Following A BOB ROSS Tutorial On My BEDROOM WALL?!
Following A BOB ROSS Tutorial On My BEDROOM WALL?!

* Hello there! Today I’m gonna be painting a Bob Ross painting on my bedroom wall. Bob Ross as you might or might not know is a big inspiration of mine, I used to dress up, wear wigs and make videos pretending to be him. Um… I have no regrets. Initially the plan was to do like a big Starry Night or like, an old classic painting on my bedroom wall or maybe a Banksy painting, but then I saw another YouTuber actually make a Bob Ross painting on her bedroom wall and I just thought, “She’s a genius!” So thank you to her, link will be in the description. If you’d like to see me try and paint Starry Night or Banksy on another wall next time, give this video a like and if it gets to like… I’m trying to think of an obscene number that I probably won’t reach so that I don’t have to do this again. 20,000 likes! If this video gets 20,000 likes I will paint Starry Night or Banksy or the Mona Lisa on the wall, or something. Got some overalls, which only seem to come in extra large or extra extra large. What the hell is this? Oh, it’s upside down, okay! Yeah, I think this is gonna be a problem. I’m ready. Great. Aw, it’s the plant pot for the plant that I killed! *Background music* Well, that’s wonky, but that’s fine. I just want to have a massive shout out to how amazing my mum is for letting me do this to the wall! I’ve just got some basic acrylics, as you can see. So because I’m painting at a much larger scale than Bob is, I wasn’t really sure what size brushes I should have. Like, he suggested like, a one-inch and a two-inch so I basically got like, a four-inch, a one-inch, a two-inch, a three-inch, I’ve got every inch of paintbrush under the sun. So it looks like I need to paint my wall white. *Music continues* You’re literally watching me paint a wall at the moment, I do apologize. How’s everyone today going? Having a nice day? I hope so. It’s done! (Bob Ross on computer): You just enjoy, because painting should make you happy. You hear that? Painting should make you happy. It doesn’t make me happy sometimes. But that’s fine. I forgot that I can actually technically use water… and I’ve dropped my brush in it. *Music* I always thought when I have kids I would do like, a big Winnie the Pew – Pew? Pew. Winnie the Pooh mura- *stammers* mural on their bedroom wall, like in the nursery whatever. This, this is a lot of work, I’m kind of second-guessing my thoughts now, especially because most people do this stuff when they’re PREGNANT! It’s too hot. I look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man! This could work. I don’t even like this T-shirt, so if I ruin it, that’s okay. Hey Chloe! Did you know that this video is sponsored by Skillshare? Hey, do you love Bob Ross videos where he teaches you how to paint from scratch? Then you are gonna love Skillshare! They have thousands of classes in a similar Bob format in fine art, illustration, photography, graphic design, web development, business and so much more that you can explore to find new skills. So I’m currently loving this class by a woman called Cat Coquillette, she’s actually an incredible watercolor artist who’s licensed her work to companies like Urban Outfitters, ModCloth, and sold her art basically on hundreds of thousands of products so really cool class. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a professional that just wants to learn new skills, it doesn’t even have to be about art, Skillshare has tons of different categories, not just art. You can even learn stuff about cooking. So if you would like to check it out, the link in the description will give you two months of free Skillshare, all unlimited classes for free. Two months! It’s a great deal. So make sure you check it out, or if you decide to sign up for their Premium Membership, it works out less than $10 a month for an annual subscription so thank you so much to Skillshare for sponsoring this video today and making these types of videos possible. So I went for lunch and now it’s 6 o’clock. So we’re gonna continue! I have to blueify this area and I think some of that area. Oh f- I buggered that up. So the thing is, on his painting he’s using oils, which don’t dry very quickly so his white base was still wet which blends into the blue, but acrylics aren’t really like that. They dry pretty fast so I’m blending it over a large space and by the time I get to one part, it’s already dried. So… it’s a bit more difficult so it’s not gonna be as seamless as his