Flosstube # 1 – Introduction, WIPS, Finishes, Stash, Mini haul plus plenty of rambling
Flosstube # 1 – Introduction, WIPS, Finishes, Stash, Mini haul plus plenty of rambling

Hi flosstube Felicity here
I am starting my very first flosstube channel I’ve created channel under flisyfish
cross stitcher as on Instagram I’m known as flissyfish and it’s a nickname I’ve had
since high school. I live near Adelaide in South Australia that’s about 20 minutes away
don’t often go into the city but we’re still classed as Metro. I’m a high school
teacher okay so I’m qualified to teach Maths, Science and Biology currently
teaching year nine ten eleven’s at the moment in various subjects. So while during the
week I don’t get a lot of time to stitch because I’m either marking or planning
most of my weekends is when I get time to sit down and stitch. Over the
last couple of years I actually have been watching flosstube
I was watching under another account name called Felicity Rose which is also
the same name is what I am on Facebook. I do participate in quite a lot of
Facebook groups mainly showing off my heaven and earth design um but there’s also
been a couple other designs along the way. I do just have notes down on the table
next to me just to help me out about what I’m going to talk about making sure I
don’t forget anything so if I look down that’s why. I first found cross stitch
I’ve known cross stitch basically all my life my mum did do a cross stitch for me
as a birth sampler that used to hang up my room is to sitting there at the moment
that’s the only ever cross stitch that she does she know me does more knitting and
crochet. There are two people that I used to love as Grandparents Nanna Sheila
and grandpa they always used to give us for Christmas and birthdays little cards
that were cross stitched sometimes they use like pin stitch as well so that was
like where they have a design and it was all pin stitched with different thread Also Nanna Sheila did for me a
fairy I don’t know the name was it hangs in my room
I think it’s on some type of Aida not hand dyded just normal Aida with some metallic
thread and she’s also done a fan that has my name on it.
For mum and dad she has done several kits I think one of them is some kitty cats underneath a Christmas tree there’s the lords the uh 12 disciples at Lord’s Supper a couple
other musical instruments as well. I can always I can always remember mum telling
me the story of Nana Sheila giving mum this cross-stitch kit about the
kitty cats and they underneath the christmas tree in the presents to Mum as a Christmas gift and
then taking back saying do you want me to do it and mum goes yes sure. So that’s
always happen unfortunately we lost Nanna Sheila when I was 12/13 years old so year 7 in
Australia school last year of high school in South Australia but and then
what happened in when I was in year 10 my grandfather got diagnosed with
pancreatic cancer he didn’t want to have any treatment at all so in memory of him
mum and I went spotlight which is our local craft store and picked up a couple
of small kits, she then taught me how to start cross stitching and I did just a
couple of small little designs just to start off with. That year also my niece
was going to be born and I found a dimensions birth sampler kit at
spotlight bought that and that’s what I that was my very first big project. From
there I did a couple quite a few different types of projects sometimes they took me
a while sometimes they didn’t. I always used to get told from some friends at
school that why are you doing that it’s such a grandma’s hobby that’s not fun at
all. Then I started another cross stitch for my niece Chloe. A Tinkerbell one overall that did take me three years mainly because I picked it up put it
down picked it up put it down picked it up put it down
then I found this amazing community on Facebook I didn’t realize until then but
there was Facebook groups for cross stitch. I joined those that gave me the motivation
to finish Tinkerbell, got it framed started off a couple of other new mini
kits, joined a SAL and then we went down the rabbit hole from there. so what I
think we’ll do is we’ll probably just start off with WIPS first then we’ll go
through some finishes, I’ll go through some kits and patterns that I hopefully
will stitch soon sometime and finish off with a teeny little bit of haul. Mostly my videos will going to be about once a month because I stitch big
projects so there’s not a lot of process progress otherwise. I’m also trying to
remember to stare at the camera rather than staring at the screens because I’m using
my iPad so the cameras over here but then the screens here so give me a
bit all right so the WIP I mainly stitch on at the moment is Elsa by
charted by heaven and earth designs but the original artwork by Anna Dittman. I will
insert a picture here when I figure out how to do it of what the final design is
going to look like Bare with me a bit, I’ve done quite a lot on
this so going to be interesting trying to get all of it into the camera
