Fluid Painting with a Beginner – How To Tutorial Dirty Pour with Swipe Technique
Fluid Painting with a Beginner – How To Tutorial Dirty Pour with Swipe Technique

100 thoughts on “Fluid Painting with a Beginner – How To Tutorial Dirty Pour with Swipe Technique”

  1. marriedandcrazy04 says:

    What do you do if you're really like OCD and want the entire canvas covered and not have it just dripping down the side?

  2. Nayla Carrasco says:

    Thank you for this!

  3. Edward Lawson says:

    very cool video just too long

  4. Joyce Watson says:

    What is flotrol ?

  5. Julie Anderson says:

    so cool!

  6. ceci71 says:

    grreat video for one that has never done this. Would you recommend applying some type of sealant? Or is it not necessary? Thanks

  7. Billy G. Willett says:

    As a viewer, Watching paint dry is the second best thing to do with this project.

  8. Dee Babe says:

    Thank you so much for this video! But what if you don't want the bumps!

  9. Chinmayee Akolkar says:

    Best vedio till now !! Very well explained

  10. Uncle Fjester says:

    The process is cool to watch but do people really put these on their walls?

  11. Caren Kaziyev says:

    Very informative! Thank you. Q: Do you get a deeper pool of paint in the center of a wrapped canvas from dipping of the canvas under the weight of the paint? Would that deeper pool dry more slowly? Would a wood or solid surface be better for a pour? Or maybe it doesn't matter? Thanks so much.

  12. mysticflamemoogle says:

    that came out amazing!! Thanks for the step by step too. its rare that someone does a step by step mixing guide and it has help me understand more about how to mix my stuff before i pour. i plan on trying pour painting sometime in the near future.

  13. Bert the Bird says:

    Poor girl. He gives the commands and she has to obey.

  14. Mansi Bavishi says:

    hi i too am a newbie and wanna start doing the paintings. can u pls do a video on the paints and where to buy them, substitutes that can be used. The mixing you do. Do know what is flotrol & y it is used.

  15. Kim Vanslembrouck says:

    What is flotroel

  16. Tyreena Butler says:

    New subscriber your like the best teacher ever🤗🤗🤗🤗

  17. Roxy00726 says:

    Great video. Thank you. A new subscriber!!

  18. myrna hartley says:

    I am a beginner and this will help me a lot. I will watch later, tfs.

  19. SoHo says:

    What's the BEST way to get something done?

    Have someone else do it. lol

  20. Gee Willikers says:

    When she swiped could rhe paint be wiped ob the side of the canvas?

  21. Deb says:

    Thank you for this @Carl Mazur , it's great for beginners. Can I ask, is there a reason why you didn't want silicone in the dark blue colour? Was it something to do with the paint, or was it to reduce the amount of cells? Thanks in advance.

  22. Jodie Lawson says:

    OMG thank you so much for doing this step by step now I kind of understand a little better my problem if I don't like I keep adding and I make the paint to thick doing this never could find that perfect medium to do what I need and I can't seem to make cells to save my life to pop and make beautiful little creations. But I will get it or die trying 😉 thanks again .
    From Idaho

  23. PoGirl says:

    I was looking for "dirty" videos and this came up, lol.

  24. Valerie OTHENIN-GIRARD says:

    Although her ‘first time’, the student is either familiar with the process or is a natural. Excellent instructions given. Timely and clear. No excessive jabbering which can cause overload. Good one. Congrats👍

  25. Draymond Yu says:

    But can I cover it up with a layer of clear epoxy resin?

  26. Tanya Lee says:

    Thank you so much! I love the part where you taught how to stir the paint!!!

  27. Patti Eckardt says:

    I would like to do this to a table top, would you still use the glue and the flo stuff ( forgot the name) or just straight paint?

