FURNITURE MULTIFUNGSI Interior Desain Rumah Minimalis untuk Apartemen Mewah
FURNITURE MULTIFUNGSI Interior Desain Rumah Minimalis untuk Apartemen Mewah

Living in an apartment is a right choice With minimalis room with complete facilities Making it suitable for business people or students. Now i am at ciumbuleuit gallery apartment 3 Let’s see now, Apartment room Well Now we’ve been in gallery ciumbuleuit 3Type rosewood This type is suitable for a family home. Now the interior design of the apartment is ready Apparently with the arrangement of good furniture a narrow room can feel spacious. This is master Bed Room The unique of this kitchen is This kitchen is equipped with a backsplash that can be written And also beautified by such lighting The area of ​​an apartment is indeed limited But still does not limit our need for furniture With good layout design and multifunctional furniture We can still have the furniture we need without making the room narrow Next Episode interior luxury apartment with smart home concept, with high technology.

11 thoughts on “FURNITURE MULTIFUNGSI Interior Desain Rumah Minimalis untuk Apartemen Mewah”

  1. iyazt oce says:


  2. Gia Lục says:

    dont understand anything but still like

  3. Raden Lombok says:

    mantap gan, tonton juga video sy ya

  4. Eisha Em says:

    Meja convertible di jual dmn ya?

  5. Leddo Indonesia says:

    Wah keren keren desain interiornya, oh iya kalo butuh lampu untuk interior desain bisa liat liat di

  6. CAK says:

    suaranya gema yah harus di tambah absorber/difuser

  7. Louis de Morgan says:

    Sini di apartemen bareng saya, tak hajar tiap hari wkwk

  8. Calisa interior says:

    Pak, itu pitu lipat cermin sekat nya pake rel apa pak bawah nya ada rel nya ngk itu

  9. Terry Rizky says:

    Mhn info BpK ibu untuk beli meja lipatnya nya dimana?

  10. Jodhi Nugroho says:

    cari mesin kayu?

    panel saw / sliding table saw


    press (hot or cold press)



    Tools dll

    hub Jody 08567 400 188

  11. 96visual says:

    Mba Cantique

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