French Knot and The Loopy French Knot – Textile Evolution
French Knot and The Loopy French Knot – Textile Evolution

okay the dreaded French knot I have more
students who do not like French knots I have to tell you I love French
knots and I love making loopy French knots so I’m gonna show you a really
easy way to make French knots hopefully it’ll clear it up for you so that you
can fall in love with them too they just are so fun to add this little I like to
just kind of scatter them in a little arc along my pieces it’s just fun
alright so when you come up you want to hold your thread with your non-dominant
hand you want to wrap it around the needle I haven’t found it makes much
difference whether you go that way or this way it doesn’t really matter then
you’re going to put then hold this with this finger whoops hold this thread with
this finger on the needle see how I’m holding it up put it in right next to
where you came out pull this knot down and hold that thread taut pull this
through not so taut that you can’t pull the the other thread through but you
want to hold it the whole time and then you have this beautiful little French
knot let me do it again so you can see it again hold the thread with your
finger put it in right next to it hold the tail of the thread fairly taut and
pull it through done now to do it loopy French not they’re way fun so you start
the exact same way you come up from the back wrap it three four times however
many time you want put the needle back in close and then let go when you let go
you allow that thread to be looser and then you get these lovely little loops
not so much in the black it doesn’t mean I’m using the black for high contrast so
you can see it better on the video but when you do it in pinks and reds and
yellows it definitely looks more like little flower heads
so that’s the loopy French knot and the French knot I hope you love them you

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