Halloween Shopping, Decorating & DIYs! | MOM VLOG
Halloween Shopping, Decorating & DIYs! | MOM VLOG

– [Raven] Special thanks to HelloFresh for sponsoring this video. (fast upbeat music) – Hey guys what’s up, it’s Raven welcome back to another vlog. Today we are getting into spooky season (laughs) Halloween is coming up, the holidays in general are coming up. So, the first holiday is Halloween. It is my first time ever getting to do Halloween decorations. And on top of that, this is going to be the first Halloween that I really really feel like Ziya is going to fully understand and fully be involved and fully be excited about it. Her first Halloween, obviously she was a baby so I just picked her costume. She was a Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino. And I made her costume, and I have a video on that, I can link that down below for you guys. And then that’s kinda when
I just got into doing, like DIY costumes for her. So, for her second year, she was a Target employee. She was still really little so she had no clue what was going on. So I just made her a
Target employee costume, it was like, really quick ’cause I didn’t have a
lot of time that year. And then, last year she was cookie, like a cookie sandwich and I was milk. Because I was trying to ask
her what she wanted to be but she didn’t quite understand and she didn’t really have any ideas. So I was like “okay if she
doesn’t know what she wants to be then I’m just gonna do like a cute mommy daughter duo costume” So that’s why I did the cookies and milk. And I have videos on all past three Halloween costumes, if you guys wanna see that. But, this year she’s like
three and a half almost so she has opinions on things. And she told me that she
wanted to be a witch. So, I’m heading to Hobby Lobby, and I think I’m gonna be able to get most of the matierals that I need for her DIY witch costume, as well as, probably get some stuff that I can use to decorate my house. So, this will be my first
time having trick-or-treaters. I’m like, really excited to
like buy all the best candy. I’ma buy full sized candy. I’m ready, so, first stop is Hobby Lobby to get some supplies. (upbeat music) ♪ Break my heart ♪ ♪ Break my heart ♪ – [Raven] 29.99? ♪ Break my heart ♪ ♪ Open up your lips and say hello ♪ ♪ Now your goodbye just let me go ♪ ♪ Go ahead baby and break my heart ♪ Just left Hobby Lobby and surprisingly they didn’t really have everything I was looking for. I though I was gonna get
a lot more stuff there, but I did get a few of the materials that I need for Ziya’s costume and I only got like, two little pumpkins for my house decorations. So I’m gonna go to Walmart and then, I don’t really think Target really has anything that I’m looking for. Micheals, I need to go to Micheals. Anywho, got some stuff from Hobby Lobby, I’m about to go eat some Raisin Canes. We’re gonna go to a couple more stores, hopefully I can find everything
that I’m looking for. I might have to order some stuff online. We gonna see. Okay so I’m at Walmart now, and they have these pumpkins that look almost exactly the same as the ones at Hobby Lobby that were 29.99 and these are 9.99, I’m pretty sure. Also, for Ziya’s witches broomstick, I think I need some of this twine, but I’ve yet to find the actual like, I don’t know, sticks, I don’t even know what you would call it. The stuff to make the actual
broom part of the broomstick. I saw on Pintrest, that they use, like, this colorful stuff, that I saw in Hobby Lobby, but they didn’t have the right color, I want purple. I might be able to use some
of this stuff for the broom. (energetic upbeat music) Okay, so I feel like
if I get a fog machine, it’s gonna really set off my entry way for the trick-or-treaters. Since Ziya is gonna be a purple witch, this little witch hat, oh it has hair attached. Broomsticks, but these aren’t that cute. (playful upbeat music) Okay, it’s getting a little crazy, I have way more stuff in my cart then I planned on getting. I’m kinda going overboard but hey, it’s my first, it’s my first real Halloween , you know, I gotta go all out. Okay so Walmart turned out to be the GOAT for the Halloween stuff. I found stuff for Ziya’s costume as well as stuff for my decoration. I think that’s enough shopping for today. I got most of the stuff that I wanted. Now it is time to go
pick up Ziya from school, and see what she thinks of some of the decorations that I bought, I hope it’s not too scary for her ’cause I’m not trying to
