Histórias de Atelier: CumbucaChic
Histórias de Atelier: CumbucaChic

Initially, they were just bowls. And over time I got restless because there was nothing very special about them. So I started to add things, mainly animals. I made a birdie, a parrot Then I developed this work and decided to call it CumbucaChic. I strived to build the brand And over time I managed to work with it full time. Now I work with ceramics only. I handbuild pieces, make plaster molds out of them And from these plaster molds I make reproductions. Then there’s glazing which is applying glassy coatings that provide colors. So there’s a wide range of materials, but mainly clay That becomes ceramics after being fired. Being a craftsperson is a profession. It’s something we make with love There’s a dedication to it But there’s also a lot of effort behind it. If you consider the process from the making of a new prototype To the making of the mold, the reproducition of the molds, Casting the pieces from the molds, Finishing – there are many steps to finishing, Then there are two firings, each one lasting At least six hours the first firing and more than eight hours the second So there are countless hours on each piece. It’s good to make lots of them To make the most out of this process. Most of my clients are women People who are into design, people who are trendy and enjoy fine, sophisticated things And people who value craftsmanship. And it’s very nice because many clients send photos. “Hey, I got what you sent me, it’s beautiful, it’s here in my house” Then it’s great, we have photos we can post, saying, “The client got this piece and is very pleased” They find me via social media, Facebook, Instagram, Via craft shows I take part in, Via Elo7, especially via the Internet. And it’s great to have tools like selling apps, which help a lot. When you work on your own, it’s good to solve everything on your mobile. So it’s there on your phone, you can promply answer questions from clients, help them, Mark an order as shipped, Run the shop, so it’s very nice, makes it much easier for you. What makes a brand distinctive is finding your own path, Finding your language, you personal style. You can even draw inspiration from many people, But making an artwork you don’t even have to sign, Someone will look at it and say, “This is CumbucaChic” It’s important to build your own individuality. And that’s what matters most to me, That whoever buys it enjoys the whole process. And that the piece really makes them happier, bringing joy to their life.

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  1. Vilson Lima says:

    Boa noite, gostaria de uma ajuda sua, sobre esculturas você poderia me passar seu whatsapp, meu e-mail [email protected] desde já fico grato pela atenção

  2. Gisela Pedroso says:

    Gostaria de saber se faz molde?

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