she’s also still on my quantum frames because I’ve been stitching on her and
they’ve just come off my frame my big stand as well. alright so as I said this is
probably the biggest project I’ve ever actually stitched I also do
packing quite a lot so yeah this one this project I started the 12th of May
in 2015 so we’ve just gone over a year in a month uh two years sorry
been working on her for two years and a month so far actually it’s just gonna take her out of the frames might just be easier bare with me and I’ll put her back in
later all right so this WIP has probably been my main stress reliever
being a school teacher she’s followed me around through three different schools
so far I’m only still relatively new to teaching so this is what I use as a
stress reliever let me just get the other end out as well and it’ll be
easier to show you what’s going on sorry just messager came up on my iPad so I’ll
deal with later oh wow seven minutes already I honestly thought
this was really take ten minutes so that’s major surprise for me alright so
we’ll see how we go I may need to stand up to show you her but she stitched on
22 counts its just pale white using all the regular DMC colors there is supposed to krienik however you say it in this but I substituted
out and used to petite treasure braid instead so
we’ll just do slowly go up and see how I’ve gone to all right yeah I’m going to
stand up to show you this one right so done the first mainly over halfway I am
starting to work down the bottom here so when I first start stitching this I started stitching on a Q-snap i’ll just come in see if I can show you the shimmer
because she is quite shiny see how we go can you see that I hope so
so the thing about this project she’s actually going to be for my niece my
niece is now 9 she turns 10 in October she is absolutely major elsa nut let me just
bring her up so you can see where I’ve been working on her lately
she is a major Elsa nut I want to do something that was Elsa
related for Chloe but also a modern lady at the same time and when I saw this
release I’m like oh my god I have to do her so yeah it might be another year or
so until Chloe gets this because I roughly stitch about a page a month if
it’s a partial page it’s more up to two pages a month but if it’s a half a page and it normally takes me two weeks aren’t her eyes just stunning
lets just get in close there. of course they really stunning so lifelike
I remember stitching them and was using some of the challenge on the heaven and
earth designs board and using parking oh my god for parking I don’t think I would
have got through the confetti if it wasn’t for parking.
the most recent row that I’ve just finished is the one where we’ve got this
major snowflake on the left but sorry on the right near the mouth got her chin
and we’re going from there as you can see I do park page by page I don’t
park within my page because otherwise find it really hard sometimes I do when
it’s about major confetti with the eyes I do but at the moment I’m just in a sea
of cream, beige’s and grey’s so I do grid okay so I grid page by page as well and
let’s just bear with me as might be a bit wonky but we’ll go in closer this is
the page I’m currently working on whoops sorry
getting used to this, alright so you can see there’s a lot of that is just cream a lot
of this page is going to cream it’s continuing on with a snowflake I’m
hoping once I finish with this video tonight to get actually sit down the
stitch on her oh I should have mentioned today is Friday I think it’s the 16th of
June don’t quote me on it it’s been a long day at school so hopefully I’ll get
a lot of time to sit down and stitch on her tonight
and hopefully tomorrow as well but yeah that’s my Elsa she is really really
lovely I am enjoying I’m loving stitching on 25 count um no 22 count
okay I just bought this at the local spotlight a couple two years ago that
was before every new about hand dyed fabric and things like that but honestly
for a heaven and design I wouldn’t bother using hand dyed fabric this is my
opinion I wouldn’t bother with it because it’s a
full coverage piece there are some that I know that are not full coverage pieces
but then that’s really good idea to use hand on fabric other than that I don’t
know I just go with what I have so this is where she’s up to I do have
another row of pages to go so I’ve got this row of pages and then I have the
other number of pages underneath as well so it’s going down from there so what
I’ve shown you now is 20 pages out of a total of 35 technically the last five
pages there anyway three mini rows so don’t really count them as pages I know
we just say alright 20 pages of 30 because yeah the last row is just tiny so I
already have 10 pages left to go I would like to show her every year in Adelaide
we have the Royal Adelaide Show its a show where all the agriculture people come in
and show off their produce we have lots of horse shows all the cows come up to be
shown off as well schools get part of it when they have an Ag program people who
like local South Australian stores like food produce um what’s the word people
