Hey, what’s up, fam. Welcome to another adventure with your boy Omar. Got my friend James over here from the fam. Tonight, we have something really crazy planned for you. I’ve been getting a lot of requests to come here. I came all the way from Florida to California just to film this video for you guys. (Thanks a lot, Omar! ^_^) Are you ready to see this? A while back Faze Rug made a video at this haunted tunnel, had a couple crazy things happen I’ve seen a few other videos of other people coming here. (Like Slater Brown) The only problem is not everybody has gone down here or at least documented it at 3 AM (that’s legit). We are gonna do the first 3 AM challenge at the Faze Rug haunted Tunnel. Are you ready ? (whispers) Let’s do this. (INTRO) (Some weird sound playing) (Wat a creepy ambience, I must say) (This is CALIFORNIA!!!!) (More weird sounds playing) I was unaware that this place was in the middle of a neighborhood. (just whispering more info, like a BOSS!) Let’s go. *I’m right in front of you, turd.* * OmMyGosh (WOW FACTS! with OmarGoshTV!) (I know right.) It’s a spider. [*murmuring* feels incredible ( ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡°)] [It’s a secret( ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡°).] [Heyyyyy…….] [It’s coming for you…] [Dickhead(ಠ_ಠ)] [hunger games(ಠ_ಠ)] [I hear someone coming…] [*screeching/screaming that will scare the crap out of you*] *No, I think that was a car above the tunnel taking a hard drift.* [*whispering*] [Not now…] [behind you] *Bats and roaches.* *You ARE the ONE messing around, sorry.* *Thanks, mister. Appreciate that.* *WOW FACTS! with OmarGoshTV.* *YAS, smash that SUBSCRIBE button!!!* *Gods, you’ll become gay.* [You gotta be kidding me.] SUBSCRIBE!!!! COMMENT!!!! HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON!!!! Not bad. Keep up the good work.

100 thoughts on “HAUNTED FAZE RUG TUNNEL AT 3AM | OmarGoshTV”

  1. OmarGoshTV says:

    Spending the night at a haunted CLOWN 🤡 motel coming soon! 😘

  2. Valbona qosja says:

    3:35 voiceeee

  3. Spudzlee says:

    12:29 pause here, look on the right side of Omar…. looks like the girl with Long hair but if you look closely it’s just his shadow combined with the light…..

  4. Crystal Sampsel says:

    I don't understand why you always say give me a kiss all the time and at the end of the video

  5. luilli ballos says:

    Damb they dip out of there..😁

  6. Intergadiea 88 says:

    At 3:35 I sware you can here a girls voice say silly rug or silly con aka silocone

  7. K Leigh says:

    Nah Omar, ain't no animal out here screaming mommy! Lmao

  8. Pat Cisneros says:

    heard the lil girl loud n clear say mommy

  9. Static Ice says:

    my favorite videos are the cry baby bridge and the faze rug tunnel videos

  10. elene lomidze says:

    6:11 whisperr

  11. Si GARRY says:

    I like your vidio and i like to moe sargi…i come frome indonesia please like me

  12. Leo Armendariz says:

    I saw mojo

  13. Leo Armendariz says:

    I mean momo

  14. Cat Reinhart says:

    Your in a sewage drain lol

  15. Waluigi Unknown says:

    16:45 MOMMY!?

  16. Hazel Blanco says:

    This is my favoriteeee

  17. Uni Vids says:

    3:36 i heard i see you like if you heard it too i like my own comment

  18. KEIRA AND GRACIE says:

    While I was watching this video a random number called me and I said hello and I just heard somebody breathing so I hung up really fast

  19. KEIRA AND GRACIE says:

    If I had the faze rug tunnel in my backward I move out as fast as possible like if you would to

  20. Ph0eN1x50 says:


  21. 2023 Kinsey Kleensang says:

    That whistling is crazy 😝

  22. 2023 Kinsey Kleensang says:

    That whole tunnel is crazy

  23. Miguel Palomo says:


  24. Solo777 says:

    Just imagine they get attacked by a Clown

  25. Simon Olmr says:

    I just heard a whistling in faze rugs hunted tunnel

  26. Simon Olmr says:

    I just heard a screaming ghost girl in the tunnel

  27. Simon Olmr says:

    I just heard mommy from a ghost girl calling for her mom

  28. Marianke Els says:

    that thing said mommy

  29. Symply Peechie says:

    40 min walk in, 5 min run out. Those drains that had water running out could have had someone at them talking down them to scare you. But great video! Used to explore tunnels when I was a kid and had a blast.

