Gothic Furniture Haul | My Unboxing of a MASSIVE Haunt Furniture Order! | Avelina De Moray
Gothic Furniture Haul | My Unboxing of a MASSIVE Haunt Furniture Order! | Avelina De Moray

100 thoughts on “Gothic Furniture Haul | My Unboxing of a MASSIVE Haunt Furniture Order! | Avelina De Moray”

  1. Toxic Tears says:

    THE JEALOUSY IS REAL <3 Your house looks frickin amazing too, makes me want to move even more than I already do.😭 We definitely have similar taste, I'd be all about the blood red velvet too haha <3

  2. Kirsten Linfoot says:

    Damn, I don't use credit cards and we don't drink or smoke much, but my hubs, daughter, and I won't ever be able to save up for 30,000 dollars worth of furniture after already saving for a house o.o -everything is SO gorgeous though; I'm uber happy for you all!!! Your house will be so dreamy now!

  3. adah ! says:

    Im so envious of these!!

  4. Savannah Romaine says:

    I'm not even goth and I think it's all beautiful

  5. Gloomcookie Grl says:

    My face is green!

  6. Liz Rainey says:

    When will you be doing a tour of everything, I'd love to see an update 🤗

  7. Rose Hedy says:

    Inspiration!! For when I move to a bigger home.

  8. Velvet Luxe says:

    It's like a gothic xmas opening all them 😍

  9. Rebellious Refinement says:

    Loving your style! I had a store and had and still have very similar pieces in my home as yours! Finally someone on youtube with some style I can relate to! Im addicted to your channel! <3 TFS!

  10. PrincessJewel says:

    The furniture is so beautiful.

  11. Doreen Bierens says:

    I'm so jealous right now. You're place looks amazing

  12. Auryn T says:

    Hey Avelina! I'd love to see all the Haunt furniture set up like you'd planned. I'm sure it looks amazing. Your house is great. I love the unique layout.

  13. Falena Luna says:

    Make America Goth Again!

  14. Melli Muertos says:

    So jealous! You are so blessed

  15. Steph z says:

    When are you going to do the house tour with your new furniture

  16. Ravenwind999 says:

    That American President joke was NOT funny. Strange she didn't say that about Australia's President…… Otherwise, I still enjoyed all of the Goth furniture–hopefully, I will be able to furnish my own place similar to this one day……

  17. Nicole Cook says:

    I am so jealous i want to have all of that stuff it looks gourgeous

  18. Juanita Cromatica says:

    Todooooo esta hermoso!

  19. Books With B says:

    EVERY.SINGLE.PIECE. My gawd!!! The loveseat! The bed and bookcase, I die!!!! 🖤🖤🖤

  20. StarsintheRaven says:

    It was so much fun to see these fabulous pieces, thank you for sharing them with us.

  21. Alex V.W says:

    I need that coffee table.

  22. Brother Brandon; HeteroSexual says:

    Beautiful FURNITURE

  23. MoonRaven83 says:

    I need this furniture in my life 😍

  24. Blue Butterfly!!! says:

    im getting the same love seat as you! im so excited and cant wait

  25. helens midnight dreary says:

    I need all of it

  26. MADALINA says:

    I have just found your channel and totally am binge watching your videos! 🖤 And I just had to leave a comment here because this is amazing!!! Your house looks absolutely stunning! 😍😍😍 I wish I'd knew about this company before I furnished my house as this is exactly the style I'm going for! Really looking forward to seeing the upgraded house tour!

  27. Danielle says:

    I wish I could have all this furniture too. Maybe one-day when I'm a billionaire from hitting the lotto otherwise not realistic cuz each one of these items is like $5000

  28. Jade Garcia says:

    Omg love the furniture!!!

  29. Benjamyn Gardner says:

    <3 I'm so glad you like our pieces 😀

  30. TheBayou Witch says:

    Nice furniture

  31. politexchangeofbullets jenny-Tuohy says:

    Just found you and love you already, but maybe just go see why the little stinker is crying?

  32. FeyScribe says:

    your hat is strange and unusual.

  33. Speriodically Stupid says:

    How do ppl afford this stuff?!

  34. SL3DG3 says:

    Fuck Marilyn manson as president, put Aurelio Voltaire in office!

  35. Harry Toeface says:

    I get a very Type O Negative Peter Steele Vibe. Very nice!