who create like jams and marmalade and other type of foods also come in we
call it Taste Australia it’s a major thing. I used to help out quite a lot the
show with my aunt she is in the Murraylands tourism so I used to help out there which meant every year I used to go to the show to help out on the stand. What I love about the show
though is there’s always a selection of needlework this cool needlework, mainly
it’s cross stitch but they always show needlework quilting lace all sorts of
crafts what I would love to do with Elsa is when she’s finished
and she’s framed is actually put it into the show I’m not worried about actually
winning anything. I know most my stitches look okay but there are
a couple of iffy ones there my back is horrendous don’t even talk
about my back I’m not going to show you that but I want to show her off I want other
people out there in Adelaide around my age or even younger to see hey cross
stitches is not just a hobby it’s not just an old lady’s thing you
don’t just do samplers, there’s actually a lot more out there there’s
these amazing Mirabilia patterns Nora Corbett patterns heaven and earth
designs, that is going to be a stunning piece of art when it’s done so I just
want to show off I mean I by that time I put three or four years of work into her I
was going to show her off to the community because she is going to be
amazing um probably this time last year I had no
idea what she was going to look like I think I was only just stitching the eyes
by then ever since I’ve got the eyes done it’s just been a roll on as I said
I did take Elsa into three different schools when I first got my teachers
registration I was lucky enough to get gain a contract for four weeks up at a place called Loxton. Loxton’s about three and a half away
hours away of driving from Adelaide its up in the Riverland it’s a very
small school it was an interesting place I started off a four weeks there had two
weeks holiday and then I got extended out another six weeks so I had 10 weeks
in total which was an amazing experience going from university to out teaching there is
a major gap between that. I think in that first 10 weeks I learnt so much. my
stress relief was stitching on Elsa. I took her up there and I just had the
stitch on her. I’ve also travelled with her I know it’s a very big piece this is
when I’ll still stitching on her with q-snaps, I took her
on a cruise over to which one was it South Pacific Islands on a Princess
cruise over the school holidays or wrapped in q-snaps. I think when we came
back it was the first time I had the very top row of pages all finished so
only five pages finished then I received a contract down at another school this
time only an hour away from home so its down in the southern region lovely school
lovely area I drove an hour there and an hour back each day
that’s why i still used Elsa as my project okay she’s still yeah I
cant remember how many pages i did finish so many last year then what I’ve done
we went away again or the holidays this year I didn’t take it Elsa with me
because I did buy my frame and my stand and that’s what she’s mainly stitched on. I think since I bought my frame she’s that I’ve actually stitched
way more on her than I ever have before and I think that continuing I’m going to
see how I go with this page it’s quite lots of creams
I might get part of this page done swap over to another project for a bit and
then come back but most of the time i’m a one projects stitcher. all right
that’s probably enough about Elsa . Let me just double check my notes before make sure I’ve said everything as I said I’m
stitching her on 22 count and it’s two over one so its two threads
over one yep okay now next WIP is also a heaven and earth designs. This one is once
upon a time quick stitch by Amiee Stewart again I’ll insert a picture because of this one because of my main
focus of Elsa I’ve only really finished one I have any finish one page on here
okay we’ll see how it go so this is the page I’ve finished its I start in the
corner all right put some corner and I work
down the next page over there go across to do is this page here so as you see
again I parked all my threads okay this is also stitched on 22 counts it’s a
different type of fabric it’s not the same type of fabric as Elsa but its the same count either way I am loving it I started this on the 1st of January
2016 and I finished this page sometime last year I took it down with me to Tasmania in the July school holidays and I think I stitch them that mainly. Its been put away for the moment again because of Elsa I’ll probably either bring this
one out or one of the only ones out for the holiday that was going on in July
again two over one on 22 count put that over there the next WIP that I have is actually my
first Mirabilia this one here was were the first couple of different first for me again I started on the first of January 2016
and I’ve said that before the cross stitch and discuss of Sal I know that
group doesn’t actually exist anymore but I just love seeing things.
