Godis vs Mat CHALLENGE – Gummy vs Real Food
Godis vs Mat CHALLENGE – Gummy vs Real Food

Hey hey! We’re going to do a challenge today. If you want to see more challenges on our channel. Leave a thumbs up. Mommy is the waitress. That’s right. I’m going to serve the kids a plate each. It’s either real food or candy food. Gummy vs real food challenge. I think the one who dares to taste all is the winner. But that’s a bit unfair, one of you could get candy all the time. So it’s up to you guys who’s the winner. Leave a comment and let us know who you think should win. Write Harry or Alma. Would you like to win? Are you ready to do this? Yes! Hold on, let’s move them around. Which one would you like? That one. One, two, three.. Yes, yes yes! I got a gummy strawberry and he got a real one. I’m happy for the real strawberry. Can I taste yours Alma? Oops, I ate all mine. We’re ready for next one. Here we go. Move them around. Right? One, two, three. What’s this? Oh My God! Can I try yours? Do you like yours? Yes, it’s super nice. Let me try yours. It’s not that nice. Do you know what it is? It’s real caviar and candy caviar. I want the candy version. Alma can offer you some. We share. Move them around. Which one would you like? That one. One, two, three.. Wow! You got a candy banana and I got a real banana. Tasty. Can I try yours? It’s wrapped in plastic. Oh, I can remove it from the banana skin. Funny. You have to unscrew the lid. Do you know what it is? Let me open it. It’s a spray. Open your mouth. It’s banana spray. Oh my God, it’s so sour! Let me try. It’s very sour. Let me try again. I got the best one. It’s an ordinary banana. Banana peel explosion. We’re ready for the next one. Move them around. One, two, three… I got a gummy hamburger. And I got a real one. Can I try yours? It’s a hamburger made of candy. Super nice. Very tasty. It’s several parts. This is meat. Look, a cucumber. You’re slurping. What’s best, gummy hamburger or real burger? This one. It’s a gummy bear in the hamburger. You seem hungry. What an afternoon snack. Move them around. I want that one. Ok, hold on. One, two, three.. You got a real clam and I got a gummy clam. It’s disgusting! You can have of mine. Don’t do it. Take a piece of mine instead. It’s awful to eat a real clam. Mom, would you like some? Smell it. Smell. Take it away! It smells like seabed. Move them around. Are you ready? One, two, three… Yes! Harry got a gummy cake and I got a real cake. Would you like a real one? This is awesome. The gummy raspberries are great. Can I taste? Yes. This is so nice. Don’t eat all of it. It’s sour. I love my Harry. I love my Alma. We take a break to let the children answer question of the day. Hannes Winberg is asking: Do Harry and Alma fight a lot or a little? A lot. A little. A lot. A little. A lot. A little. You can’t argue about that! But I agree with Harry, I don’t think you fight much. Do you really think so Alma? Yes. If I compare it to me and my siblings as kids. I don’t think you fight at all. But everyone’s got their perception of reality. We’re ready for the next one! Ok. Move them arund, move them around! Are you happy with this one? Hold on! One, two, three… Ugh! Fish! A sardine. Who’s going to eat that? I don’t want to! Move them around. Thank you! One, two, three… Yes! I got a gummy egg and he got a real egg. I like real eggs! Are you going to eat all of it? Alma, I’ve almost eaten everything!! Your mouth smell of egg. Move them around. Move your elbows young man. One, two, three… Yes, yes, yes, yes! I got a real pizza and he got a gummy pizza. Can I try yours? Sure. If I can try yours. Ok. Oh, bananas. It’s a candy pizza. It’s super tasty. You’re so nice to each other. Imagine if every competition was like this. Look, a pizza slice in the gummy pizza. And here’s a real pizza slice. Very cute. We only have one left, it’s the prize money. Are you ready? Yes! Here we go. Move them around. One, two, three… Chocolate coins. I got candy! I can’t eat this. Have some of mine. You can’t eat real money. Share the chocolate and the coins are your pocket money. Help me open this one. It’s easy, do like this. This is the prize of this challenge. And the winner is: Harry and Alma! Or what do you think? Leave a comment. Subscribe to our channel. Post questions. Leave a thumb up or down. Ring the bell. And take care until next time. Bye! Bye!

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  1. Rahmo Muqtar says:

    båda vann

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    Alma van men Harry var med bra

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    Harry vann

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    Alma vann

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    Alma och Harry van

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    Harry vinner

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    Vinnaren är Harry

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    Harry vann😁😁😁

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    Harry åt mer än alma😄💗

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    Båda två dom vann

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    Harry är gullig

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    Harry vann

  21. Towe Nilsson says:

    Varför delar #Harry och Alma rum Harry gillar du att dela rum med Alma

  22. Towe Nilsson says:

    Harry van han är så söt

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    Jag tycker att det båda två vann önskar Andreas

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    Harry vann

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    Alma ska vinna❤

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    Älskar er!❤

  32. Madde Karlström says:

    Båda vinner tycker jag!!😍😉🤠

  33. Cash baker baker says:

    Harry!! Är så sött så klart att han van!!!

  34. Malin Bengtsson says:

    Båda vann

  35. Hans Hallström says:

    Alma van men Harry var också duktig ☺

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    Harry och alma

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    Jag tycker att båda två van💗😁❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    Harry vann för att han fick mest godis

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    Harry vann

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    Alma vinner eller båda vinner

  42. Amanda #Girl says:

    Så gulliga

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    jag tycker att alma van

  45. nele2023 says:

    Alma och hary

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    Jag älskar när Harry sa den var stark😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  49. Alva Larsson says:

    Ni är bäst i hela värden på youtube.😘😍😘😍😘😍Love you

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    Harry ❤

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    jag tycker att Alma vann..

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    Jag tycker att båda van

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    Haha där vid 3.45

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  59. dalmar yare says:

    Harry vann

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    Jag tycker att båda vann♥️♥️♥️

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  63. Nemi Oneill says:

    När Harry sa jag vill ha godiskaviar så hade han redan fått av Alma ps i ❤️ u

  64. Caroline Sandö says:

    Båda är vinare!

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    Båda etdgvhgg😗😔😓😓😓

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    Inget hat men Harry hinner inte smacka före Alma frågar går jag smacka inget hat

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    Dom smaskar

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    Jag tycker båda vann,😍

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    Kan ni göra en gör sönder stresbolar vidio

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    Båda van tycker jag love Alma och Harry 😻😻❤️❤️❤️

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    Alma och Harry vann.

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    Harry van

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    Vad säg vad heter du Siri sök på Siri vad är klockan säg nu bor i USA

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    Alma van😊

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    Båda såklart!

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    Jag hejar på borda.

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    båda vann tycker jag💙💚❤🍭🍫🍬

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    Harry vann i godis vs mat

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    båda van

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    Jag tycker att Harry vann🌈👍🥳🦄🦄🦄👯‍♀️👭👭🕺🏽🧸🧸🧸

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    Båda vinner

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