  36. Jayla Seymour says:

    If i wasnt claustrophobic, I'd sleep in that coffin

  37. AmanoGinju says:

    Even I'm just a regular girl, but this is my dream house! I love all of them 😆

  38. Death Horse says:

    Wow ur house is bad a$$

  39. MsChinaDollxo says:

    That furniture is gorgeous 😍 I’m not goth but I still enjoyed your video lol I love your accent btw 🖤 Queen of the damned was one of my favorite vampire movies as well. My number one favorite has to be interview with the vampire 🙌🏻

  40. White Faerie Queen says:

    I loved this video and your taste in furniture 😉 I do hope you will have your new home reinnovated and ready to tour soon. After having scoured all of the supposed Gothic home tours on the net, I haven't found one that I would truly call Gothic which is sad; (except for part of Aurelio Voltaries home. I do love his taste in purple/black which is the same as mine. I love most of what he has done in his home). I feel that with your taste in furniture is true Goth style, your home when it is done, will surely be a real representation of this style. If I haven't already missed it somehow, please let us know when your completed new home/decor video is ready 🙂 <3

  41. ANDRA LOVES says:

    Loove the coffin coffee table,

  42. Evil Queen Of AZ says:

    Oh my God your son's so adorable with his glasses!

  43. Lisa Ann Barriner says:

    The vanity! Just gorgeous!

  44. SweenyLuver7493 says:

    Omfg I would die from happiness if I had that furniture. Beautiful is an understatement 🖤❤️🖤❤️

  45. Meow Meow Kitty says:

    My mom was goth and I say was because now she’s a little bit more punk rocker. Anyways, I showed this website to my mom and she loved everything on it and now wants to just buy everything LOL.

  46. mari gallegos says:

    I’m not goth more pastel is my thing but holy shit that’s my dream bedroom so beautiful

  47. Jamie Goodman says:

    Anyone know the name of the wallpaper and can it be bought in the uk?

  48. Molly Margolen says:

    Love all the furniture !!

  49. Filipe Matias says:

    Back in the old days we old school GOTHS used to do our own stuff: the original spirit of GOTH was very similar to the DIY punk attitude of "FUCK capitalism" !!!!!! 😛
    I guess I am an old school Batcave post punk-Goth purist! lol 😎

  50. Alizah Clarke says:

    “Hahaha had to lock him in the kitchen” me as a mom

  51. Jamie Goodman says:

    Avelina I'm trying to find that wallpaper, don't suppose you know the name? Tia

  52. Dory M. Tomaselli says:

    Absolutely the most awesome Goth furniture I have seen. Didn't know this existed till now. Have to say this will be the ultimate Goth bedroom. So glad you uploaded this. Nice craftsmanship indeed.👍💀👻

  53. TheHolderOfTheStory says:

    You’re sitting on my college tuition lol. I need to save up to buy one of these!

  54. Persephone Black says:

    OMG. If I could get furniture like that I'd die a happy woman. Haha Your house is gorgeous ♡

  55. Ronald Pevahouse says:

    hi sissy

  56. Casting Cauldron says:


  57. Ginger Krokus says:

    I've never been more jealous in my life! and your bedroom is just as big as my whole apartment! damnit!

  58. Darkana vanDarkness says:

    please tell me from wich firma you have all these wonderfull things…and the bed Dar Kisses from Darkana

  59. Jacqui G says:

    Everything is gorgeous but that mirror and hallway table and of course that bed!!! Absolutely stunning. Loving your wallpaper.

  60. TypicalKid says:

    God I wish that were me

  61. Andy Bryant says:

    I went and checked out their website after watching this. The price is pretty high for their stuff. I don't think I could afford it.

  62. Violet Aldridge says:

    Bloody beautiful! Much love from the u.k 💜 me and hubby made a head board like that for our daughter! X

  63. Andy Bryant says:

    Is it bad that I'm a guy and I like their Cinderella furniture?

  64. Angry Girl says:

    Nice you can afford it as it's pricey, but really be beautiful. The video would be better if you showed the furniture longer.

  65. BloodyAriadne says:

    Watching this video I feel like being in Goth heaven! 🖤🌬🖤🌚🖤🌜

  66. Karine 26 says:

    Hi ! I havent seen a lot of reviews of haunt…..have you guys ordered from there ? I plan to but im kinda scared to spend that much money on a site i dont see a lot about on the internet x'D…

  67. Lee WOOD says:

    Found a place a lot cheaper

  68. RAVEN Dracul says:

    that is some really awesome furniture, i have always wanted goth furniture some of which you got.

  69. Cherie Baker says:

    Wow! This stuff looks amazing.

  70. Barbie Pena says:

    Your furniture is amazing and beautiful. Great taste!

  71. Reikon DeVore says:

    this is one majestic dracula mansion now! hex yes!

