Home Design Inspiration by Visbeen Architects featuring Phantom Screens | The Winston
Home Design Inspiration by Visbeen Architects featuring Phantom Screens | The Winston

Welcome to the Winston. This open and efficient floor plan
complements the casually elegant lifestyle, in this Visbeen architect’s home. The Winston is a great example of architecture that’s designed to keep the home simple
and to save money in the structure. That allowed us to really amenitize the home
and give the homeowner more high-end finishes – great features for the money. The Winston is designed under 2,000 square feet on the main level, we’ve got a large open living room to the kitchen the dining area opens up to the lake, and then there’s a door wall that opens to the outdoor living. The living room itself is part of the entry vestibule. There’s windows and light coming in from the east of the home there’s windows going to the outdoor room to the west. There isn’t a wasted inch in this house. Every spot every area is functional and useful and that’s how we were able to keep the home under 2,000 square feet and still have it look as large and open as this plan is. Being on Lake Michigan, the outdoor living component of a home is one of the most important features. And in this particular design the outdoor living space in the outdoor room in my opinion, is the highlight. You can get to that room with the open door wall from the living room it’s accessible from the dining space you have a completely new living space which includes TV, fireplace there’s heat. We’ve used the Phantom Screens to drop screens down which give you a screened room in the evening also can block a little bit of wind and keep the heat and/or cool in But we’ve also added a vinyl product that allows us to completely control that wind and also keep more heat in. Here Wayne has designed a house that not only is beautiful inside but it absolutely flows to the outdoor living area. Because we have both of our products in here with insect mesh and our clear vinyl you don’t have to choose between them you can have just the insect down if that’s your concern. You can have one vinyl down to keep the wind out on one side of your porch from coming in off of the lake, but keep the other two open or have them down for insect protection. Or on those rare days where there’s no insects or nothing’s being blown in, you can put the screens away and it is entirely open to see that view behind there. The homeowner in this location has moved into the home, and told me that they spend more time in the outdoor room than they spend in the home. And I think that that’s a testament to how beneficial it is to have the Phantom Screen and the vinyl product allowing you to use that room 24/7 and basically throughout all seasons.

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