traumatize my own child, but yeah I’m gonna pick her up, and then I’m gonna do like, a little haul of the stuff that I got once we get home. – [Raven] I have something in the trunk, you wanna see it? Okay. Look what’s in the trunk. – Halloween? – [Raven] Yeah. Is that scary? – There’s a skeleton – [Raven] You like it, or is it too scary? – I like it. – [Raven] You like it, okay good. Okay so she’s not scared, that’s a good sign. Now I got to unload all the stuff and bring it in the house. Oh my god you guys, please come look at what I just did tryna get this stuff out the trunk. So I bought a mirror from Walmart, it was only like five dollars. Good thing it was only five dollars, because I sat it right here to get the rest of the
stuff out of my trunk and I forgot it was right there, and then I closed my trunk on the corner of the mirror. So now isn’t this like
seven years of bad luck? Getting ready for Halloween vlog I guess. Okay, so I’m showing Ziya
everything that I bought, I’m also just gonna do a haul for you guys. Starting with Hobby Lobby, the main things that I
got from Hobby Lobby, I got these like papier-mache pumpkins. Ziya, you wanna paint the pumpkins? – Yes! – [Raven] She can paint, you know, paint one, I can paint one. Also for her skirt, from Hobby Lobby, I got all these different types of rolls of tulle. Then I ended up getting some
non-Halloween related stuff just for Ziya’s room. – And you got the spiders. – [Raven} Hmm? – And you got the spiders – [Raven] Yes, so from Walmart, I got two of these packs of spiders. I also from Walmart, got this little fake, plastic, light weight chain. I got the fog machine, I got two of the taller white pumpkins. And then two of these
shorter black pumpkins. You like those? Those are for your room. Is it cute? – Smile – [Raven] So, I got you
a bunch of stuff today, to be a witch, for Halloween. Kinda cute, kinda scary and you’re gonna a purple witch ’cause you like purple right? – Yes – [Raven] I know you like pink, but pink is not really a witch color. So I got you these boots, and I got you a witches hat. – That’s some long hair, look at the picture. – [Raven] Yeah and it has hair on it too. Yeah! There you go! – I’m a witch, see I’m a witch see. Comb my hair – [Raven] And these are the boots. That’s gonna look so cute Ziya. Okay let me see how you look, step back. Wow! You like it? Oh that hair! Whose that little witch over there? – Me (Raven laughs) – [Raven] And say trick or treat. – Trick or treat, can I have some candy please? – [Raven] Okay so
anyways, back to the haul, a few more things, so, also from Walmart I got
these black foam sheets, and then I’m trying to
make Ziya a broomstick and I need to find, I still haven’t found what
I’m gonna actually use for like the broom part of it and then wrap this like twine around it to attach it. Yes that’s your broom, it’s gonna be your broomstick, but I gotta put the broom part on there. And then, the last thing I got, is like this life size skeleton thing. I got this at Walmart, it was like $30. It’s like as big as a 12 year old. – Hey, who are you? – My name is Mister Bones. – [Ziya] Well you’re a skeleton – Yes I’m a skeleton, but I still have feelings so don’t yell at me. So yeah that’s mainly
all that I bought today. It’s dinner time now, so I’m about to make dinner. We got HelloFresh for dinner tonight, so I’m about to show you all
what we’re about to make. I gotta move all this
stuff out of our way, so we can make dinner and eat dinner, so I’m just gonna put
it over here for now, Mister Bones can sit at the dining table. He’s gonna eat with us. – Are you gonna eat with us Mister Bones? – I don’t really eat real food ’cause it kinda just goes right through me if you know what I mean. – Well, I eat real food. – Well I’ll watch you eat. How about that? – Okay – [Raven] Okay little witch, are you gonna help me cook dinner? – Yes – [Raven] You need to wash your hands, I pulled a stool up for you. – [Raven] Okie dokie, so
tonight is a HelloFresh night. Okay, so it is dinner time now, tonight is a HelloFresh night. If you guys watch my vlogs you
know that I love HelloFresh, I love meal kit delivery services, it makes my life so much easier. If you are new to my vlogs, I will tell you a little
bit about HelloFresh. Because I do highly recommend it, whether you’re single,
whether you’re a single mom, whether you have family to feed, there’s different plans to choose from based on how many people
and what you like to eat. Basically, it’s a meal
kit delivery service, and it comes with the recipes and the ingredients pre portioned out for you, so that you don’t have to
do the grocery shopping, you don’t have to do the meal prep, you don’t have to do anything. Everything you need is
literally in this box, and this is a refrigerated box and they deliver straight to your door. – What is that, Mommy? – It’s our food, so it’s all separated into
