Home Decorating Basics : How to Recognize Minimalist Style
Home Decorating Basics : How to Recognize Minimalist Style

Hi. I’m Ann Myrick. And today I’m going to
show you how to recognize minimalist style. I am in a small living room, and the style
is more a very clean, a very de-cluttered style. It tends to be using contemporary pieces.
And well, minimalist can really be any style. You think of it when it’s modern or contemporary,
but you really can have a shabby chic house that is shabby chic, but it’s minimalist also
in that there’s just not a lot of stuff out. But I tend to think of minimalist being contemporary
or modern. And I’m going to show you just ways as you see different styles, you’ll know
what they are. As far as minimalist, great table with one piece on it would be more of
a minimal style. The lamp with the books and the accessories, that, I would tend to clean
that up. If somebody said, “Make that minimal”, I would tend to take this and just have that
style. And I would also, a lot of times, and these are just little things. On a traditional
or on a cottage house, a lot of times, you might see just the books where they’re just
kind of scattered like that. But minimal is more just straight-lined, straight forward.
And so, with a minimal look, you’re going to just straighten it up and have it very
clean. Ways to put down your furniture- on a minimal look, you’re not going to have a
lot of furniture. It’s going to be very clean. Like in this situation, we could take away
these two pieces. I love using these little chests, because it allows you to use it as
a table, but if you wanted to go real minimal. And what I would do just to warm it up a tad,
because it’s a little cold by the way it looks right now, so I would just put a little bit
of; a modern look has a lot of texture to it, so I would just put a little bit of texture
to it. This is Ann Myrick. And these are different ways to recognize a minimalist style.

13 thoughts on “Home Decorating Basics : How to Recognize Minimalist Style”

  1. Gao Li says:

    How can this be minimalist when you have a lamp on a pile of books? Surely, that is anything but the pure simplicity of minimalism?

  2. ANR164 says:

    HAHAHAHA poor woman she doesnt know what she´s talking about.. FIRE HER!! hahah

  3. jusjeany says:

    way too much goin' on there..get rid of the bureau and clutter in the corner, the two side tables and lamps, the curtains, the junk hangin' on the wall, half of the toss pillows..move the chair away from the window, take two aspirin to relieve the headache from all the heavy clutter

  4. jeimuzu shimoru says:

    Ok this is NOT!!!! minimal!…. go watch tron legacy. go visit some houses in Japan. first,,, there is stuff on the walls. should be bare. there are 3 lamps! that have too much detail on them, there are pillows, an books, and decorations…. and most of all, carpet!!!

  5. DBCOOPER says:

    This is the opposite of minimalist.

  6. autumnjrain says:

    @ Ntuman; or minimalist light, or minimalist NOT or Minimalist poser, or oh what thehell? Nothing minimalist about that.

  7. jenst1983 says:

    Too many lamps, books,tables, and seating.

  8. Alice Depaul says:

    Are you kidding me? Here is what you need to do: get rid of the cabinet and mirror on top of it, another mirror and one of the art work leaving only one hanging on the wall above the couch. Toss out the books that the lap is standing on, cushions too. Replace chairs with cubes. There is something right by the chair- what for? Keep that black "table" ,get rid of the lamp and put there that decoration plate that is on the cabinet. Do they really pay you for telling and showing people this?

  9. Gisela says:

    This is not a minimalist style.

  10. OwlCUlater says:

    toooo much stuff for me.

  11. rjoy81 says:

    This room is too dark and the great number of items makes me nervous. I was not able to watch more than a few minutes.

  12. Pedro Fernando Cardona Olarte says:

    update your mind too much stuff…..

  13. Beth Cavin says:

    Did not realize that there was an iron clad minimalist doctrine but, from reading all the comments, there must be! Of course minimalist is understood to be less but I would think that would mean someting different to each individual and their tastes and where they are coming from. Was leaning toward going minimal but don't think I'm ready for a style that is so regimented and judgemental that everything has to go in order to satisfy the minimalist police and their overbearing hive mindset! Not sure if all minimalists are this automated and unbending in their idea of minimalist style(sure sounds like the prevailing view from these comments) but as for me – no longer using the "minimalist" word. Just paring down, eliminating some possessions and rethinking decor style – but still hanging on to personal preferences and even possessions that have meaning or provide pleasing aesthetic to me. Prefer individualism over uncompromising, dictatorial, lockstep style!

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