  30. Michelle Sands says:

    That ain't no damn 🐦 whistling like that !! What Wuz It !!! 😨
    No air 😯out of breath 💨, Lol. Yeah that's what she said .
    What the hell , who's that
    Oh shit ; run 🏃 🏃go yous ,hurry
    Yes it is haunted .
    Gimmekiss 😚😚😘 , Peace ✌

  31. Nana here says:

    I love the closed caption, thank you from someone who doesn't hear that well. God bless you Bummer it stopped

  32. Tammy Blain says:

    That was awesome

  33. Dawn Hammond says:

    at 0:03 james dosent look like he wants to be there lmao hes just like omg really I was in bed eating doritos and omar came and said hey lets go to the tunnel at 3am james is like oh god

  34. FrenZy_1504 says:

    4:37 I heard something

  35. Sporty Plays and Highlights says:

    7:19 spirit says come in

  36. Lisa Stewart - Pye says:

    Its a bit late to comment but at about 3:30 to 3:40 i hear a womans voice, i cant quiet make it out but i hear the word "forever"?

  37. Vanessa Murillo says:

    Hi im new and i see faze rug

  38. Yvette Krasts says:


  39. Ashok gajmer says:

    in 3:33 I child says is he recording and a women says its a secret ._.

  40. Ashok gajmer says:

    in 6:06 someone says hey

  41. Ashok gajmer says:

    in 2:12 someone says its coming for you

  42. Ashok gajmer says:

    in 7:30 someone says D*CK HEAD

  43. Ashok gajmer says:

    OMG there is someone warning James behind you and I saw someone behind him :O

  44. Cobie Jansen-Cornwell says:

    It sounded like a cat screaming and a little girl calling out for she said,, Mommy !

  45. princess hannah says:

    I live in san diego where is this tunnel i may have been here

  46. R B says:

    They pump air in these drains. This is where your crap goes and drains from roads and stuff. This is poisonous to breath as well.

  47. R.F.M tv says:

    actually right at 19:05 you could hear a soft laugh like a woman's voice and you could look back..does the woman who calls the word "momy" come to you … I think that's the most scary😳

  48. Joseph Schafer says:

    at 4:39 there is a s screaam in the backround

  49. Yin Yang says:

    im rewatching tunnel vids and this child entity is heart breaking
    why hasnt anybody tried crossing her over part of the issue may be simply she doesn’t even know she passed-on……..

  50. Harwinder Kaur says:

    May be ,a kid was lost and need help. Omar definitely afraid from his mummy,that's y he run to hear " mummy"😂😂

  51. Destiny205 D205 says:

    15:13 what the f#%k 😱

  52. GAMES WITH TR says:

    you have guts to do this

  53. Marcos Hernandez says:


  54. Mike Hughes #Shadows paranormal investagater says:

    1514 that sounds like a demons crying out

  55. Lisa Shafer says:

    Watching for first time june 8th 201i9

  56. BENDY BOO says:

    What is the scary music called?

  57. GILLYbOb says:

    These dudes try SO hard to be black 😄😄

  58. Beth Smith says:

    I heard screeching sounds.

  59. nicole zartman says:

    Leave a like if 2019😀😀

  60. Donna gunawan says:

    What is the translate doing? 🤔

  61. Jenna Bolton says:

    Still love these videos.

  62. athura says:

    i swear, you guys are super brave walking into danger and unknown screams X3, i would have bailed right there and then :3

  63. Markee Gray says:

    I saw some thing I for got time

  64. Kurohanna Sakurayuki says:

    called all the numbers seen in the vid, no response I'll keep ya'll posted pray I don't die.

  65. Younes Family says:

    5.10 there was a shadow behind omar

  66. Sarah Bayl says:

    3:35 I hear whispers of a child and woman. CLEARLY HEARD "IT'S A SECRET"

  67. Quick Silver says:

    Isn't she saying come here isntead of mommy? It makes better sence why she charges at you.