many things on there. oh here we go Oh again same thing let me just take her off the bars and we’ll go from there I’m stitching her on 32 count evenweave
and it’s from it’s called dryscapes and it’s from sew it all in Australia this is
my very first time ever stitching on even weave so it’s taken me a little
time to get used to it um oh I probably actually show you what
the patterns but also rather than just yibbering on about it. This will
also be my very first time beading I’ve never better before I do have all the
beads for her and there’s only one metallic it’s a krienik I think and is only used for the back stitch so she’s not super super super blingy she’s was on my farme as I
was hoping to get back to stitch on her some on time which means I just have to
change the frames around. the one I am stitching is called Roses of Provence now how
we’re going to do the show without the glare there we go so my favourite colour
is purple there’s so many purples and pinks in this one my middle
name is rose which is why I love the roses so this is Roses of Provence
these lovely Provence Roses are also known as cabbage roses they have a
strong sweet smell and a double bloom form there are many petals add to
that delicious volume they are beautifully stitched on linen or
scattering their petals through the wind and in the wind through an English
garden okay so it was recommended a stitch on 32 count white linen I’m still
doing on 32 count but it’s dryscapes from sew it all this one here has quite a
lot of DMC floss one krienik which is the number 4 braid 150 V and it so needs
for the back stitch there is seven different types of beads so there’s four
normal beads and three different types of treasures what I have to done is
because of work in school I do have made working copy of this and
I do highlight as I go so this pattern it’s not highlighted on at all and this is what she looks like so far I
might have to put something behind you’ll see how we go okay I can see what
we’re doing through the fabric all right so this is where I’m up to so I’ve done
the top part of her dress and Im actually going to stand up so i can see what i’m doing I’ve done the
top part of her dress and her ruffle here so the dress and the ruffle here is
the top bit on the page I’m going to go back and Stitch her face and the roses
here later okay what I’m working on now is working on
the bottom part of her dress it is a mini bit of parking mainly because
that’s where I’m going to go when I get back to it
we were lucky enough as a family and one of my close friends to go on a cruise
over the Christmas New Year break and we were lucky enough to fly we flew into
Miami caught a cruise from Fort Lauderdale through the Panama Canal and
ended in LA this is the project I took with me I think during that project i
stitched most of this area over here and then I was starting on the roses in her
dress here so I thought this is a really nice color like a greeny colour that
would show all the, make the pinks and the purples pop but also wouldn’t take away
from the greenery that’s in when we get to the get to the roses I really should
get back for her I do love stitching on this I actually do love stitching on
even weave as well didn’t think I would all right
I didn’t think I would this is the very first time sorry I knocked the music stand
very first time that I’ve ever stitched on evenweave
very first time I’ve stitched on hand dyed fabric as well so there was quite a
few news new ones I just love the colors on this I’ve also tried to keep the back
really really neat and I don’t think I’ve done too badly honestly don’t think
I’ve done too badly don’t mind showing you her back because its not my heaven and earth design so that’s three I have I whoops i have itchy nose, see everyone has itch noses on flosstube I do have one more WIP
I haven’t stitched on this for about two years its not a UFO, I just haven’t
had a chance of stitch on it this one is the fantasy castle number four by
stitch X I will insert a pack a photo of the pattern here this one stitched on 18 count so this was
when I was very first getting back in the stitching this is what I’ve done so
far it’s quite a it’s a very small pattern compared to what I’m used to so
I think when I go back to stitch it again it won’t take me long to finish
yeah I think it only goes through to about here so I don’t have that much to
go on I do have a lot to go but compared to the pages I’ve stitched now for heaven and earth designs this shouldn’t take me very long I just love all the Blues in
it it just looks like in the night sky and right here oops all right right here you’ve got to see
you start of the ship coming out I just love fantasy fantasy mystery like
mystorical magic that’s my thing I love to read a lot of my things I do read is
fantasy so this one here really links into this I said I needed a back to
stitching on it and I’m actually think you’re taking this one with me on our
cruise in July we have our two-week holiday in school holidays in July um I
think I stuck like the eights of July or something like that we’re going on a
