FIT’s Textile-Testing Lab
FIT’s Textile-Testing Lab

Hi, I’m professor Sean Cormier with the
Textile and Marketing department at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Welcome
to our labs! These are our textile testing labs. We test textiles for the
end use that you’re gonna be wearing. we all wear clothes and we all don’t
want them to rip, tear, pill, shrink, or color fade. This is a tensile machine
and it measures the strength of the fabric, as well as the strength of
the seams. So we’re just rubbing the fabric for a certain number of cycles,
depending on the fabric weight and what type of a use it’s going to be for. Inside
here you have two circuit boards and what it does is it measures how quickly
the moisture will go from the bottom to the top of the fabric. So it takes 500
grams water and then the fabric is mounted down here. Beautiful! We burn fabric! So in here we do all the tests that are required by the retailers today to make sure that
the clothing that you’re wearing is going to be suitable for you.

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