Henry Hussey, who makes expressive textile art pieces – Londoner #52
Henry Hussey, who makes expressive textile art pieces – Londoner #52

No matter how confident I am in my style or
in my work, or how I perceive it or how others perceive
it, I’m still changing, I’m still learning, I’m still trying to pursue
my art. I’m discovering stuff day by day and it’s
all consuming and it’s all inspiring and it’s why I continue
to come back and it’s why I want to be near and around
this city. How can you sell 4 fresh scones for a pound?
I don’t think they were Henry I think they were reduced.
No what I’m saying is, when they were first sold they were fresh weren’t they?
How can you sell 4 scones for a pound? With raisin’s in them.
We’re in Weybridge in Surrey on the outskirts of London. Quite mundane.
As I grew up here I was happy here to an extent but increasingly
I find it harder to engage in conversation with people.
Their conversations are just far more about sort of Chuckney and marmalade.
Almost in West London, it’s more established galleries…
Henry, would you like a cup of tea? Yes please.
More and more the most important thing about my work is it being emotional
and being confrontational. My ambition is to make work that’s engaging.
It’s about narrative, it’s about myself, it’s about my experiences, my feelings.
To the extent I’m subverting textiles. Textiles is seen now as quite a feminine form,
and you expect it to be quite dainty and I very much play around
with that with colour theories using very strong bold reds and purples
and then putting quite masculine imagery on it.
Also putting quite aggressive quotes. The fact is that I come here and it’s very
calm and very peaceful. Great place to work because, I don’t want
to sound cliched but the hustle and bustle of London and the
noise of it. Good place to have a studio – on the outskirts
and then you can commute up and almost dive in.
My family have been increasingly emerging in my work.
As it’s been going on more and more, I’ve realised that as I’ve been using them,
it’s been increasingly about me. I love my family and they’re very much a huge
part of my life. But to the extent I need to sever that. I’ve
now left my masters, so I’ve left my safety blanket.
I’ve left that comfortable place and I’m now in the deep end.
I’m now on my own so it’s very much me stepping out of that part of my life
into a new segment and a new adventure to an extent.

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