these little bags in here and everything stays nice and cold. And they put the meat in there separately right next to the ice packs so you know everything is fresh. My box comes with three
different meal options, which is basically enough for 3 dinners plus leftovers for three lunches for me. So we got our recipe cards which shows pictures of what the meals look like, and then also have pictures with the instructions on the back for how to cook the meals. And I usually like to just let Ziya pick which ones she wants to do first. – I want to do this one. – So, wait, I didn’t even
get to say what it was yet, hold on. So we have Figgy Balsamic Pork, we have Hoisin-Glazed Meatballs, which look really good, and we have, Korean Beef Bibimbap. How do you say that, Bi, Bibim Bibimbap. Bibimbap, Korean Beef Bibimbap. I feel like honestly Ziya would like the meatballs the most. – I want to do meatballs. – You wanna do the meatballs? – Hm – Doesn’t that look yummy? – Yes, I wanna do meatballs. – That’ll be fun for you to help make, – So, basically we’re just gonna take the meatball meal package and the corresponding meat
packet that goes with it. And I will save the other two meals for later in the week. And while we cook, I’m going to pour myself
a glass of Moscato. Okay, so Ziya picked the meatballs, so this is what we’re making. We got the instructions on the back, and all these meals are really easy to do. They take like 30 minutes to make. You wanna open it. Get all the ingredients out. What is that? You know what that is? – Yeah – [Raven] What is it? – It’s (mumbles) – [Raven] What? – (mumbles) – [Raven] You just make this stuff up. That is called scallions. – Scallions – [Raven] And what’s that? You know what that is. – Green beans. – [Raven] Yeah – And this? – [Raven] Some sauce – Sauce, and this? – [Raven] And some more sauce – And some more sauce. And what is this? – [Raven] That is ginger. – And some ginger, and what is this? – [Raven] That is panko breadcrumbs, remember that? – Panko breadcrumbs, and what is this? – [Raven] Jasmine rice, that’s rice, see – Rice That’s all – [Raven] That’s all okay – Okay – [Raven] Now we have
to read the instructions and see what the first step is. This is number one, that’s where we start, number one. And it says to preheat the oven and wash and dry all the produce. Produce – Produce. – Produce – Produce – Produce – I don’t say produce, I don’t say that. – Okay, So, I love HelloFresh because it just makes dinner time super simple and super quick. Like I said, all the ingredients are premeasured out they give you everything
you need right in the box. No measuring, no grocery shopping, no menu planning, and the meals tend to
come together in like 30 minutes so it’s super quick. Plus, it helps me break out of my rut of just eating the same
things all the time. There’s over 20 seasonal,
chef curated recipes to choose from each week. And there’s something for everyone. They have family recipes, calorie smart recipes, vegetarian recipes, plus you can add extras to your weekly order. Like extra meals or if
you want to add dessert, garlic bread, cookie dough, there’s just so much to choose from, and HelloFresh is now available starting from just $5.66 per serving so it’s super affordable, plus you guys can actually get started with eight free meals, that’s $80 off your first
month of HelloFresh. All you have to do is go to HelloFresh.com and enter my promo code RAVENELYSE80. So definitely take advantage of that code, everything will be down
below for you guys. I highly recommend it. Okay so here is the kids plated version. Of course I cut hers up and
plated hers differently, and here’s my plate. Not bad, pretty close, I got the chopsticks and everything. (slow melodic music) You made that, did you make that? You made that. Okay now taste it. Taste the rice too. – It taste like rice – [Raven] Wow! Did you make good meat balls? Yummy – Hey mommy, you’re eating rice like me. – [Raven] It was pretty good, not gonna lie, and this little picky eater, look she did really good eating, of course we’re still
working on the green beans Oh my goodness! Good job! What do you think? How does it taste? You like it? Wow! And I’ve got a whole serving left for my lunch tomorrow. Comes in clutch. Okay so, we’re gonna get ready for bed now and tomorrow I will start
on the DIY projects. Okay, so it is the next day, Ziya doesn’t have school today so I am ready to start crafting. So I think the first two
things that I wanna do, I wanna make my little bats, my little DIY idea, hopefully it works – and paint the pumpkin – Yes, and paint the pumpkin so, I got two of these papier-mache pumpkins that I showed you guys from Hobby Lobby and I decided that I’m
