GameDev Tools: Tilesetter
GameDev Tools: Tilesetter

Hell everybody, today we’re looking at another
useful GameDev tool! So first thing’s first: What is Tilesetter? Tilesetter is a tool for automating the creation
of tilesets. Specifically at the moment it can help you
build the 47 tile “blob” sets used by me and many others in GameMaker,
but also the 16 tile sets sometimes used in top down games and other types of things.
You give it a bit of base artwork and it does the rest for you. It’s pretty cool The developer behind this tool got in touch
a really long time ago and gave me access to a demo build, I’ve sadly
never had chance to check it out until recently, but given that it’s coming out very soon (I
think it’ll be out when this video goes live) I thought it’d be a good time to take a look.
And I find myself wishing I had looked at this earlier because it turns out this tool
could have saved me a lot of time, so let’s get into
it! You obviously need to provide some artwork
yourself for this tool. But what tilesetter does is takes the art
for your tile’s main “texture” and overlapping art for edges and corners and trims,
rotates and combines that artwork to create the full 47 tiles of all of the edges and
corner combinations you need. Or the full 16 tiles if you’re doin one of
those. This means you can build a whole tileset in
tilesetter with just a surface texture and one ‘edge’ as you can see. This is footage now of me generally trying
to get to grips with the workflow, after a tiny bit of practice and reading the documentation. I’ve been copying and pasting directly from
my art software – in this case Pyxel Edit – and I can already tell that this tool would
save me a whole lot of time in Game Jams (where time spent
on tasks like this is most precious) You can customize quite a lot about how the
combination works. Determining pixel cut off, rotation, etc. It automatically creates corners for you with
little diagonal slices, but you can also create corner pieces yourself to replace this composite
style. As has been demonstrated by the developer
in various cute little GIFs. It’s a really helpful tool and I can certainly
see it being a huge asset in jams and short projects just with it’s simplest application
and simplest workflow. You can certainly also use this as a starting
point and go in and clean up or tweak the final result. I know I personally spend a lot of time just
doing the basic rotating corners around and synchronizing the edges and surfaces of tile
sets like this. And it takes a really long time, and this
makes that whole process take about five seconds. There’s great workflow assistance in this
tool too, as I said I’ve been quickly copying and pasting changed artwork into the tool.
You can also create sync groups to automatically update tiles as you save the base
artwork files from which you’re drawing your artwork. And that’s really cool too, so you can set
everything up and just spend most of your time just flipping back and forth between
the two. So that means you can really quickly just
flip back and forth between your art software and Tilesetter, just to see changes to the
entire tile set by just drawing a couple of pixels. It’s a really strong tool and my only real
gripe with it is its documentation. The site lists a handful of topics for it
in alphabetical order. It’s a good site, they’ve got little hover
over tooltips that are really good. But there’s not even so much as a “Quick Start”
page. Perhaps more is planned for releases (As I
say it should be released by the time this video comes out, there might be some more
stuff I don’t know) But I had trouble getting going just by not
knowing what anything did or what topics I should even be reading about first.
And the tool itself feels slightly opaque in that it assumes some understanding of its
concepts. What is in the documentation is good but it
feels like it is serving as a reference to people who already know what they’re looking
for, and might not help expose all of the tool’s
features to new users. I am sure I’ve missed plenty of cool things
the tool can do. I was looking for a way to add extra layers
to tile compositions. his doesn’t seem to be a feature but it’s
sort of hard to tell. It almost feels like I might just be missing
a short-cut that does something hidden but amazing.
(Which reminds me of another certain piece of software.) That aside it did not take me long to get
going with the basic and most effective use of this piece of software.
Which as I say is just throwing some quick artwork together and turning it into a massive
fully functional tileset. I got to grips with that pretty quickly. So I do reccomend this tool. It’s about $13
on which to me, feels about right and a good deal for what it offers. It is also on Steam but I always recommend
getting the version of anything if you can. Better cuts for the developer, DRM free, etc. I think I’ll be using this a whole bunch,
the hours I’ve spent in game jams simply rotating and combining tiles in this way only makes
me wish I’d have tried this thing out sooner. And the interface is super slick, and pretty
and it’s nice to look at, pleasant to use, really nice workflow. Thumbs up. So go check this out! Thanks for watching, catch you guys next time. [Credits]

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  1. Shaun Spalding says:

    The tool is out now! I neglected to mention that there is a free demo available so you can try it out for yourself. Hit up

  2. Unknown Games says:

    Wow nice tool!

  3. UnderstoodHuman12345 says:


  4. Eddygeek18 says:

    Looks like a useful software but i dont usually make graphics if i do there a simple block to test functionality over anything else. If i see it on sale i'll probably pick it up though

  5. Andrew Stamps says:

    Just blew my mind with Ctrl+T in GMS2 (why isn't this front and center!?)

  6. Dragon Man Games says:

    Very nice.

  7. Vincent Merrone says:

    Shaun always produces these great tutorials. Has he ever released a game? I imagine it would be very well done.

  8. Gbtx6 says:

    Didn't know about the itch_io difference for the developer. Thank you so much for letting me know Shaun!

  9. William Queen says:

    This tool should have pixel editing so it can become a full feature tool, the lack of drawing on this tool makes it kinda incomplete

  10. Ismael Valenzuela says:

    Estaba justo revisando tilesets, y llegaste mágicamente, y es el mismo programa que uso <3

  11. Esesem ssm says:

    Could understand nothing

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  13. ಠ_ಠ says:

    Seriously, are you ever gonna start that Action RPG series you talked about or what?

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