Furniture Arranging for Small Living Rooms
Furniture Arranging for Small Living Rooms

When your living room can only fit a few pieces
of furniture, it’s time to think big. Maximize your space with these small living room arranging
tips. First, arrange to accommodate the walk ways. This seating arrangement lets traffic
flow in from the front door and from the door to the patio, through the living room, and
on to the rest of the home. Also, try to select the right-sized furniture. Take measurements
rough sketches to ensure that everything will fit. And if the furniture is close together,
one central coffee table can serve all the seats. And this coffee table doubles as a
dining room table. Finally, eliminate the need for large end tables by using wall-mounted
lamps. Remember, it’s all about choosing the right-sized furniture and arranging it to
be functional. Keep that in mind, and you’ll soon be living large in your small space.

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  1. shellykp33 says:

    Great tips! Where can I find that convertible coffee table?

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