Holiday Party Decor | All Things Adrienne
Holiday Party Decor | All Things Adrienne

– What’s up, everybody?
(festive music) I am super excited because
it is officially week two of the Holidays with Kin, and we are throwing the
coolest holiday party. I’m excited that my part is creating some beautiful decor. To check out what everyone else is doing for the party,
make sure that you hit the playlist in the description below, and right now, I’m gonna show you how to turn your fireplace mantle
into a winter wonderland. I know that when I have
people over at my house, I definitely wanna set the ambiance, I want my home to look beautiful, I want it to feel like the holidays, so in this room, which is my dining room, I know that my fireplace mantle is definitely the centerpiece and the focus.
(festive music) If you don’t have a
fireplace in your house, don’t worry, you’ve got options. You can do this exact same look on a windowsill, any flat surface, like on top of the kitchen sink. You can actually get a faux fireplace, which if you’ve ever
looked on my Instagram, I have one in my dressing
room at The Real, which I’m obsessed with because it looks like real fire, and get this, it’s actually a heater as well. You can also do this exact same look on a bookshelf, what? So many options. So, let me show you how I’ve created this mantle right here. The first thing you’ve gotta do is create a theme. You guys know how I freakin’ love a theme, love, love, love. I love a good color scheme. I feel like the red and the
green doesn’t really go with my home’s color scheme. Some of you may be able to relate to that, and I’m like, “Guys, it’s 2018. “Christmas colors don’t just
have to be red and green, “you can do whatever your
little heart desires.” In my house, I wanted to create a beautiful blush winter wonderland, so we created that by using the metallics, which are rose gold, my fave, gold, and silver. So, once you’ve got
your colors picked out, you’re definitely gonna
wanna pick a centerpiece, a focus point, and for me, that was this sign right
here that says peace, and I actually got this at HomeGoods, but you can pick anything that means something special to you,
it could even be a photo of your family, whatever
your Christmas card is. You can actually put that in a frame and also make that the focal point, whatever you’d like. It’s just really good
to pick a focal point as your centerpiece, and then kind of build
everything around it. So, behind my peace sign,
we actually have two boxes that I got from HomeGoods and they look just like this, and I have them side-by-side in the back, how awesome is that? I’m in love with Ikea candles. They are affordable, they
actually melt straight down, they don’t make a mess, and you can buy them in bulk. So, I’m obsessed, currently,
with Ikea candles. Just a heads up. So, you just put that together like that, and that kind of just goes in the back. As you can see, we put two side-by-side. Now, once you’ve got
your center put together, you definitely wanna figure out the sides. I love creating dimension so that it’s not just all one level, so you wanna find pieces that
are at different heights. I love how we’ve taken these that, again, we got from HomeGoods, and I love that they are all the colors and the elements, the rose gold, the silver, this one’s
almost like crystal, but they have different heights to them. Come through, reindeer. Hi. Okay, I love that, and I
love that they don’t match. You don’t want it to be too matchy-matchy, it has to look organic, like it kinda just came together. We didn’t try too hard, but we really did. Next, you definitely
wanna add some greenery. People, it is Christmas. You need a little bit
of this in your life, so what I love is that
this is not one big piece of garland ’cause just one big piece doesn’t work for everything you’re trying
to build, different sizes, so I love that now, they sell
them separately like this. I got these at Michael’s and I love that they came in all these different sizes and heights, and you kind of can work with them to place them wherever you need to, and it looks so lush and beautiful. I even like these right here, came with little pine cones. These are just plain. You’ve got options, people. So, I’m gonna add this as
a final touch over here. You even can make sure that it hangs off. That looks so realistic,
just kind of hanging off, just like that. And I’ll add these to
this area right there. Boom. Now, for the fun. The sparkle. Okay, guys, it’s literally just ornaments. Go get ornaments in
different metallic colors. These tiny, little, rose gold ones are my absolute favorites, okay, so we’re gonna kinda place them in these little areas, just like that. How cute is that? So, you’re just gonna
build it up gradually, and we’ve also got these, again, these are from Michael’s. Love how cute this is, this is rose gold, this is gold, and again, you’re just gonna fill it in. And I even think this is something that you could do with your kids or your girlfriends. Have your girlfriends over, you guys can do the mantle together, sip on some wine while you’re at it, play Christmas music,
get in the festive vibes, play my album, New Tradiciones. (Latin music) Get into your wet bar moment. Okay, but seriously,
(festive music) I love how this is coming together. I love how easy it is to do. I swear that this is
almost, like, goof-proof. Like, you can’t mess this up. You just build it gradually, you’re using your own eye to be like, “Okay, balance it out, “there’s a bit more over
here than there is there. “Let me add some more over here,” and it just comes together so perfectly. Now that I’ve completed my mantle, I’m, like, looking back at it.