seven-day cruise out of Sydney so we mum and dad driving they’re
leaving the car I’m flying in and joining them we do a seven-day cruise
out from Sydney come back into Sydney then we’re driving back to Adelaide
through some friends and Gippsland in Victoria so it’s going to be quite a fun
it’ll be quite a really good break we’re just finished week seven no yeah week
seven at school so we’re getting to the end of the term
where we’ve been doing all our marking we’ve got my report coming up I am also
a teacher of two-stage two classes at stage one classes of our year eleven
classes for SACE we’ve had to go through moderation for essential mathematics so
that’s been a bit of a stressful process so thankfully only comes around every three years depending what school your at it means
we’ve have to send off a selection of student work to the SACE board for South
Australia Certificate of Education and they basically moderate our work see if
our markings up to standard and we’ll get that feedback soon so we’ve got that
all arranged as of last week and Wednesday this week they’ll sent off to the
SACE board hopefully all our markings up to standard with the first time
ever being moderated so I was very nervous that what was going on
thankfully the person who I do teach this class with he teaches yet another one of
three classes in total has taught before um I think I probably are so many
questions of him just for help but yes that was the Fantasy Castle that’s the
one I will probably take with me when we go away I’m normally I do stitch using
my iPad so I use good reader on my iPad probably the reason I havent gone back to stitching this is because this pattern doesn’t really work well on iPad on the
good reader because the formatting the way I stitch doesn’t like it
so I have gone back to highlighting but I might give it another try well okay 30
minutes but I’ll just on the 30 minutes already and I’ve only just gone through
WIPS the next thing I want to talk about is the finishes I’ve done a lot of
these are going to have to be pictures that I will insert in most of the time
when I’ve been stitching it’s gone to other people there is one thing that I
have stitched myself and finished but I can’t find at the moment it’s somewhere
in this house the one that I have finished is Aurora’s garden by
Bernadette Lusk it was a freebie on the heaven and earth designs a couple of
years ago I started it on the 1st of December 2014
so this was my first ever full coverage project my first ever project that had
more than one page I stitched it on 18 count and it didn’t honestly didn’t
very long let me insert a picture of what it’s going to look like here okay so this project took me three
months to finish I just did start on the first of December as I said I finished it on the
11th of March 2015 I took this cross stitch pattern away
with me with mum and dad to New Zealand on another cruise yes we do like going
cruising best way to have a holiday so this one here went away with us
I sitched on it regularly the first time I started using my iPad to stitch as well and I
just fell in love with it I also fell in love with heaven and earth designs
maybe one day I’ll go through and print out copies of like just the pages of
what artwork I have because I do have quite a few heaven and earth design that i would like to stitchin the upcoming years alright the next one that I finished was
Tinkerbell basically this is pixie perfect this was for my niece Chloe she
I bought it from Spotlight as a kit um for her third birthday she
didn’t quite actually get it till she was six it did take me three years to
finish so I do not have the as I said blah blah blah start that bit again
this is hanging up on her wall in her bedroom I do have some photos of what it
looks like hanging up and her wall I also have some photos of what it looked
like in frame at my home but here is what she looks like before just as a
cover photo so pixie perfect stitched on 14 count by brand pop first that the biggest designer i’ve ever stitched other than my heaven and earth designs now
It was also the first time I ever use metallic thread and oh my god I
absolutely hated that I also made a couple of mistakes that I didn’t frog
out so I lost quite a lot of motivation to stitch on her this is the one that I
picked up put down I also remember stitching on her wings
and that light blue and I ran out of thread at that time I didn’t know
that you could contact the contact the company try and get more thread so I
took my project down with a spotlight and I try to match it in the photo you
can’t tell but there is a slight color change it’s not much it is enough to
make me picky but yeah when I stitched this one I had no idea about making
working copies of the pattern my pattern is incredibly ripped and falling to pieces
I’m not actually going to show you the side of the pattern is but I am actually
going to show you the side where like the other side it is falling to bits so
yes I have holes everywhere can’t see any of the stitching on the
this side and anyway if you did it doesn’t really matter its holes.