  68. Rich Mangini says:

    What the hell was that that was the most scariest sound of ever heard

  69. TRickZdaBroMan says:

    it's funny how he says late at night

  70. TRickZdaBroMan says:

    I swear theres new holes in the tunnel every day

  71. Renan Câmara says:

    this place, not just the tunnel, is really creepy, man you're brave

  72. Renan Câmara says:

    I was expecting pennywise to pop up at any corner at any moment hahaha

  73. Renan Câmara says:

    idk what is worse, going first or staying behind someone hahaha

  74. Ben Fitzgerald says:

    Aha 7:47 gimme kiss

  75. vi zeath says:

    I wonder if those people talking in the garage realized that their voice would be heard by millions of people.

  76. acrjor says:

    At 16:45 it says mommy

  77. real_dinhoglak YT says:

    Wait do you mean to tell me they dint run out when a girl was screaming but they ran out when the Girl said mommy?

  78. nataly rivera says:

    That’s crazy and that was not a animal that was a human. What said mommy was a little girl. The a woman was screaming that’s creepy. If that was me I would never come back.

  79. Eddie Gutierrez says:

    She said mommy

  80. Tray Villa says:

    Everybody go to time 3:36 and listen closely you can here girls wispering

  81. BlueHB says:

    “€NO TURN BACK^*[_¥

  82. Amy Murphy says:

    do a 12:00am challenge

  83. Littlekswag Daviee says:

    Omargoshtv get out now plz that sound so bad for u two being in there xx turst me

  84. Katie Heniser says:

    Omar: Dude what if they need our help? It sounded like a woman
    James: Well, she's out of luck


  85. Catherine says:

    Please remember when going into tunnels like that & other abandoned places at night that homeless people often use these places as a refuge. Please call out to let them know who u are & your coming & you r there just to look around & u won't bother them, or leave if they don't want you there, after all they know the place better than you do in the dark & u don't want trouble. They live a hard life & if u come up on them without notice or they don't want u there they can fight to protect the little amount of belongings they have and their territory/shelter if they feel you are going to threaten that, they live a life of survival of the fittest on the streets. If nobody replies to you calling out please try to keep your noise level down so as not to disturb possible homeless people who are nearby in that area, as your noise could attract un wanted attention from neighbors, police etc who may come check the place out & make the homeless people leave. Also a good idea to call out not only in respect to homeless people but also if other urban explorers are there so u don't scare the crap out of each other. Stay safe

  86. Catherine says:

    Either the tunnel is haunted, a possibility with running water as its a powerful source of energy for spirits. Or it's homeless people who want to be left alone. Many homeless people staying in scary places like tunnels use scare tactics with creepy noises & voices, throwing things at people etc to keep curious & possible troublemakers out of their space. I doubt it's just other people just trying to scare for a laugh because u wouldn't even be able to talk in there without the sound traveling.

  87. DTG FANCEE says:

    You guys r whores for adding scary music

  88. Sam Al-Khamees says:

    Lord forgive me for watching this and all my family and friend and all that I know god bless you and me pls forgive me .

  89. ash pokemon says:

    what if it is a kid malestr

  90. robert dyer says:

    u all must die now i mean it whores

  91. Bailey Protheroe says:

    So scary

  92. JB Kuz says:

    Hi Omar like your videos they asome

  93. Cindra Stratton says:

    It sounded like a little girl saying mommy

  94. The Freddy Club 2222 /Ajs apocalypse says:

    Did anybody here a woman’s voice wisper it was pretty scary

  95. Lindsey Parsons 😘 says:

    Holey shit.

  96. Nicole Braddy says:

    15:10 for scream
    16:45 for “mommy”

  97. Mella Pratiwi says:

    Oh my Lord 😵


    I went to the end of the tunnel. It split into 2 smaller tunnels. Crawled through the tunnels. Hear girl speaking. Returned. Ran. Screamed. The end.

  99. Charlee Denton says:


  100. Random Stuff Dronkey16 says:

    Once they heard mommy they ran faster than the Concorde could fly

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