Home Decoration Ideas Before New Year || নতুন বছরের আগে বাড়ি সাজানোর উপায় || Giveaway

I am super excited Finally I am making a video in Bengali I always wanted this to happen I am super super super super excited Bengalis are most comfortable in Bangla You can really get to know about me more in this video I hope the camera is showing my excitement right I always try to be Happy and In this video we are going to talk about How to design your home before New year We all have few things at our home which we will use to decorate our home Try some DIY And those who are living outside Bengal May be outside India For you also these DIY can be helpful little kolkata – little Bangla you can create through this Plus we have a Giveaway at the end of this video SO please keep watching this video and hit the like Because of the extra effort on My SAARI we will start this video with a painting I am using water colour for this I am going to make a yellow taxi in the middle Yellow taxi is the symbol of status or pride of kolkata or Identity I can not find my eraser so using my hands instead I am not following any guidance or idea Going with the flow And making a free hand drawing But I wanted to make a big tree behind the TAXI that is what i did as you can see made some buildings behind the tree the sketch is done , now its time for the colour I will start with painting the tree base yellow using Light yellow for base Yellow is a very positive colour in Bengali culture and Thats way I started with a yellow colour saree in starting I hope this year is going to be good For me and everyone who is watching this video Now I am making the background blue Now the sky is clearly visible Its important to pay attention to the detail otherwise the painting might look empty Even though I am Showing this painting in Fast Forward But it took me 3-4 hrs to make this video once the yellow is dried we are going to start making the leaf I am making the leaf in a regular shape But when I will highlight at the end the shape will not be visible this strong As you can see After mixing the colour now this is different I can not find the exact brown I wanted so I mixed two colours to get the colour of my choice After highlighting its almost done also done painting the bush I am giving the road a light grey colour andddd I am also going to paint the back side buildings in grey and highlight with white almost done I am using acrylic to paint the TAXI not the water colour Because i was looking for a darker yellow which I got in acrylic this painting is almost done only highlighting is left I am using black for that we all know from childhood that highlighter can be done using black only thats not true for all paintings But for this one we are going to use black The moment you highlight pictures will start becoming brighter I will add a picture at Instagram incase you want to recreate If you do , Please tag me at Instagram I am finishing up the detailing Its almost done As you can see this is really simple ans easy to create anyone can paint this remember Art is not perfect Every one paints Differently so when you recreate this add your inputs too and show me how you have done this and its all done I do like it a lot Next we will make this Cushion written “K se Kolkata ” for that I am taking this blank cushion better if you do it in white I dont have white so taking sky blue on that I am making a big” K” Se kolkata ” Finished the kolkata in back This is black acrylic paint Even though I am showing this is Fast Do it slowly to get a proper finish Remember Usha Uthup use to ware a Bindi written “K” in it ? I feel really fascinated about this as it was always highlighted she sings really well and I use to be a Fan let me finish this remember you have to wash the cover before using I am yet to do that do wash it otherwise it will show the lines it is giving a beautiful bengali vive to my living room I am super happy with the end result we are done with the DIY’s let me give your some tips for home decor we all don’t have throws at our home which is a style statement these days If you dont have throw at you home use showl instead you can use showl as throw honestly that looks nice too next , to make the home colourful at new year Use a colourful carpet this carpet is really comfortable and you will enjoy seating on this the price is 1000rs , I will add the link in description you can buy that from the link next add some fresh flower at home i tried finding Rajanigandha , But it was not available here so using this flower instead thats all today use new bed sheet and curtains if you can these are very basic tips but But very important in Home decor I hope you will use these ideas to decorate your home in new year I hope you liked the video if you liked it dont forget to like , share with all your bengali friends and those who are not and please subscribe and also follow me on instagram my id is InteriorMaata I will add the link in description box now let me tell you one thing I am giving away this painting I am giving away this painting One of you will get this its not perfect but very close to my heart and gave my 100% so this is my giveaway the result will be out on 15th April you can participate before that all you have to do is Comment down below why do you need this picture and then Follow me at Instagram – InteriorMaata only Instagram not facebook because Ia m not regular at facebook But I check Instagram everyday so follow me at instagram and massage me “HI DIDI” thats all , These are the 3 things you have to do the result will be announced on 15th at Instagram and i will try and add the winners name in community tab too the follower who will win this also going to get a hand written letter by me a thank you note from me and thats all Next I have plans to make more videos on every culture obviously started with Bengali Because I am Bengali I know lot of my followers are from Bangladesh so yes please subscribe You dont need to spend anything for subscribe But for us the Number matters a lot it motivates me to create more i feel comfortable saying this in Bengali Thats all for today next time when I visit kolkata I will show you where I use to buy home decor products I have plans to visit kolkata soon

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