Hamptons Style DIY Home Décor Sign!
Hamptons Style DIY Home Décor Sign!

Hi everyone, welcome to Hampton Your
House. My name is Belle and my channel is all about bringing the Coastal Hamptons
vibe to your house one DIY at a time, so if that sounds like your thing I would
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you’ll know when a new video is up. I have a pretty simple project for you today.
We’re gonna make a sign, like the ones that you may have seen that usually have a place name on them like “The Hamptons,” for example – kind of like an
old-fashioned street sign. The frame came from Ikea – you may have seen it in my
affordable Hamptons Style haul video – and with just a few adjustments i’m going to
show you how to make it into a really cute addition to your home decor. Firstly, do your fingernails a favour and
use a butter knife to bend back the little tabs. The matboard in this frame
is set up for three pictures but we are going to make it into one big frame.
There is a special tool for cutting these perfectly, but I’m going to give it
a go with a Stanley knife and a ruler. I decided to cut the middle pieces out so
I had a few test strips to try my skills on first.
If you want yours to be 100% perfect you can go to a framing shop and they can
cut one to the right size and shape for you. Remember to angle your knife at
about a 45 degree angle – using a ruler should help with this. Once you have your
matboard frame, get a large sheet of black cardboard and we’re going to
create a second border out of this. Place your mat board frame exactly in the
corner of the black cardboard and trace around it, then cut out your cardboard. Next measure two centimetres in on
every side, on the inside of the matboard frame, then join the dots and draw your
rectangle and cut out the centre. With the black border in place, this frame
will fit an A3 page. Next, decide what you want your sign to say. My hubby
came up with this one, but you might want yours to say a street name, a city name, a
verse, or a saying, like “Home Sweet Home” – I’ve made a couple of different ones. So
if you design your wording on the computer on an A4 page, change the view
to 141% which is A3 size, then hold your
black frame up to the screen to make sure your letters will all fit in. Then
you can print your design on A4 and get the newsagent to photocopy it to A3
for you. Once you have your A3 pages, place the frame over it in the right
place, then trace the top and bottom edge and cut them off. Line up your words with the frame again,
and use some tape to hold it in place. Give the inside of your glass a quick
clean with some Windex or glasses cleaner and a microfibre cloth, then pop
all your pieces in, secure the back, and we’re all done! I really love these signs! There is so
much scope for creativity with these and they’re really simple to make. In the
future I would definitely use higher quality paper to print on, but in the
mean time the thinner white paper works fine too.
Well if you’ve enjoyed this video don’t forget to like it and share it with your
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I’ll look forward to seeing you again in my next video guys. Bye!

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  1. Pamela Brown says:

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    Love it, your signs turned out beautiful. I may try this when I take out my coastal decor. Thank you for the inspiration. Xo 😘👌

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    Nice! Love how it came out👍

  4. Breeze With Africa says:

    How did you come up with your name?

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    You did an awesome job on this DIY project giving me a lot of hands on how to do this thank you so much for all the tips I need them all. Thank you again so much my awesome friend

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    This is something most people buy! So cute

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    Do your fingernails a favor- yes! good advice – I love how your sign turned out!

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