Home Repair & Remodeling : How to Repair a Chip in Tile
Home Repair & Remodeling : How to Repair a Chip in Tile

Hi I’m Tim Gipson and I’m going to talk to
you about how to repair a chip in tile. In floor tile this is a fairly common problem
that you can have. Now the first thing you have got to do is you have got to evaluate
how big your chip is. Now we’ve got a chip right here in this particular floor tile and
you can see it is rather small and a little disjunctured. Now if it was much larger than
this it would be difficult to repair and in that case what we would have to do is we would
have to cut the grout lines and actually chip up and remove the whole tile and replace the
complete tile but where this is a fairly small chip what we can do is more or less disguise
it and what I have done I have got a pan here and I have got a little bit of yellow, a taupe
color, a brown color, and a white color. Because of the variations in this tile what we are
going to try to do is just take a little bit of this and use our artist brush here and
what we are going to try to do is try to mix up a color here that gets us fairly close
to the shade. So you can see as I am kind of mixing this around I can just choose the
different shades until I can get something that is pretty close to this color and then
what we want to do is we just want to paint this in. Now of course before we paint it
to make sure we get good adhesion we want to make sure that we have primed it before
we do which on this spot we have and then to keep it from showing up too much what we
can do is just kind of feather out these edges using a wet rag so if we have got a little
bit above the surface we can kind of wipe over like that so you just knock it down back
below the surface and with this and in preparing these cracks with just a little bit of experimentation
you can get pretty close to the color. Now keep in mind as you are using paints to repair
these chips when you first put the paint in it is going to dry a little bit darker so
it is going to be lighter. So keep in mind as you are repairing that if it is just a
shade lighter when you are making that in there it ought to blend in o’kay once it dries
out because it will be darker. So I’m Tim Gipson with a tip on how to repair a chip
in tile.

17 thoughts on “Home Repair & Remodeling : How to Repair a Chip in Tile”

  1. paulkazjack says:

    didnt look that good to be honest!

  2. chad w says:

    What's the name of your tile and where can I buy it? It's an exact match to what I need.

  3. Greg Maans says:

    fill the hole with spot putty from the auto parts store ,then match the paint up and use a heat gun to dry to see your results . Keep sand and painting till you get an exact match ,also works on formica countertops.

  4. peroperopero69 says:

    expertvillage………. they have so much lame shit on youtube

  5. Truth says:

    Looks terrible!

  6. stoneman Cruz says:

    R u serious!! What a joke..color epoxy is the only way…

  7. Iain Thornton says:

    Someone please help! I have just chipped the marble countertop in my kitchen and my mum is going to kill me if she sees it. I can't replace it with a new peice cuz I don't have the time or money. Please help anyone!

  8. ShaneDiegoTube says:

    I'm sorry, but if you "repaired" a chip like that in my floor, I would not be pleased at all.  There has got to be something better than this.

  9. TheElite82 says:

    Wow you did nothing idiot 

  10. Dirty Glitter says:

    geez that's really seemless.

  11. Dan Fall says:

    Need to finish with epoxy to level. Your depression will dirt fill quik

  12. Gatsby says:

    u need to fill the chipped are first. Maybe u can use unsanded grout. Than u can apply this paint..

  13. Jerry Steven Jr. says:

    This video deserves 50000 dislikes.

  14. zer0Bot says:

    Paint really? What a joke, at least use the right material like porcelain glaze, it will actually fill the hole.

  15. Stuart Whelan says:

    Rubbish work. Why even post this video?

  16. brunonator says:

    Guys… Buy epoxy glue, mix with paint, fill in the gap, smooth it out with a putty knife—-profit

  17. Scott Hill says:

    That does look bad because of the level difference of the chip. Also, even if it did work, you failed to mention anything about what type of primer or paint you used.

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