Fuente de Los Azulejos, Mogán – Senderismo en Gran Canaria [SUB ENG]
Fuente de Los Azulejos, Mogán – Senderismo en Gran Canaria [SUB ENG]

Hi localguiders! Today we are going to show you a route from the top of Fuente de Los Azulejos There are about 14 kilometers and it is a circular track Today we came to this route. We woke up very early because we live in the north of the island and we wanted to arrive early because we wanted to avoid the sun and the people So we have come with our dogs and the sun hasn’t come out to the trail yet so we are going to start now because there are about 4 hours of hike and let’s see how it is since we have seen some pictures and it seems to be a nice place. At about one kilometer from the beginning of the trail we have found the first water ponds. This year it hasn’t rained that much, so the water isn’t flowing. So if you visit this place after strong rains it will be more beautiful You have to bear in mind that you will have to climb a bit so you will have to come here well equipped as it is not a flat hike. If you decide to continue climbing 30 minutes more you will reach this pine tree forest at Inagua nature reserve along the way, look at these totems, so that you do not get lost We have already done about 5 kilometers of the hike We have reached the classroom of the nature of Inagua a quite remote place of the island as you may see. We have been walking about 2 hours actually we are going quite slow because of the videos and pictures and we haven’t come across more people along the way In the kilometer 10 we start to descent after being climbing about 800 meters high Well Ruth, what do you think about todays route? To be honest it is surprising us a lot, since it is a hike that we didn’t know and the landscape as you go forward is changing and the best of all is that we haven’t met anyone it is true that we woke up very early, but it’s worth coming. If you are trying to this hike, bring food and water enough with you and come well equipped with well equipped she means to wear trekking or sport clothes because we have been walking some hours and I think that finally we will do it in 5-6 hours so it is important to come well equipped with nice hiking shoes We decided to make the route starting from the ponds and finishing on this side. You can also do it in the contrary way and finish having a bath at the ponds Well, the last meters of the trail are through the road as it is a circular route I think that there are about 500 meters, no more the truth is that it is appreciated that the ground is firm This stall is usually open, but it seems to be that on Sundays they close. Here they prepare yummy natural juices. Perfect to recover after a hike of almost 6 hours. Thank you!

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  1. Jorge Toledo says:

    Pedazo de ruta!!!

  2. Fran-c4 says:

    Muy buen trabajo pareja….

  3. Regaliz Funwear says:

    La pobre plata! Espero que el agua no estuviera fría.. xD

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