Furniture Solutions by Cort Furniture
Furniture Solutions by Cort Furniture

You know the last time I had new furniture, Gunny? The kids were jumping on it, the dog
was sleeping on it, and the cat was scratching all over it.
What kids? You didn’t have any kids. Come on. (Laughter).
I know. I’m just messing with you, Gunny. But we do have new furniture from CORT, and
it’s set to arrive right now. (Laughter).
What? You don’t think somebody would have kids with me?
No, I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t. We have CORT Furniture back on board. Danielle
Betz is here to explain the design process. Alright, Danielle. So, obviously everything
is in a state of disarray right now. Yes.
But you’re going to make it look great. Tell me the game plan here.
Well, the game plan here is that we were given the challenge of using the existing sofa that
the Parke family had, but we wanted to freshen up the environment and give them seating because
there are many members of the Parke family. There sure are.
And this is a space that the family can come together, it’s a gathering point, to watch
TV, play some games. So, we wanted to give them options of multiple seating and also
some storage. Yeah, you know, what I noticed is over here
we’ve got these end tables, right? But they serve a dual purpose.
Well absolutely. They can be an end table, they can be an ottoman, but even better, provides
extra seating. Some furniture, of course, is going to move
over to the kitchen area like this table. Alright, so how many chairs do we have for
this? We are going to have 8 chairs for them, and
we’re also providing bar stools for them as well. So, again, the kitchen is the center
of the home and with it being adjacent to the family room we think it’s a great opportunity
for the family to come together.(music). The furniture placement is taking shape, but
there’s still lots to do. You know, what you really nailed this time was having these white
pieces kind of compliments the cabinetry that’s in the kitchen that’s being installed.
Well, absolutely. White is also very fresh and it also lightens up the room. So, again,
it gives it a fresh look. Excellent with the dark floors.
Absolutely. So looking around the room, now, you’ve got
a lot of different finishes on the furniture. We’ve got different color woods and metals
and a bunch of paint,distressed paint, look. People don’t need to match everything, do
they? Oh, no. In today’s home decor, it’s all about
mixing styles, mixing colors, mixing finishes. It’s about being eclectic. So, again, for
a young family with lots of different personalities, this room has a personality all of its own.
It sure does. And I really like what you did here with the rug with the shapes and it picks
up some of the colors going on in the room. Absolutely. It’s a large graphic element that
grounds the room and also ties all the furnishings together.
Wow, you have an answer for everything, Danielle, don’t you?
Well, I try. But you also are not only doing the living
room, you’re also working the bedroom. The living room is not the only space being
furnished. Well, it’s going to be really great when it’s all done, and I feel like I’m holding
you up here. But if you need a hand, just let me know, and we’ll get things placed.
I can actually get Joe on this to move some stuff for you.
Oh, Art, no. You need to help me move some furniture. We have a lot to do and a very
short amount of time — Joe is way better than me.
The family is on its way. All hands on deck! Alright, whatever you say Danielle. I’ll get
to work. Okay, this chair?
Yeah. We need to move it.(music).

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