(festive pop music) Like, this is too
beautiful to just be here. Oh, no, I’m gonna carry this
theme throughout my house. Am I the only one that does that? Let me know in the comments below if you have different kinda
themes going around your house. I like to keep it cohesive so that now, the whole theme in the house is this blush feels, I like to carry it on over to even the way I decorate my Christmas tree. I use the same ornaments that I used on my mantle, or the same color scheme of ornaments onto my Christmas tree. And not just my Christmas tree, but also to the wrapping paper on my gifts underneath the Christmas tree. And I think it’s awesome
to also make it personal. So, it doesn’t get anymore
me than lush and lashes. I think when you’re picking
your wrapping paper, definitely make it represent who you are, especially because when people see that wrapping paper under the tree, they’re gonna know that was you, girl. That was you. And that’s what they’re gonna think when they see my beautiful
blush wrapping paper with the lashes all over it. I even love the fact that I use the same ornaments that
I used to decorate, you can also add them
to your gift wrapping and it literally looks like
jewelry hanging off your gift. Even when you thought
that this wrapping paper wasn’t very holiday-feels, it wasn’t giving you Christmas, then you add the ornaments
and the ribbon to it, and you’re like, “Yes. “Come through with the
holiday gift wrapping.” So not basic. (festive music)
So naturally, I try to recreate the same
blush winter wonderland from my mantle onto my dinner table. Guys, I love this so much
’cause it was so easy to do. You don’t have to be like
freakin’ Martha Stewart to make this happen. Trust me, if I can do it, you can do it. Now, I love that we, again, used these same detachable pieces to work around a centerpiece. In this case, the center of my table was something as simple as a clear glass popcorn bowl. Yes, and we filled it up. I love these ornaments,
we got them at TJ Maxx, they look like cracked metal. Do you see that? So perfect, so we just filled that up. You can fill it up with
whatever your color scheme is, whatever your ornaments
are, put that in there. And again, just start to build around, start adding more greenery. Again, we added more of the rose gold. I love the holidays, but
it can go tacky so quickly. It can look so cheesy, and I think that’s what I love about this, is that it still looks super chic, it still looks fly, but it’s not like tinsel
just thrown everywhere. One of the things I
love about the holidays is that throughout the years, you actually end up collecting more and more pieces, and
then you break them out for Christmas time. And I hope that one day, some of these pieces are like heirlooms, and these are one of my
favorite things ever. This collection is my first wine glasses that I ever bought for myself, decorating my first home for Christmas, and I love them, so I’m
actually gonna place these out as well, and I think that that’s awesome that throughout the years, you have things that you build, whether it be that I always break out this peace sign for Christmas or the same Christmas trees on the side. I love the idea that every year, you don’t have to re-buy
everything all over again, you can just kind of
update it with every year, add a little new twist to
what you did last year. You can never go wrong with going metallic for your holiday party decor. This is perfection. (festive music)
I hope you enjoyed my party decor, putting
together this beautiful mantle, keeping it cohesive with the
blush winter wonderland theme. And don’t forget to check out the rest of the party in the
Holidays with Kin playlist. You can click on that right below. Don’t forget to subscribe. Happy holidays, people. Love ya.

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