it’s work we
won say hello dori dori you to Japan okay cool let’s suppose hey mr. ray here try to get what should go this is
this is a good session so Mike love the black truffle pasta I don’t know if I
can get through two of them but it is a fantastic it really is good pasta really
really good but it sounds like not as amazing as
Mike might remember and I like it a lot I would guess again but I would not get
it up I like it be this small there’s
definitely small portions I think it’s good then we have a better overview
again I’m not sure good so although I did eat
wrong and it was delicious no fish overall folks here on this state it’s
good it’s a good steak is definitely better mistake we have for lunch
blown away by I feel like you’re gonna have even better steaks on this
adventure I’m just gonna keep eating there’s keep eating but looking forward
to trying all the rest of the menus on the trip as well I’m very good you did they do that what
did you needed it sorry said I can’t do that
boys it on something today yeah where you from headed Chucky you’d answer
totally awful you have some brushes weights at Kentucky is that like a bird
I don’t know human dudes can fly Judas holy righteous no yeah and she don’t
have any weights okay what about me take away the birds or prints up in the air all right let’s do one more time we can
send it all the way to the other side of the Jew attack and for dessert we have
the lemon ice box pie and my Cassie was at a Walmart awfully okay looks really
really good check those out looking forward to
giving them a shot celebrating company of word yeah you do you do you do oh hey righteous what did you think of
dinner tonight in the animated home it was fun but I remember glue being better
yeah really do so there’s a lot more cruising ahead of us though so a lot
more pretties for your beauty yeah I’m right there with you you know it’s very
good very good but I’m expecting from Cruises food wine and expecting a
mind-blowing Lee excellent so we’ll keep seeing what’s out there on future menus
now what did you think of animators talent oh I love it I love that human
error is power that’s where my favorite cha-cha only totally only three did my
car walking around looking at some of the
shops here right by that Walt Disney theatre a lot of similar shop names as
we’ve seen before but the shops are much larger so it is a lot to check out lots
of cool stuff to see they’re loving just taking this time after dinner to explore
and to see it long just so the adult only area is really cool to check that
out see some of the theming there now walking on the deck here along the deck
at night it’s really a different feel you know completely pitch black out
there you can kind of see the ocean moving it’s definitely a cool look to it
for sure all right let’s check out the views in
the elevator here look at all this feeling all the walls don’t know if
you’ve seen this this one looks like when I’ve seen before I feel like the
different elevators actually have different ones you know so that’s a
that’s definitely worth note welcome back eleven
are the D catwalk hope you enjoyed this decal journey near the end of the night
here a little bit of TV ant-man and the wasp
while I was looking on at the shipment I lit up their night after dinner got a couple more pictures
saw a little bit of funnel vision great view up there on the 11th dick
I believe great great stuff add some water some soda maybe a little bit of
ice cream for sure and I believe that will conclude our evenings so until
tomorrow have a magical night and play on looking forward to sharing so much
more fun with you tomorrow see you soon and we have found our stay room so
excited to be here in the ship midship friendship I don’t know or someone will
text and then we’ll see how texting adds to our adventure and we saw the fantasy
show yes okay

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