  72. Trinity way says:

    Where is the after build shots of e everything in place? Please x

  73. Jenna Victoria says:

    this is completely irrelevant to the video, but where the heck did you get the beautiful bed side table lamps?

  74. Hellosimpledays says:

    Oh mad baby

  75. Ravenna S. says:

    Did your hubby get anything except a lot of guy work? Haha. I would definitely vote for Manson. I'm gonna be his first lady lol. The White House needs to be painted black. Can you imagine? Goth furniture is much like antique furniture which kind of makes sense, except the black color. That red chandelier is to die for or kill for. Is it from Haunt? I have a big black sign with silver gothic letters from an antique store that closed. Going to make it a backboard for my bed. It's quite large and gorgeous, a work in progress. I also have antique furniture which I'm now inspired to paint black and find silver handles or the right silver paint. You Ms. De Moray are a wellspring of inspiration for creative ideas🦇🖤

  76. Demona Sephiroth says:

    I don't know what I like more
    All the shiney gorgies furniture or your adorable reactions ✌

  77. Ngawai Gerrard says:


    I'm new to buying furniture of Haunt. Any tips?

  78. SahMai says:

    That's a few thousand dollars there! How much was all the cost of your furniture?

  79. Hilary Sell says:

    I haven't even gotten through this video and oh my God I'm drooling over the furniture and it's still wrapped in cardboard mostly. But also your babies are so damn cute I'm so glad you don't have an issue about filming them in some of your videos it just makes it so much more real.

  80. Hilary Sell says:

    Yes! We need to golf president after dealing with Trump!☠️🌚🧛

  81. rickzombie1 says:

    That is fu.

  82. rickzombie1 says:

    That is so sick were did you buy it I love the wall paper 2

  83. Ashlyn Whitfield says:

    You look like a gothic Molly Ringwald🖤

  84. Christina McKay says:

    Loving the furniture! I don't dress Goth like I want to because people in my area tend to be afraid of Gothic folks. Since I'm an accountant by trade, I leave the full Gothic attire for others so I don't scare off my clients. It's a bit disappointing, but I can still pull off a subtle Gothic vibe with my professional attire. I have only just started decorating my home the way I want it with the darker styles. I was a little nervous about how my extremely Southern Christian family would take to my darker tastes, but my family loves the furniture styles as much as I do. Each room will have it's own specific theme when I am done. Living room has a vampire and bat theme. Kitchen and dining has a poisoned apple theme (It's almost finished- just need to paint). Master bedroom has a purple dragon theme. Master bathroom has a dolphin theme (I'm a sucker for them). Guest room has an astronomy/galaxy theme complete with stars on the ceiling. Guest bathroom has a mermaid/siren theme. My workout room has a blue butterfly and fairy forest theme. I can't wait to get it all finished with the proper furniture pieces.

  85. xinn 81 says:

    Bad ass …they'll look fucking awesome in my new trailer 👍👍👍

  86. Lola Zombie says:

    Are you transgender?

  87. Lola Zombie says:

    Also this furniture is like Pinterest goth. It’s so cheesy she commercial, like how McDonald’s would interpret goth

  88. MICH h says:

    That's ALOT of $$$$ – holy shit! Beautiful stuff

  89. Capt. Rich says:

    G'day, enjoyed the furniture so much your multitude of selfie face insertions became obnoxious.
    Thanx for the info on Haunt Furniture!

  90. grim says:

    im on the site right now and confused specifically looking at the vampiress bed.. am i supposed to order the headboard and bed separately or would ordering the bed (under the sizing drop down) come with the headboard?

  91. Andy Bryant says:

    I think these black wall chandeliers would go well with your decor. They would look cool against some red wallpaper.

  92. Coundessa Scarlotti says:

    You can have all the Haunt furniture you want, as long as you're willing to sell the house you were going to put it in to get it.

  93. 1finnigin says:

    hi < where did you find your black wallpaper?? its really nice. 🙂

  94. aTwistedSky says:

    My brain at the start was like… "You're broke, so don't get any ideas"

    Half way through it was like "We could sell a kidney"

    This is why I'm eternally broke. Such amazing furniture.

  95. Crowfaerylaura says:

    Crimson lampshades to match the velvet!

  96. NatMettalix says:

    omg that sofa is freaking gorgeous I LOVE IT

  97. Rhiannon Renea says:

    If it were me id find myself sleeping in that coffin coffee table

  98. babalo456 says:

    “I should probably be helping right now” “yeh you should be helping” 😂😂

  99. Amanda Walsh says:

    I would die for your bed you don't like….

  100. Brandon Evans TX says:

    OMG it's so amazing bueatiful I love it

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