is, but I’m doing my best. *Music* It’s literally half full and I can’t get the paint out. Why are you so thick? NO! Wrong color, wrong color. *Sighs* We’re on day two, and I got excited and started painting a happy little cloud and I hadn’t started recording. So I apologize for that. Bob told me he wanted me to add a happy little cloud, which is cool, he also asked me to do it with a fan brush and this was the biggest fan brush I could find. The blue kinda needs to be wet to blend in with the cloud but unfortunately, because it is acrylic paint and dries fast, that’s not how it works. So you kind of, I need to adjust my technique a bit. *Continues* Um, I don’t know what’s been recording and what hasn’t because I’ve just noticed my camera’s been off. My palette knife is a totally different shape to Bob’s and my wall is not flat like a smooth canvas, it’s actually textured. *Knife scraping wall* Okay, this is not easy because I’m left-handed. So, I’ve ruined it! This is taking so much longer than I expected it to! I am exhausted and I’ve only done probably half of it at this point, I’ve still gotta add tons of greenery, like, all here and this side. I’m surprised, and I would of course pick the one tutorial that he was spending an hour on! They’re normally like 25 minutes and I picked the hour one so that was my bad. But I’m really happy with it so far. *Music continues* Okay, it’s time to make some happy little evergreen trees but my brush is very frayed, as you can probably see, and Bob’s is very smooth. So I’m a little bit concerned about the technique of actually putting the tree as a tree. This is just gonna end in disaster. I can just, I can feel it. *Music* Okay, I’ve done the happy, not so happy looking trees! Now is the fun part. We’re gonna add a bunch of mess that we’re then gonna make look cool! I watched ahead. I cheated a bit. But, it’s okay! I’m excited. So I actually feel like this yellow is really benefiting this particular tree, because this was my first tree I was experimenting a lot with technique because I had a totally different brush and size to him, so I wasn’t overly happy with this tree, but I’m a lot happier with it now that I’ve added this yellow. Okay, now we are gonna try and create like a, a bushy effect, which we do by kind of poking the canvas with bristles like this. His bristles aren’t quite as messy as mine are but I’m hoping that’ll work to my advantage. We shall see. Yeah! Okay, cool! This works. I’m happy. The one time I’m glad for having dodgy frayed brushes is when I’m trying to poke bushes onto my canvas. This is quite a fun technique to use. I’m not sure if it would look good on like, a smaller canvas, but it looks okay on a bigger one. *Continues* Okay, I’m about 8 hours in now. My overalls are destroyed because I keep standing on them and ripping them. So they’re not doing much good but I’m gonna put em on anyway, just for the sake of it. *Music* Okay, so I have finished the painting. I just need to take off the tape now which is the most satisfying part, so I’m very excited for that. Okay, moment of truth. Are you ready? It’s done! It’s a little bit wonky down there and also I made a mess on the wall, but I can clean it up. Other than the wonkyness at the top, I’m really happy with it! I mean, I’m really, I’m really, really happy. I won’t lie, this is probably my favorite thing I’ve ever done. So this is it, I am so happy with it. Like, I didn’t think that I’d be as happy with it as I am. This took a long time. It took three days and a few hours over each day, but overall, I’m so happy I did this. The plan was to initially paint it and then just paint over it in this mid-wall color just to hide it again, but I’m not gonna do that because I actually like it in my room and I like staring at the mountain, so I’m gonna keep it for now, and I’m really happy with it. I hope that you enjoyed this video, thank you so much for watching along. I really appreciate it and again, if you would like to see me do this again but with a classical painting or a Banksy painting on a different wall, let me know, give me a thumbs up. And if you get to 20,000 I will definitely do another one and leave a comment down below which one you’d like to see. So yes, this is it, thank you so much for watching this video. I really hope that you enjoyed it. I just saw myself in the mirror, that was terrifying. But yeah, this is it, thanks for watching this video, take care of yourselves and I will see you in the next video.

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