Home Decorating Ideas : How to Create Wall Art
Home Decorating Ideas : How to Create Wall Art

Hi I’m Ann Myrick and today I’m going to show
you how to create wall art. And what is wall art people might ask. Wall art is anything
that you want to put on a wall that might take the place of a piece of art work or a
picture. And these days you can just really get out of the box and really have fun with
it. I will show you different examples of things that I have done instead of just the
normal straight picture. Things I’ve done to try create and make some interesting art
pieces on the wall. I’m a decorator and I love using what people have and I love using
frames and so this is an example of an old antique frame that I had and I have a small
little miniature pear that was painted by my son. And so all I did is put tape on the
picture, put it on the wall. Used it as a mat. Used the wall that is showing as a mat
and then put a frame up. And you have a great piece of artwork. I love using mirrors, mirrors
will open up a small space. I love using three or four mirrors, a group of mirrors, they
look great together. This is another frame and then I just put a little wood planter
with putting some texture of an artichoke in. So that is another great look. Other things
to think about is creating texture. This is great basket, it’s an old antique French bread
basket. And you could put this on the wall, it looks great taking everything else down.
Hang it on the wall. And what you could do is fill it with like yarrow or a flower and
you can have a neat dried flower here, but this would be great art piece. Think out of
the box, go around your house, attic, basement look and see what you already have. Old iron
pieces, old interesting wood pieces. Just look at them and kind of, what I do is when
I get something in my hand I just turn it around and work with it and think, ooh I can
hang something on this or it would look great as a headboard. I just start playing with
the piece and trying to come with as many ideas I can. This is Ann Myrick, have fun
and this is how to create wall art.

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  1. TheVittleVlog says:

    Thanks for the tips!!

  2. Briar Glover says:

    What is wall art people might ask.. what's that you said, its art you put on a wall. WHO KNEW

  3. LaVonda Kaye says:

    Great ideas for wall art !!!!

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