  28. James Roman says:

    Love the coffee table

  29. Alis Aren says:

    Thank you so muuuuuuch i enjoy very much you r kind .merci beaucoup

  30. Taylor says:

    The way you’re explains this is great. Makes me really wish I paid better attention to the steps ahead of time I’d love if you checked out my video and offered some pointers! https://youtu.be/mT5mIpk7NBc

  31. bamabev79 says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for this tutorial!! It turned out beautiful!!!

  32. Ann Shelton says:

    Thank you so much!!!! This is a wonderful gift ….understanding how all this works 🤔…. Thank you thank you thank 🤗

  33. Marina Art says:

    When she opened the canvas I died inside

  34. Ana Rosado says:


  35. Kathy Kelley says:

    you are not letting her be creative……you want it to look your way. Just let her go.

  36. Diane H says:

    Are the silicone and the floetrol non toxic? Do they have a smell?

  37. Debbie says:

    What does the glue do?

  38. Elizabeth Hand says:

    why the glue?

  39. Da big shoes Morgan says:

    Are you just going to put all that paint on that nice table cloth

  40. Cricket R says:

    Love this video….
    My question…Why use both glue and floetrol?

  41. Arts by Sharamay Ritter says:

    For me I must use gloves sleeveless tops and Reynolds freezer paper down underneath to reuse the acrylic once it dries it will peel off the paper but you can frame what’s left

  42. Rachel Hampton says:

    Excruciating to watch. You aren't explaining the reason for why something needs to be done. More information is better than not enough.

  43. Elizabeth Askander says:

    Would have been nice to have explained the ingredients. And there was so much dead time of just her stirring and mixing stuff. I don’t mean to sound impatient, but I am. This could have been a 15 min video not over 30 min. Neat project tho!

  44. The SINGER Guy says:

    I love AMANDA's fun Tutorials and would also like to invite EVERYONE to watch this amazing SWISS Artist's style of painting: https://youtu.be/FA-5CtpdsYM

  45. Roberta Kleckner says:

    Thanks for explaining and showing your process for mixing ingredients from start to finish, this was very helpful to me, most videos do not show this. Also, showing the type of silicone, a cheaper alternative, I appreciate that.
    You mentioned keeping your finished painting level, that's important.

  46. Robin Tait says:

    you're a fantastic teacher. you both did a great job

  47. Robin Tait says:


  48. Shahin Nazh says:

    Sir can u say that wht materials should i buy for this fluid painting…as a begginer

  49. shichochino says:

    Did you mix white and water?

  50. Noemi S says:

    Thais was a great tutorial. Thank you.

  51. It can't rain all the time says:

    This is a great video. But when she opened that canvas the way she did with the razor, my heart skipped a beat lol

  52. Melissa Bonazza says:

    I just came across pours a few days ago. This was very helpful on getting me started. I did notice you said that you had pre mixed the white, I was wondering what was the white mixed with?

  53. Lin Hint says:

    if displaying on a wall, i need to know how to paint the sides…

  54. thomas reddick says:

    Thank you, I believe that he been adding to much silicone.

  55. Dustwatch onefiveone says:

    Thank you, I have watched dozens of videos and this is the first one to actually show not only what I need, but how to mix it all.

  56. Kirk Nra says:

    Is it a “dirty pour” because you didn’t apply paint to the canvas? Noob here.

  57. Blessed Mrs says:

    God bless you. What fantastic tips just the right video at yhe right time.

  58. Blessed Mrs says:

    Have u used Liquitex pouring Medium?. What do u think of it. Do u think its more expensive n wasye of money.

  59. Kathy Cole says:

    In the beginning of the video you say that your white paint is pre-mixed.  What did you pre-mix it with??  Thank you.

  60. Vietnamese Calligraphy says:

    Very Special. I like it’s. I subscribed

  61. forever Apathetic says:


  62. Borgar Bui says:

    You did not tell why you put the glue and the other stuff into the paint – a beginner need to know that !!

  63. Rita Kelb says:

    What’s the purpose of the glue?

