if you think Mexico is all about drugs
and people illegally crossing the border into America you’re wrong because this
sort of thing shows you a different side history culture architecture and
religion the second two were about go and check out now Hola, Buenas tardes and
welcome back to Mexico but not Mexico City that’s right I’ve taken a short trip
out to the west of Mexico to visit two other cities in this awesome country the
first one being Guadalajara that’s right in this video I’m going to
walk around the city and show you some points of interest which largely have
been recommended by you lot ie subscribers so thank you very much
for that so without further ado let’s get started right so I’ve arrived at my
first spot in Guadalajara but firstly I just wanna tell you some first
impressions so I’ve literally walked around staying in Americanos which is
near Chapultepec to where I am now which I’ll show you in a minute but the thing
I was thinking of the way to describe Guadalajara initially is that it feels
like the Adelaide or Medellin of Mexico so if you know Adelaide, Medellin,
Australia Colombia they’re smaller cities in those countries yet they are
still hectic they’re still busy they still have that element of amazing
architecture and history which is awesome in comparison to Mexico City
yeah it’s busy it’s hectic but I think it lacks that level of chaos which you
see in Mexico City so when I already liked it so far it’s a nice day it’s
sunny I haven’t shaved by the way because I left my razor in Mexico City
stupid so we’re going onto my first spot now I’m hungry do you want to eat? I think we
do right my first spot – oh fuck, not spots my first stop is Mercado Libertad
otherwise known as Mercado San Juan de Dios this is the largest indoor market
in Latin America what it’s always the largest or biggest isn’t it on this
channel Madness we’re gonna go have a look inside let’s see what we can get
right welcome to another market in Mexico yes another one this is very
similar to ones that I’ve been in before in Merida there was one like this but
this is significantly larger it’s got multiple floors and apparently there’s
over 2,000 like stands or stalls which is monstrous
humongous other synonym you could think for big
that’s what this is it’s amazing you can get pretty much anything you want in
these markets from food fruit and vegetables souvenirs jewelry up there
awesome clothing up the top and I’m gonna
look for some food because on the bottom floor there’s a place where
you can get a typical Guadalajara dish which is what I’m looking for let’s go
downstairs right it turns out I’m already downstairs and that’s why I’m
after some TORTAS AHOGADAS which oh my god I said it’s almost right I
think TORTAS AHOGADAS is a traditional dish in Guadalajara
it roughly translates to drowned sandwich so let’s find out what that’s all about I’m being a greedy fat pig as always
you’ll have to excuse the noise and the lighting this is heavenly
so basically drowned sandwich it’s in a like a bread that’s a bit like a French
stick no I mean so it’s crispy but it goes slightly soggy in the middle
it’s just the right level of sogginess and crispiness
it’s got like a chili sauce but it’s quite mild and inside it’s a kind of meat I
think it’s chicken or pork I’m not sure and have the spoon to eat it with of course – so my stomach’s now full
hallelujah I must admit I’m gonna be totally honest that wasn’t my favorite
in terms of Mexican food I’ve ever had it was a bit bland however from what I
understand the salsa that you have when there is meant to be mild and if
you want a hotter one you have to ask for the chilli which I didn’t so next
time I’ll remember to do that. I’ve come upstairs right as you can see there is
even more food it’s ridiculous its massive there’s food everywhere this is
Mexican food heaven literally I’ve never seen anywhere so big with this amount of
Mexican food it’s slightly overwhelming it’s amazing so if you like Mexican food
come to this place in Guadalajara just look okay once in my next spot which I spent
the last two hours looking for but it turns out I was here two hours ago
thanks to Google Maps sending me to an underground car park and apparently the
entrance to Narnia but never mind that so Frida Kahlo Diego Rivera both two
famous Mexican artists, this place is home to work of another Mexican artist
so let’s see if we can take a look okay I’ve had to go minsu my stabilizer because
you have to give your bag in and it does cost 70 pesos
fYI like most museums in Mexico so the first bit I went through is like
a modern art section which is quite questionable in terms of actually being
art a pile of plates apparently that’s art but it highlights the materials
that are used in Jalisco which is where Guadalajara is so I’m gonna go through there
now which i think is the main area okay right apologies for the shoddy
camerawork but that’s what happens when you don’t have a stabilizer people so
