Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2018 | Whitney Sews
Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2018 | Whitney Sews

hi everyone I’m Whitney and it is time
for this year’s handmade holiday gift guide I post one of these gift guides
every single year and they are full of inspiration and ideas for projects that
you can make and gift to your family and friends this holiday season every
project that I mentioned will have a corresponding step-by-step tutorial that
is all linked together in a playlist that you can find in the video
description I’ll have my previous gift guides linked as well in case you still
need some inspiration after watching this video now let’s get into all of
those handmade gift ideas so I want to start off with a few items that are
actually wearable and the first gift idea is a neck warmer these are so easy
to make they look very stylish and they’re just
so practical as well a ton of you have already made these neck warmers and have
shared pictures and I have absolutely loved seeing them they all look
fantastic the adult sized version of the tutorial is available on my youtube
channel and I recently posted the kid sized version on the Whitney Sews
Facebook page I’ve made a neck warmer for every single person in my family
including my husband so as long as you pick fabrics that the person will like
this will work for men women kids everyone in your family next up is a
girl’s skirt these simple elastic waist skirts are very easy to make and they
are also forgiving if you don’t get the sizing quite right in case you’re
having to kind of guess on what size the recipient person will be there are so
many cute fabric prints out there that you can make a skirt to fit any occasion
or theme or interest that a little girl in your life likes or you could even
take the girl to the fabric store with you and let her pick out some fabrics
that she likes but don’t tell her what they’re for and then let her be
surprised on Christmas or whatever holiday you’re celebrating when she
opens up the package and finds an adorable little skirt that you have made
now for some projects that are actually made from clothing last year I made two
memory bears using my daughters’ baby clothes I made one for my mom and dad
and one for Jeremiah’s mom and they absolutely loved them it
was a great way to capture those memories of those precious baby clothes
that they remember seeing the girls wear in a tangible object so this is a really
great gift idea you can use anything from baby clothes to adult clothes and
everything in between for this project and as well as clothes of a loved one
who has passed away this is just a really great way to preserve memories
and as with many of my projects like this I recommend making a practice
version of the bear first to make sure that you understand how it all goes
together and have all the techniques right before you cut into those precious
clothing pieces that are irreplaceable another fun memory type item is a
t-shirt quilt this makes a wonderful gift but it is a little harder to keep
it a secret I made one earlier this year for my
husband and he obviously gave me permission before I started cutting into
all his favorite convention shirts and so you probably should check with the
person before you cut up their clothes but another way to do a t-shirt quilt is
one that I’m planning on doing sometime in the near future and that is using
shirts that didn’t necessarily belong to the person beforehand I plan on making
my youngest daughter a t-shirt quilt using Mickey and Minnie t-shirts that I
got at thrift stores she really likes Minnie Mouse and I thought it would just
be something that she really would enjoy and it’s a way that I can incorporate a
lot of different logos and designs and things that are all centered around
Mickey and Minnie but they’re all unique and it will be a really interesting
looking quilt and so I went to the thrift store found a bunch of shirts
that I know she’ll like and thrifter them for a really low price and I think
she’s going to love it so that is another take on the t-shirt quilt that
you can keep it a surprise and you don’t have to cut up the actual shirts that
belonged to the person on to a few smaller projects next up is a bowl cozy
this a little fabric cozy that you can put a
bowl into so that while you’re holding it you don’t get your fingers don’t get
too hot and all of that this in and of itself is a pretty small gift which is
fine depending on the person you’re giving it to or you can add in some
extra little things like maybe some of their favorite seasonings or spices or
you could add some measuring cups measuring spoons different things like
that to make it more of a combo gift and with a theme to it but yeah you can
definitely include some handmade items as well as some store-bought items to
make it a really nice overall gift another idea is the DIY letter board bag
where it was a zipper bag on one side and then a velcro letter board on the other
this is a really fun educational gift for kids they can practice spelling or
reading on it but it doesn’t have to just be for kids
you could definitely gift it to a teenager or an adult who might want to
write a fun little message on their bag and use it as a clutch instead they
could customize the bag for whatever occasion or wherever they’re going and
it could really be a lot of fun so after you have all of your gifts whether they
are handmade or store-bought you definitely need something to wrap them
in and I did two different drawstring bag tutorials this year that are perfect
for reusable gift bags they are both lined they are easy to make and I have
already made several of them and gifted things and them because we’ve already
done Christmas with one side of our family and I gave a lot of our gifts in
these reusable drawstring bags and all the people loved them who receive them
and I cannot wait to see them used again and again in the years to come so I hope
you enjoyed all of the ideas that I’ve shared in this video as i mentioned
earlier i do have other gift guides from previous years and i will have all of
those linked down below if you still need some more ideas as well as all the
tutorials for the projects mentioned in this video and until next time happy