  64. lucijane botelho says:

    Thank you

  65. Kim Waknitz says:

    Seem like your beginner know more than a beginner. She was stopping before you said anything! And why isn’t there plastic down?

  66. Remy Carreiro says:

    Amanda, blink if you need help!

  67. Aleck Simard says:

    So much of this could've been edited out…

  68. Market Wagner says:

    Ich mag deine Technik

  69. Hollis Payson says:

    So happy I found this! Great tutorial thank you😊✨

  70. Misza Coatham says:

    Do You need the Silicone for it if you don't want cells? also i only use a pouring medium instead of the floetrol with glue and water?

  71. jattinn kochhar says:

    what kind of silicone to use for this? exact name?

  72. Have you SMILED today says:

    I don’t understand why the edges aren’t finished. Looks undone.

  73. gihadmourad says:

    what is the difference of using heat gun and fire gun

  74. Amina Nazir says:

    Sir such a nice n detailed video..but u didnt mentioned the use of lubricant..whn to use it n how?kindly explian

  75. Kaz Hausler says:

    What are your ratio mixes for your floetrol. Naked color.. Glue.. Please???

  76. Joanne Donovan says:

    That's really cool! Thanks for showing us how!!

  77. Heather Robinson says:

    I used a a gloss medium instead of glue and I used water as well…I used the heat gun and it seemed to create dents on some areas. Did I use it for too long or did it just dry the paint in those spots?

  78. Rori Grey says:

    “You have total creative freedom” “okay, that’s enough, you don’t want too much light around the sides”

  79. barbara leighton says:

    other channels and yours are showing a pop up that says: BLOCK ADS,!; whats this about do you know?

  80. pardez man says:

    Bro youre the worst teacher i have ever seen 😐
    Just . u the wors , well done
    That is skill too

  81. Stephen Smith says:

    Thanks, I love it 🙂

  82. Ori Grek says:

    Can all this be done on wood panel or MDF? If so, how to prepare the wood panel? Thanks

  83. Vella C Bellaart says:

    How do you finish the sides of the canvas? Do you paint over it or just leave it the way it is?

  84. Bonnie King says:

    bit condescending, like going back 30 years!

  85. Road Runner says:

    So how do you do the sides?

  86. นรานักษ์ คนดี says:

    I'm from Thailand .Many things you used what is it?.please tell me to know .what it use for?.

  87. frisky kitty says:

    Ugh!! If I hear him say "ok" one more time!! She can tell when the cups are evenly filled.

  88. Glitter Addiction says:

    What is the purpose of glue, floatrol and silicone?

  89. Kitty Meow says:

    Great idea, pretty neat, each to his own, not a fan of the swiping, what about the sides, you can't leave them like that :((

  90. MadPaperPeople says:

    what is floetrol??

  91. Brianna Porter says:

    Cool video but he's annoyingly particular…

  92. Marissa Hammer says:

    Cool video 👌 bitty is said so many times tho lol

  93. Connor Charlesworth says:

    Carl buy some fluid acrylics my dude- will definitely help with your chunky issue.

  94. Connor Charlesworth says:

    Carl buy some fluid acrylics my dude- will definitely help with your chunky issue.

  95. June Ribbons says:

    So how do you fix the lumpy silver ? Tho colors came out pretty without the silver
    How about the edges?

  96. tim jones says:

    Who else came here for the blonde hottie??

  97. louise Thibault Joyes says:

    What is floetral ??? And what is its purpose?

  98. Lavina Lewis says:

    So happy to see this video. Now I know why I got cracks in my paint. I had left on the kitchen platform and after I had gone bed, my husband put the fan on full speed.

  99. Lee Francis says:

    as a beginner I have no idea what I just watched, no explanations.

  100. Jazzy Glass Gems says:

    It’s beautiful. I love the colors. My personal preference would have been to coat the sides for a more finished look on this piece.

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