These days I knew now I’d actually use a photocopier and just take a photocopy of
it but yeah That’s that one next what I did was a birth
sampler for my cousin my cousin lives in Sydney we’ve only seen each other quite
a couple of times in person but when we are there we just click he has a
daughter called a Erzi and I stitched this for her so what I did is I stitched
the Peter Rabbit I also here I charted out myself her name and her
birth date so this was what as I said for Erzi for my cousin’s daughter I
was first I’m using half stitches I did it on it was on 14 count Adia again by
brand cop I think that’s the brand that spotlight used so this was finished
in a hoop I do have some really great photos that are Riordan took to show you
off this from what I can see I finished it on the
fourth of January 2011 so that I think yeah since that 2011 he has now he also
now has a son called Raiden I have talked to Rio and we’ve looked at some
or I can’t remember the names that are patterns that I will buy and I’ll stitch
that for Raiden I’ll insert the photo of a pattern in here if I can the next one I did was a dimensional kit
it was for my aunt who lives in Murray Bridge it she and my uncle absolutely love the sea love the beach this one here is the take time from dimensions again I bought
it at spotlight I stitched this I think when I was in year 11 year 11 or year 12 at high school mainly year 11 would have to be year 11 so I remember taking
this on our school music trip up to Alice Springs
I remember stitching this on the bus I’m not quite sure of my aunt has this and I
also do not have a final picture of this when I was stitching this one I didn’t
know taking photos to look at your progress yeah I did like it it was a
really easy stitch to do didn’t take me that long at all
I again finish it in the hoop sorry just going over here I’ve got all my things
on the table beside me and drink of water time the next ones i did i think i must have been in that year when I first starting stitching in year 10 so I
would have been 15 having six no yes 15 turning 16 was these bookmarks okay
lets see if we can get rid of the glare Alight so being in Australia
we’ve got a koala and a kangaroo first ever time doing anything like this so
this was stitched on 18 count and there was enough cloth in here to stitch both of them which I did that year I was lucky enough to go to Italy on a exchange
trip to stay with a host family I’ve finished
both of these bookmarks and I gave them to the host family again
I don’t have a photo but I do still have a pattern i think by that time it was actually
charted in anchor so I can do an conversion to DMC
I wouldn’t mind stitching it again because I think I’ve learnt way more in the last
two three years about stitching than I did want to do this okay
all right the next one finish I have is the baby blocks birth record by dimensions
I’m going to have insert a picture of what it looks like my aunt no not aunt my sister in law
did take photos of this in Chloe’s room
the photos aren’t great so I’m not going to put them in when I go to Chloe’s place next
because I do a lot of babysitting for them I’ll make sure I get into her room
I will take photos this was my first ever a big project before this I don’t have
done tiny little smalls I remember I was on a time constraint because I think I
only started stitching probably February March of that year probably February
March of 2007 and Chloe was born in October so I was I did get to finish
before she was born the only thing I had to wait for was the name and the date so
it’s all framed it’s all hanging in her bedroom was the first thing I ever had
framed I think that time I was not working so I think mum and dad actually
paid for it again I will insert photos there the only other little finishes
that I have are quite a little small okay so I’ve just done a little small
kits I still have all the patterns here I’m not going to show you I’ll show you
a couple but I don’t have with me because I think I’ve either lost them or
I did turn them into a card but this one here was my very first cross stitch look
how neat those stitches are for someone who just started I mean oh dear
I remember that red bit took me like I think I finished some like an afternoon
just really is it focusing here we go really just loved it and my back is
actually pretty neat as well for someone who’s just starting like good Lord oh dear then I went on and I did this little pram on the thing it has like you
can where you can actually put the name and a date I didn’t bother doing that
but yeah I don’t think I did too badly looking back at these
now these are all just normal stitches I did that back stitch in two threads okay