18 thoughts on “Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2018 | Whitney Sews”

  1. Startipper says:

    Such cute, cute ideas! LOVE the neck warmer!

  2. Scrapmom68 says:

    The skirts r so easy and useful! They grow so fast at this age Perfect
    I’ve already told u how wonderful the bears r! Have to try the neck warmers!! And I’ve been working on T-shirt quilts for a while. Still collecting the shirts but I cut them up and add stabilizer so one day they’ll be ready

  3. Tiny and Charming says:

    I was wondering if it would be ok to request a tutorial since you mentioned that your husband goes to conventions and you might actually have a clue what I'm talking about.

    I really love Ita bags (bags with a clear vinyl window which can often zip up and hold keychains, badges etc inside). However you have to import them from Japan and they can be very expensive especially when you take into account the merch that goes inside! A lot of the cheap ones are knock offs which are fake and fall apart easily. If you ever get the time, could you possibly look into the idea of making a tutorial? It's not necessarily just for anime merch, I know people like to collect Disney pins and loath the idea of accidentally losing them.

  4. Helen Louise says:

    I certainly enjoyed this video! I made a few neck warmers from your tutorial last year and agree they would be perfect for gifts again this year in cold Kansas. Now on to the drawstring bags to "wrap" stocking stuffer type gifts, as well as larger sized gifts. Thank you for sharing all of these ideas and tutorials just at the beginning of December!!!

  5. Kelly Hale says:

    Love the letter bag idea!

  6. Karol DeStefano says:

    My sister and I have made 20 of the drawstring bags for Christmas gifts…what fun we had!!

  7. pam bradshaw says:

    Such a good variety of handmade gifts. Love all these ideas. Best thing is that you have awesome tutorials for each idea! Doesn’t get any better. Your instructions are the best in tutorials. Thanks for putting this list together. Going to watch your other list videos too. Love love love the gift bag idea, it’s like giving 2 gifts. Wishing y’all a very Merry Christmas.🎄🎄❤️💚
    PS – What are the girls wanting this Christmas? They are so adorable. ❤️🎄❤️

  8. Clippet says:

    Nice, might make for my bro! 👍

  9. Jean Gopie says:

    Good job well done 👍

  10. Cheryl Land says:

    Awesome suggestion list! Thanks for putting it all together in one convenient spot! <3

  11. Felicia Friesen says:

    Love the ideas!

  12. Katherine Lewis says:

    Whitney, how did you make the numbers? What did you use?

  13. Melinda Adams says:

    I figured it out Whitney !!

  14. Nellie Valencia says:

    Thank you! Life saver!

  15. Mplsmusicgirl says:

    I use that elastic skirt pattern for events we need to dress up. I made a football skirt, Kentucky derby and even a Christmas one for an ugly sweater party. They are slick!

  16. Babaamaash Ikwe says:

    Completely unrelated but I just have to say your eyes are amazingly beautiful!

  17. Virginia Valentin says:

    I love ALL your ideas on this video, Whitney! Thanks for sharing.

  18. Margaret-Mary says:

    Great video

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