From AutoCAD to Revit: Cleaning Up Imported AutoCAD Details in Revit
From AutoCAD to Revit: Cleaning Up Imported AutoCAD Details in Revit

[Jack Trexler] So here what I will do is just come into my Revit,
do a big window select, I’ll filter out, first I’ll do my text so my text notes here. Take those and it looks
like I’m going to use one size text on all of this
so I’m gonna come up here and you can see all those
different text styles will start coming in. When you start doing 10, 20, 30, you can see that this can get very big so like I said, this is
just gonna be a trash file so 3/32 Arial. That’s my company standard right now and you’ll see too that I brought this as an in-text and it did
explode onto single line text. Now what I’ll do is I’ve
got all my text done so I’m gonna come back in here and go to looks like lines earth, so I’ll just start with
this one, lines earth. Okay so it looks like those up there so I’m just gonna change
this to my thin line style, there we go and then do this over again. And then we got some
hidden, we got some leaders, I’ll do my object for now and those are all the
objects so I want them to be probably medium. I’ll do these medium lines. There we go. Now all those lines are medium. So I’ve got my medium, I’ve got my thin, let’s look at the rebar. Those looks like it could
be a little bit thicker, we could try wide. Yeah, those look fine. We’ll do wide lines on there. And then I’ve got leaders. So those are gonna be, I could probably put these
in the thin line style. There we go. And we just keep doing
this until we get rid of all these so there’s my hidden, 10 medium so I will
check none, do my hidden. Okay right up here so this one I’ll try MEP hidden, see if that does. That’s fine, that’s good. Alright so now what I’ll do
is I’ll just check it again, make sure that there’s none of those so the detail items,
I’ll still need to fix, let’s see, wide lines, thin lines, everything looks good there, we’ll check our detail items so here’s what I’m talking
about with the arrows and such. So here you can go through
the lengthy process of basically selecting your text, getting a new arrow on there, getting it correct and deleting out your old. So like I said I’ll do a couple of these and then I think you guys get the point. Want to delete those out. So here you just go through
the whole gambit of arrows and leader lines, all
those look pretty decent. If you do use in any one of these like these dimensions
that are set up here, I will just take a leader, I’ll just add a leader here and basically just take this leader and just scale these arrowheads up so they’re basically the same size so that’s what I would do for
some of these detail items and basically, that is it for this. We’ll save this, okay. And then I could close the file, I think I’m gonna keep
it open for right now. But basically that’s the
conversion that you do in Revit.

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