then I did a little rocking horse these are like little semco kits tiny little rocking horse rock rock rock
yeah started to to carry my threads a bit but honestly not too bad I have a whole
here’s a little mini Christmas kits thing is i like the patterns but I hate the
thread I also hate the um come with aida but there’s not a much
room around the corner I haven’t really finished off into anything I should
actually just stitch the patterns again but change all the colors to DMC I also
did like the coverage of the black black on I think this is 14 count the black
on here doesn’t really sure you can see like the white between then theres a little
mister Santa Claus coming down the chimney I got my mum to do the French knot
because I still don’t know how to French If anyone has a good tutorial how to do French knots or colonial knots let
me know because some of the kits I have in my stash that I’m going to show
use them quite a lot so these ones here I think some of these I did
before I went out of my mini stop cross stitch
some of my haven’t this one here is a seashell okay so did quite a few um is it that way whoops sorry wrong way around this way
here these ones here that I think we improved the Aida that they put in
because actually put way more in they actually had a good border around the
edge did a flower whoops should be this way Felicity do
the flower love that purple don’t take very long at all
I think these ones took me like one or two two or three days three if that I
remember stitching this one to get back into it yeah I remember stitching that one as
well it was like my pattern to do in between finishing Tinkerbell and
starting over Aurora Aurora’s Garden one last little one
whoops is a butterfly I anyone who knows me absolutely knows I obsessed with
butterflies absolutely love them they know to buy it they want to buy the
anything and has a butterfly in it I love it
that’s just me I just love butterflies I have for a while love butterflies love
the color purple all right what I’m going to show you now is just a
little bit of what my stashes is. I don’t have a lot um mainly Australia hard
enough to get things here I need show that one later these ones here just i’ve bought on either Australian stash unload or bought while i was in America at
beginning of the year. I’m also a major Disney nut I absolutely love Disney my
friends are i my friend Chloe not one is calling my friend Chloe and I
absolutely loved Disney have for a while no most of the songs I cannot tell you what
my favorite Disney character is, i cannot tell you my favorite princesses love them
all I also have a favourite favorite painter is Thomas Kinkade we
have been lucky enough in our house actually have five paintings of Thomas
Kincade they are Lithographs they’re not
original they are lithographs but they are stunning we don’t have any of the disney ones
but I love his Disney KITs and I love the painting the only Disney kit of his that I don’t like that they’ve charted is the Peter Pan one I
think the charting on there is been not great it does not represent the painting at all what I have here are the kits I love I haven’t started these yet
these are in my stash I hope to start and soon the
This one here is Beauty and the Beast there we go now I understand what people
mean by glare I love this I mean I haven’t had a chance to go and see the new Beauty and the Beast film yet but I do love the original the only thing I know
about this one is I suppose that there’s lots of French knot which is why i need to learn how to do french knots but I just love this this is a really good representation
of the painting just you can see the Rose we’ve got the Rose here we’ve got
rose you’ve got the invention the castle mrs. pots and chip Cogsworth,
Lumiere I just love it um I also have the one for Cinderella this one I still
think is charted pretty nicely it’s a little harder to get from other
detailing but it’s still charted nicely you can see the castle there’s the
prince charming and Cinderella of course yeah where’s is it I have found it before I
look cute like a little mini mice to see the mice
there’s the fairy godmother up in the rainbow there’s the stepmother and the
wicked sisters oh I just love this got a lot of back stitch in it and again it’s
a lot french knots so I need learn how do those I do have two mini kits from the
Disney Dream collection this one here I bought when I was in America at
the beginning year it was the very first time I had ever been to a Hobby Lobby
we don’t have Hobby Lobby in Australia it was amazing as you see yep
$14 from Hobby Lobby I like this mini of Mickey Mouse because I have seen a
kit of the full one of Fantasia but I preferred the small one I just I