gonna let Ziya paint it. I think I’m basically doing like a black, white, and gold theme for my decorations So I basically have a
bunch of different types of gold paint and gold glitter, metallic paint, glitter paint and actual gold glitter
that we can sprinkle on top. So I have all this stuff. I’m basically just going to squirt a little bit of each
into this paint palette and give Ziya a paint brush and kinda just let her go crazy and create a hodge-podge of
different colors of gold. While she is doing that, I’m going to work on my little bats. So, basically for the bat idea I got this black foam stuff and I printed out a shape of a bat, so I can make a stencil, and my idea is that I’m gonna
make a stencil out of this, and basically cut out pieces of the black foam
into the bat shapes, and then put little magnets on it, so I can make little flying bat magnets to stick on my door. Hopefully my door is actually magnetic, I think it is. You have all these different types of gold and I just want you to paint the pumpkin, cover it in all the different types. ♪ Do me a favor, ♪ ♪ Don’t do me no favors no ♪ ♪ Hear me out, out, ♪ ♪ Hear me, hear me out now. ♪ ♪ Hear me out out, ♪ – [Raven] So while you do that, I am going to cut out
my little bats stencil ♪ I got somewhere that I need to get, ♪ ♪ Can you rev this up so I can, ♪ – And now I’ve got a little bat (mimics bats sounds) – Say (mimics bat sounds) – (Raven mimics bat sounds) – Shoo bat, – (Raven mimics bat sounds) – Shoo, shoo bat. Okay it’s done mommy – [Raven] You’re done? Hmm, lets see, so you got all the spots, looks pretty good, can you take the big brush and just spread everything around, like these lumpy parts, just spread it around. Make it smooth. Can you go up and down with the brush? So, now we have a beautiful, golden, slightly glittery pumpkin. I’ll probably go back and fill in any spots that she missed and I might go and paint the stem. But just leave that to dry and now she is working on the second one, same thing, I refilled her paint. You’re a good painter. – Like at school. – [Raven] You do that at school? – (mumbles) – [Raven] Good job Ziya. So I got my little foam bats going. I can actually fit three on one sheet, and I have one, two, three, four, five, I think I have five sheets, so I’ll probably be able
to make like 15 of these. But, how many magnets do I have? I have 18 magnets, so that works out good. ♪ Hear me out, out ♪ ♪ Hear me, hear me out ♪ ♪ Hear me out, out ♪ ♪ Hear me, hear me out now ♪ ♪ Do me a favor, ♪ ♪ Don’t do me no favors no ♪ ♪ Hear me out, out ♪ ♪ Hear me, hear me out now ♪ – [Raven] Okay so I
think for this pumpkin, now that we’re done painting it, we should put some gold glitter on it to really amp it up, so I’m gonna sprinkle a little bit (upbeat guitar music) So these are just little magnets that come with adhesive,
like a sticker on the back. So, can you peel off the paper? – Yes – Peel off the little paper on there, that’s perfect for your
little fingers to do. Peel it off and then stick the sticker right there on his tummy in the middle. Perfect, and push it down hard. There. Now we’ve got a little magnet bat and hopefully, this will just stick onto the metal part of my front door. (upbeat music) So now, watch this. Okay get down, and grab one of the bats, and put it on the fridgerator – Okay – [Raven] Let go. It sticks, ’cause it’s a magnet (Ziya clapping) So there’s actually lots of places around the house that we can stick these, wherever there is metal. – Now this one – [Raven] Wow Is that cool? – Yeah – [Raven] And there it is. Can’t really see it, ’cause it’s back lit and it’s black on black, but I guess I was more
so thinking like, on the frame part. Now of course I could also just get double-sided tape or something sticky so I could put it on the glass, that’ll probably be better, so I’ma try it with just some tape. Hopefully it doesn’t mess up my glass. Ziya, you could put them right here, on the stairs. – Whoa, (mumbles) Hello, bats, hello (mumbles) I need a broom, mommy where’s my broom? – [Raven] It’s right here, but I haven’t finished making it yet, I haven’t started making it yet. It’s just a stick right now. You’re really getting
into the Halloween spirit. I thought you might be kinda scared or creeped out by this stuff but, I guess not. Is that your pet bat? Your sidekick? Your witches sidekick? (screeches) – He makes different noise. Am I scary, mommy? (screeches) – [Raven] Okay so, I cut out some of the bigger bats and I’m just gonna take some regular old Scotch tape and just do a rollover trick and make a little piece of tape right here so I can stick them onto the glass. (lighthearted upbeat music) Good job, wow. So, for my Halloween decorations, I’m basically just going
