Hannibal Buress’ EPIC Red Carpet Prank with Look-alike
Hannibal Buress’ EPIC Red Carpet Prank with Look-alike

You did something
really beautiful, I think. And explain this,
because I think you know what I’m talking
about, with the tweet that you tweeted. Well, while I was filming
“Tag,” the “Spider-Man” premiere was happening. JIMMY KIMMEL: And you
were in “Spider-Man.” I have a small
role in “Spider-Man.” And thank you. Yeah, it was two
powerful scenes. It’s Coach Wilson. They saw what
happened earlier, and they don’t want to
scare you now at this point. So you were invited to
the Hollywood premiere. Of “Spider-Man,” but
I was filming “Tag,” and I couldn’t make it. And so I still wanted to
be a part of the premiere, so I hired somebody
to go for me. You put this tweet
up, and the tweet says, “LA, I need a lookalike
with solid comedic timing for an event tonight. Pay $500. Email to
[email protected]” Yeah. First of all, I just
want people to know, $500 is good pay for LA. Yeah. Yeah, for an actor
in LA, day of– To go to a premier. To go to a premier, yeah. Right. So yeah, about that– And by the way, were there
a hanniballookalike1 and 2? – Yeah.
– There were? I went for hanniballookalike,
and they were like, we don’t have those available. I’m like, some weird stuff
going on in the world that I don’t know about. Who the hell got
hanniballookalike, like hanniballookalike 1 and 2? So how many
emails did you get? Hundreds.
JIMMY KIMMEL: Hundreds, OK. Yeah. And some from white people
that were wasting my time. Just white dudes from Portland–
you’re not even in Los Angeles. Portland and you’re
white, you send me a picture to be my lookalike. You’re wasting my time. We have to get this done. You’re not helping me progress. But you did find a guy. I found a guy. I’d worked with him
before on a thing I shot for MTV Movie Awards. So I got him, because I was
like, oh, he’s not crazy. OK, so you knew
who this guy was. Yeah, I knew he
wasn’t crazy, and he would be somewhat professional. So he goes to the premiere– Yeah. –as you. I send him the credentials. I email him, and I tell him who
to ask for when he gets there. And they let him on. They let him on. And how far– now, did he– what did you instruct? Did you tell him to
do interviews as you? I said do interviews and
just play it cool, man. I said just say
stuff I would say. Say stuff you say on a–
hey, it was a good time working with the cast. It was so much fun. You know, when you
work with people, you become like a
family after awhile. And this worked with what
percentage of the media? With enough to
make me really happy. He did an interview.
JIMMY KIMMEL: I know. I have the interview,
and I want to show it. But I’m curious as to whether
you got to see it all. Yes, because he was
on Instagram Live, and we were all set on
“Tag” doing nothing. So I was able to just
watch him the whole time. That’s how much movie– that’s how much time
there are on movies that I was able to plan
this entire thing out from across the country. I was able to hire a lookalike,
give him the information to go to the premier,
tell him what to do, and then watch him do it
while I was filming a movie. So now this interview,
somebody on the red carpet got a hold of this guy
and thinks it’s you. I’m here with Hannibal Buress.
So tell me. What’s it like to be part
of such an incredibly huge universe like this? You know, it was
a great opportunity. I had a lot of fun. Spider-Man’s huge. You know, we grow up
watching Spider-Man. So to play Coach Wilson,
working with the cast, it was just a great time. I had a blast. And I wouldn’t trade it
for nothing in the world. JIMMY KIMMEL: She had no idea. He looks nothing like me. He’s four inches taller, and
he’s in way better shape. I didn’t know
what he was wearing. Did you tell him to wear that? No. I said wear something nice. That’s a solid shirt. It’s not my style though. Yeah. So shout out Joe Carroll. That’s Joe. OK, nicely done, Joe. Well done. [MUSIC PLAYING] Thanks for watching. And remember, every time you
click the Subscribe button, one of your enemies
gets destroyed.

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