think it’s just him I will the only thing I dont like about this is that my threads aren’t sorted like to sit down on the sunny day and go
through the thread Oh not looking forward to that at all this
one here is the last one I have from the Disney dreams is the Little Mermaid
again I love the Little Mermaid the only thing is I think I’ll stitches twice
I’ll stitch it in the mini kit and then eventually I’ll buy the big one as well
not stitch that again unsorted the other two the big ones are sorted
colors just looks lovely I mean you’ve got flounder you’ve got
Ariel you’ve got Eric you’ve got um the dog mental blank cant remember the dogs
name yeah so i will stitch them you whoops glare um I have been slowly gaining a
stash of Mirabilia patterns I have fallen in love with the designers like
just the way the patterns are done I love the colors I think I mainly just
love the dresses that’s my favorite thing
it’s the dresses they are stunning I do have two no three other patterns
by Mirabiliia oh I’m will probably only start them once I finish roses so this
one here is Sabrina just look at that dress and those flowers aren’t they just
gorgeous I’m not sure what fabric the stitch them
on but Wow but it’s very gorgeous the other one I have is Queen Mariposa
that’s how you say it in Mariposa that’s just I didn’t think I’d like to see
something like that but she was is I think it’s the columns near her and
the frame but she’s growing on me so I do love those I do have one more but I’m
going to show you that as part of my stash the other
chart I have mainly from Nora Corbett Mirabilia is the letter F haven’t stitched this yet but I will stitch it for me, the only thing I want to do is try and change the colors
try and make it more purple alright I love purple purple and pink
that would be me but no idea how to do that so if anyone has any idea of how to convert
some of these to purples and pinks or maybe teals or blues let me know I
really have no idea alright my haul honestly I don’t buy a lot the might
next couple of videos you might see me buying a lot mainly because I have in my
cart a major bead order from 1 2 3 stitch because trying to find me little
beads in Australia is not the best so there is a major when I actually place
it because there’s one type of bead that’s out of stock at moments there will be
a haul coming from there I have joined color cascades fabric of the month club as
well so I’m going to start getting some 32 count jobelen from her I think it’s
like 18 by 26 but that will start coming but this is the chart that I
found on stash of Australian Stash Unload, gypsy Queen just stunning I love
those colours in her dress I mean I’m not doing an orange person but they’re just
amazing so all the supplies that the speciality threads and the beads are going
to come from 123 stitch for her from the same person when she posted she
also posted a piece of colour cascades fabric as I said I don’t really have a
big fabric stash so I’ve just joined the fabric of Month Club I’m hoping to build
up my stash this was the fabric of the month for
March this year forbidden fruit and it’s on 22 count
it’s like this stunning pinkie reddy color actually the Lighting’s not bad in
here it’s mottled
and lovely I even have an idea of what I’m going to stitch on that
well maybe I’m sorry sorry um I know I’m going to stitch on that I just need to
get the pattern the lady I’m going to get the pattern from is actually away
for two weeks so when she gets back I’ll get the pattern and I’ll show you that going to be for just going to stitch it all in one color so is a piece of fabric that
is so out there it just need one colour oh wow 50 minutes and that’s going to get
longer from the photos in here alright well that’s the end of my very first
flosstube I have to admit that I did start and stop there’s quite a few times
at the very start I started it went I know that’s not right and restarted
again so i’m not sure how to end these I hope you’ve got the lights okay here I
hope you can hear me alright I have been able to film this tonight because both my
parents out in the city at an Adelaide Symphony Orchestra
concerts otherwise they’d be here the TV would be on and I try and find somewhere
else to film my video isn’t probably to be coming in around about monthly I might
try and do the know your needle worker know that one of the tag videos I think
I’ll do I’ve got the notes down here already for that might do that tonight
might do that later depends how I go from there but I hope you have a lovely
time enjoy your cross stitching don’t buy too much but don’t hesitate to be enabled
either have a lovely weekend for or whenever you’re doing this watching this video and I’m going to say goodbye here from Flissyfish
see ya

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