to confine it to my little entry way, front door area. We got black and white
pumpkins from Walmart, and then we also got the gold
pumpkin which are drying. We got spiders and the spider web stuff. (lighthearted upbeat music) Put some more on there – Yes I can. – [Raven] Can you put them up high? There you go. I’m gonna put another web on this side, (lighthearted upbeat music) So for my gate, I thought it would be fun to add this little fake chain on there, like around where the handle is, so it looks like my gate’s
like spookily chained up. Okay, so here is my decorations, at least so far, I’m definitely gonna like,
jazz it up and add more stuff, when it actually gets closer to Halloween, but on the gate, I have the little chain, so it looks like my house is haunted and locked up. And then, we’ve got the spiderwebs on both sides. Like a big one on this
side with all the little, glittery spiders in there. And I put Mister Bones on my stool out here, this extra stool that I’m
not using inside anymore. Is this stool really meant to be outside? No, if it rains that’s gonna be bad. So I’m probably not gonna like, leave it like that, this is mainly just like, the setup that I wanna have for when the trick-or-treaters come on actual Halloween so I probably won’t leave
it like this right now, but I just wanted to show you guys. And he’s posable, so
you can make him, like, wave hi or he’s catching a spider, I could put a hat on him, I can do some like funny stuff with him and then, I still have
my little black thing, this thing gets moved
all around the house. I used to have like some
little fake leaves in here. But I think I’m gonna
get some, like, branches, like some spooky looking sticks and branches to put in that thing. And then we have our pumpkins, so the black and white ones from Walmart and then the gold ones, that Ziya painted gold glitter, and then I just painted the stems of them, with like, some black and gray paint to kinda make a match. So I just put those on either side. And there we got the bats on the door, so I put some of the
magnetic ones on the outside, on the frame and then there’s some that
are taped on the inside but you can’t really see
’cause of the way my glass is. From the inside it looks like this, so you can actually see the silhouette of the ones that are outside, plus the ones that are inside, so it make like a cool effect. And then I just picked up
some of the dead leaves that are on my porch all the time and I’ve stuck those in the spiderweb, for some added effects. And yeah, this is what we’ve got so far, I definitely want to add, like I said, some sticks and branches to that thing, I wanna add like some lights, I’m gonna have the fog machine
going on actual Halloween. Definitely gonna add some
more stuff to it just to, you know, take it up a notch once it’s actually Halloween, but for now, I think this is pretty cute. What do you think? – Mommy why you put leaves on there? – [Raven] Because it’s just, a little extra spooky touch. Look Mister Bones. – Why Mister Bones hand is stuck? – [Raven] ’cause he’s
catching a spider, see. You like it? You think that’s where he should sit? Mister Bones is gonna say hi to all the trick-or-treaters
when they come to our door. And he’s gonna make sure that no scary monsters come inside our house. – Okay – [Raven] And look how
pretty your pumpkins look. Are they pretty? What do you think? – Mister Bones has a a diaper bone on. – [Raven] A diaper bone? Is that what that’s called? And then of course I’ve
got all this stuff, I still need to start on Ziya’s costume, there’s a few more materials
I still need to get. But I’m gonna have to
make a separate video or an IGTV video or something for the costume ’cause
it’s just gonna be too much to try to fit into this vlog, this vlog is already getting long enough. So if you guys are interested in seeing how I do her little DIY witch costume, definitely be on the lookout for a separate piece of content about that. I’ll let you guys know if it’s
gonna be on YouTube or IGTV. I also will be vlogging
on Halloween night, so you guys will see Ziya’s
first time trick-or-treating. Let’s just see how here costume turn out. I’ll show you guys the final look, of all my decorations and what I end up adding out there. So definitely stay tuned
for that after Halloween. But yeah, I think that’s pretty much it for this vlog, we got some
spooky vibes going on, now I’ve gotta clean up this big mess. Give this video a thumbs
up if you enjoyed it and if you’re excited for Halloween. Subscribe if you haven’t already and I’ll see you guys in my next one. Bye.

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