Gravity Beautiful Architecture Designs
Gravity Beautiful Architecture Designs

Gravity Beautiful Architecture Designs In her latest series of paintings, Barcelona-based
artist and illustrator Cinta Vidal Agulló defies gravity and architectural conventions
to create encapsulated scenes of intersecting perspectives. Painted with acrylic on wood panels, Vidal
refers to the paintings as “un-gravity constructions” and says that each piece examines how a person’s
internal perspective of life may not match up with the reality around them. The intersecting planes on many of her paintings
are somewhat reminiscent of drawings by M.C. Escher, where every angle and available surface
is inhabited by colorful characters going about their daily lives. She shares in a new interview with Hi-Fructose
“With these un-gravity constructions, I want to show that we live in one world, but
we live in it in very different ways – playing with everyday objects and spaces, placed in
impossible ways to express that many times, the inner dimension of each one of us does
not match the mental structures of those around us. The architectural spaces and day-to-day objects
are part of a metaphor of how difficult it is to fit everything that shapes our daily
space: our relationships, work, ambitions, and dreams.”

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