I’ve got to say that’s very impressive in there so what I believe is that that
artwork those murals all over the ceiling all over the walls
they depict the Mexican Revolution from 1910 to 1920 but they show the negative
side of it was painted pardon the pun in a like more darker theme rather
than what Diego Rivera did which was more positive I believe feel free to
fill me in the comments if I am totally wrong but yeah it was amazes me how that
am how do they paint these things up on the ceiling my neck was hurting just
looking at it so when extremely impressive yeah this
is a good place to come if you are in talks okay I’m not gonna lie to you I’m
not the biggest art fan as I said before however the thing that really strikes
you when you go into someone like that is if you think Mexico is all about
drugs and people illegally crossing the border into America you’re wrong because
this sort of thing shows you a different side history culture architecture and
religion the second – we’re about to go and check out now we’re gonna go and see
a church and a cathedral let’s go rightI might not be into art, there’s Batman
by the way, but I’m into cathedrals yes I’m at Guadalajara Cathedral which is
absolutely awesome it’s a 16th century Spanish Renaissance Cathedral in a
neo-gothic style ie the spires and neo-gothic I’ve never seen a neo-gothic
cathedral before I sound like a ride Cathedral geek anyway let’s see if I can
find the way in right it’s Cathedral geek time which is
apparently now a thing so I don’t know why I turn into a complete bibbling idiot when it
comes to cathedrals maybe you can tell me but I think it’s something to do with
the general size the grandeur the elegance and the intricacies of the
architecture what do I sound like but anyway there’s a service going on at the
moment it is Sunday but in terms of inside it’s very much similar to many
other Mexican cathedrals I’ve seen in terms of massive columns stained-glass
all around the top which is totally amazing
but outside I think it’s even more impressive so you can definitely see the
difference between the Spanish Renaissance par and the neo gothic
spires which all have yellow and blue like mosaic tiles on which I think this
would be nice it’s great with the Sun reflecting on the cathedral it’s about 6
o’clock at the moment and I don’t know about you but when I think of neo gothic
or gothic I think of like gargoyles maybe it’s just me I don’t know but it’s
great it gets your imagination going you know it’s amazing so definitely come
here when you are in Guadalajara Ok if you’ve had enough neo-gothic architecture for one day I’m sorry because we are going to see some more. I’m at Templo Expiatorio Santisimo Sacramento, she
knows I said it right I probably didn’t yeah it’s basically a church but this
was a lot more modern just gonna have a look this is equally as impressive just
look at it immense and it’s got a four-sided clock tower up there which is
actually employed from Germany interesting point of the day and this
place took over 70 years to build it was only finished in 1972 I believe which is
weird for me because it doesn’t look like it was finished in the seventies it
looks much older than that so I guess it’s a real good example of that type of
architecture the Sun maybe it’s Jesus coming to get me
I shouldn’t have said that there’s some sort of service going on in there at the
moment so I’m not going to go in there and film but I did just take this shot
from the doorway where you can see the wonderful stained glass right down the
end absolutely spectacular this is another example of what I said earlier
in terms of forget what people say about Mexico this is Mexico cathedrals
churches religion history culture see what I mean I love it! I’ve had a nice day
today exploring Guadalajara as a proper tourist for the first time in a long
time that’s one great thing about living somewhere and then coming away for a
week term a little trip ding dong Jesus is coming I got stuck with his blasphemy
sorry next up I’m going to another place very close to Guadalajara it’s just
literally down the road from our living kind of it’s going to be a surprise so
thanks for watching don’t forget to like subscribe check out my Instagram etc and
I’ll catch you later


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    Spanish Translation will be ready when Youtube gives me the option of editing the English automatic subtitles, this can take a few hours to be available! Thanks for your patience!

    ¡¡Hola!! Bienvenido a Guadalajara !! ¡Hay mucho que hacer en esta ciudad y, lamentablemente, solo tuve un día para explorar y destacar los principales puntos de interés de la ciudad! ¿Qué más puedes recomendar a otros espectadores? ¡Házmelo saber en los comentarios! Gracias por mirar, y no te preocupes, ¡volveré a la Ciudad de México pronto!

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